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Apurva Saxena

I am a fashion writer and stylist, having been working in the industry since the last 8 years. Keeping a tab on everything trendy and aesthetically stunning is what defines my side job.

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The Bride Dresses for Wedding in Living Coral - the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

It’s not Salmon Pink, it’s not Powdered Red either. It’s Living Coral and the Pantone Colour of the year 2019! So if you are not adding to your wardrobe living coral dresses for wedding, you are surely missing out on being an ultra-vogue fashionista

The Bride What Style of Heels Should You Pair with Different Types of Christian Wedding Dresses? Let's Find Out!

You want to check out these heels to go with all of your wedding dresses, right from exchanging vows to doing your first dance at the reception. Here’s your guide!

Wedding fashion The Best Dress for Wedding When You Are the Sister of the Bride-To-Be

The happiest a sister is when her doting sibling decides to get married. Hence, finding the best dress for wedding becomes a challenge that every sister needs to accept and excel in. Watching your tasselled back, we have found a wardrobe just for you...

The Bride Bollywood Fans, Listen Up! Latest Indian Wear by Manish Malhotra Collection Is Finally Out

Can’t keep calm because latest Indian wear by Manish Malhotra has surfaced on the internet! Sharing the best picks from his latest designs, we give you brides-to-be a chance to select your favourite before anyone else does!

Wedding gifts Plan a Surprise by Presenting a Gift for Husband on Wedding Day with These Options

Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to surprise your husband with a gift on your wedding day? Our suggestions on the gift for husband on wedding day, based on personality traits of men, will help you find the one for your Mr Husband!

Wedding gifts Choosing Gifts for a Newly Married Couple Made Easy with These Hits and Misses

Choosing gifts for a newly married couple is a challenge that we can help you ace like a pro, quite easily! So if you have a friend’s wedding coming up and want to gift them something that they will love and not toss, read on.

The Bride Spotlight Special Bridal Mehndi Dresses to Make You Look like a True Queen

Something borrowed and something sourced, featuring to you the summer bridal mehndi dresses of 2019. Themed mehndi wear, designer stamp to embroidery excellence, this list covers all! Check it out.

Honeymoon destinations Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget - Hop on as We Take You to These 4 Beach Honeymoon Destinations

If you and your partner are beach lovers but honeymooning on a limited budget seems like a challenge, then you need to read our list of 4 international honeymoon destinations on a budget. Happy tans and beach vibes, guaranteed!

Wedding video Beginner's Guide on How to Get the Best Kerala Muslim Wedding Videos Made for Their Own!

Check out the freshest Kerala Muslim wedding videos as we list down pointers for you to help visualise, along with your videographer, how the wedding video movie should turn out to look like.

Wedding formalities Let Us Help You Get the Court Marriage Documents List in Order for a Smooth Wedding Experience!

The only court marriage documents list you need to be in sync with the registrations without missing out on any important details. Making your ‘getting court married’ experience a flawless affair, here’s what you need to be prepared with!

The Bride 4 Types Of Rajasthani Maang Tikka Styles To Add - On To Your Wedding Look

Did you know that there are various types of Rajasthani maang tikka designs that have been worn by royalties and today's brides-to-be alike? Check out our list to select the one that will make you look like a true Rajasthani royalty, effortlessly!

The Bride How to Ace the Art of Styling Indian Bridesmaid Dresses as a Team? Let Us Help You!

If you thought that only Christian bridesmaids can coordinate their dresses, then you are wrong. We give you 5 types of Indian bridesmaid dresses that make up for a savage bridal party at a Hindu wedding ceremony. Take a look!

The Bride Wedding DIY Hairstyles That Are Easy to Try for Beginners

If you are the queen of DIYs and you would not have it any other way during your Mehndi either, then these brilliant DIY hairstyles will be straight up your alley without a shred of doubt. Take a look!

The Bride These Simple Wedding Hairstyles Will Make You Look like a True Diva, Effortlessly!

Here’s to making you look like a princess with these gorgeous simple wedding hairstyles that are easy to manage and perfect for the warm breezy summer season. Take a look!

Wedding fashion The Only Style Guide an Indian Bride and Groom Needs to Ace the Art of Coordinating Ensembles

Coordinating wedding outfits by an Indian bride and groom has become a norm that every to-be-married couple now looks forward to. Categorising ways of coordinating the ensemble, here’s our list to help you match like a pro!

The Bride Everything You Need to Know About the Traditional Meenakari Jewellery and How to Invest in It

Celebrating the craftsmanship of India, its history and its importance in an Indian wedding of the past, present and the future, we present to you a detailed guide on Meenakari jewellery of Rajasthan.

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