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Nidhi Misra

Nidhi Misra

I'm a freelance writer who loves to travel. I also enjoy cooking and exploring new cuisines through my travels.

Articles published by Nidhi Misra

Bridal Sarees You Need to Add to Your Bridal Shopping List Now
The Bride
Wearing the traditional Indian wedding attire just got trendier. Find out our top picks among bridal sarees for this wedding season and look like a rocking Indian bride with these trendy styles.
Naturally Yours! A Bride’s Beauty Timeline For A Summer Wedding
Beauty for brides
Have a summer wedding and unsure about your pre-wedding beauty regime? Here’s a complete guide to what you need for glowing, flawless skin on your big day.
5 Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous and a Must for Your Wedding Decor
Wedding decoration
Too many outdoor wedding decoration ideas but still not able to find the ones that you like? Here’s the perfect list that’s sure to sweep you off your feet.
5 Chic Bridal Lehenga Choli Colour Combinations for the D-day
The Bride
Seeking colour inspiration ahead of your own bout for bridal lehenga choli shopping? We compile the dependable list of evergreen bridal colours just for you.
5 Beautiful Mehndi Jewellery to Make the Celebrations Better
The Bride
Thinking floral jewellery for the Mehndi? Here is the essential explainer on the different types of Mehndi jewellery you can invest in.
5 Wedding Pattu Sarees for Every Bride-to-be for All Occasions
The Bride
Dreaming of a beautiful wedding silk saree but can't decide which one to pick? Go through these classic looks of wedding pattu sarees before you do. These are sure to take your heart away.
7 Reasons Why Wedding Websites Are a Must for Every New Age Couple
Wedding formalities
Considering making wedding websites? We’ve put together a list of reasons that will convince you for it and also answer all your questions.
5 Personalised Wedding Favours That Can Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special
Wedding gifts
Been thinking about putting together some wedding favours? Check out these trendy options for your guests.
Wedding Shopping In Mumbai? Here's A Quick Guide On How To Ace It
The Bride
Here’s the only guide to wedding shopping in Mumbai that you’ll need to buy outfits for your wedding trousseau. We’ve done the research, all you have to do is keep calm and go shopping.
5 Wedding Rings and Setting Designs That Would Look Marvelous on Your Partner's Finger
Wedding traditions
Before you finalise your wedding rings, here's a guide explaining the kind of options you have and help you make the right choice.
Tips on Curating Your Marriage Songs Playlist for Your Wedding
Wedding music
Marriages are made in heaven, but the playlists are not! You have to create them to perfection yourself. We guessed you might need help with that so here’s how you can compile the best playlist of marriage songs.
Sherwani Designs for Grooms to Inspire Your D-day Trousseau
The Groom
Take inspiration from the variety of sherwani designs trending this year. Ranging from heavily embellished designs to pastel colours, every groom is sure to find something to their liking.
Men's Engagement Rings 101: What To See Before You Put A Ring On Him
Wedding traditions
Looking for inspirations for men's engagement rings? You've come to the right place, where we explain what you can get for him, that would be true to his personality.
7 Essential Wedding Ring Finger Facts We Bet You Never Knew About
Wedding traditions
Planning to seal the deal and call your beloved your man/wife. First get these facts about your wedding ring finger straight and keep calm about the big moment ahead.
6 Wedding Silk Sarees for Every Bride & Every Wedding Function
The Bride
Check out the charm of silk sarees for your wedding season and a touch of elegance to your wedding!