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Shambhavi Modgill

Shambhavi Modgill

A journalist and an out-of-the-box thinker with writing as her forte. I'm driven by ambition, professional attitude and positive energy and absolutely love everything about Indian weddings.

Articles published by Shambhavi Modgill

Shop Your Wedding Lehenga Online with These 8 Virtual Stores to Steal the Show
The Bride
If you’re also looking for a fix for finding the perfect wedding lehenga, why not explore the market that is the internet? With so many options available, we’ve listed a few reliable sources from where you can shop for your wedding lehenga online.
10 Fun and Quirky Mehndi Games That Your Wedding Guests Will Love
Planning your wedding
Apart from the quirky decor and colour-coordinated outfits, another fun element you could add to your mehndi is entertaining modern mehndi games. Read on as we decode some of them.
Choose the Right Indian Wedding Planner with This Handy Guide of 7 Tips
Planning your wedding
Considering the number of options available on the internet, choosing the right Indian wedding planner can be quite a task. So follow our tips to find yourself the perfect wedding planner so that you can have the wedding of your dreams.
Wedding Invitation Card Maker? Let Us Help You Pick the Fit Ones to Make Your D-Day Invites Legendary
Wedding invitations
Are you still trying to choose between an online wedding invitation card maker and a wedding invite vendor? To make your choice easier, we've listed a few ways you could benefit from either of the two. You can thank us later!
6 Gorgeous Wedding Bangles Every Bride Must Purchase Before Her Big Day, Get Ready to Dazzle the Walk down to the Aisle
The Bride
Bangles are an essential part of a woman's bridal jewellery. The trick, however, is to find the perfect set to complement most of your outfits. Here are some tips to help you find the right set of bangles for yourself.
10+ Designer Sarees for Wedding Reception (With Price) That Are a Must for Every Bride-To-Be
The Bride
Are you getting married this wedding season but are yet to figure out what to wear to your wedding reception? Here's a list of a few designer sarees for wedding reception with price that help in making the final decision.
8 Wedding Gifts for Men Which Say You Care for You Man
Wedding gifts
While choosing a gift for the bride is a piece of cake, shopping for wedding gifts for men is no mean feat! To help you with your confusion, we've listed some gifts you could give to the groom which will make him super happy!
The Untold Story of Indian Wedding as Seen by the Dapper Grooms
Planning your wedding
Everything in an Indian wedding is all about the bride. Right from what's she going to wear to where she's going to get her makeup done from. And in between all the hoopla, the poor groom gets sidelined. The grooms' words, not ours!
Some Telugu Wedding Songs to Get Your Groove On
Wedding music
Ready for a traditional Telugu wedding ceremony and creating a playlist for songs to play during the different ceremonies? We've curated a playlist with the most beautiful Telugu wedding songs for you. Have fun, you can thank us later!
A Cultural Breakdown of South Indian Bridal Jewellery and What Each of These Brides Flaunts Best
The Bride
Looking for some styling inspiration for your wedding? We’ve listed these South Indian bridal jewellery sets worn by brides from all the five southern states.