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Planning your wedding It's Play Time! Crazy Unconventional Indian Wedding Couple Games to Heighten the Fun Quotient

Begin your new venture with a laugh! Add a generous dose of crazy to your wedding with these unconventional Indian wedding couple games and simply let go! Have fun like never before and let everyone be a part of your quirky games!

Wedding invitations What's the Good Word? Tips on Framing Wedding Card Wording in English in Indian Style for Your Relatives & Elderly Guest

Categorising your wedding invitations for different sections of guests is the smart thing to do. So what would be the ideal wedding card wording in English in Indian style especially for your relatives & elderly guests? Keep reading to find out!

Wedding invitations Looking For Some Desi Invites? Check Out These Online Indian Wedding Card Maker Vendors Across Country!

Who said you can't have digital invitations with a traditional theme? Here we have prepared a list of Online Indian Wedding Card Maker vendor names who offer e-invites keeping the desi feel intact! Check out their names & prices before you pick one!

Wedding gifts Exclusive Ideas For Handmade Wedding Gifts For Indian Bride That Exudes Emotion And Personal Touch

Wondering how to give an exclusive and personal touch to your gift? We have some ideas on handmade Wedding Gifts for Indian Bride that are simple yet beautiful. Read on to know how to get creative and make stunning customised wedding gifts!

Wedding photography Indian Wedding Poses That Scream “bridesmaids & Groomsmen Only”! Check Out for Some Inspiration!

After all those glorious bride photos and dashing groom images, let’s give it up for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen this time! Check out these rocking images of Indian Wedding Poses where the bride & groom squads are the stars!

The Bride Day & Night: 5 Indian Wedding Reception Dresses For the Bride's Look Book

Confused about what to wear on your reception night? Check out these stunning Indian wedding reception dresses for the bride for some inspiration. Whether it's a day event or a night one, we've got everything covered for you! Watch and take cues!

Everything to know about wedding banquets Annoying & Awkward Things Every Indian Wedding Couple Has to Face on Their Wedding Parties! Read & Learn!

If you're about to attend a wedding of a close friend or relative soon, this is for you! There are certain awkward & weird questions that almost every Indian wedding Couple faces on their big day! Know what they are and simply steer clear of them!

Tips for married life Beautify Your Abode! Quick Helpful Tips On How To Make Home Decoration After Marriage

When your wedding date is finally fixed, your dreams begin! Dream of a new journey, a new family and a new home! So here we are with some ideas on How to make Home Decoration for your brand new abode! Read on & make your home-dreams true!

Wedding fashion Know All About the "How to", "Why" and "When" of a Dress Code for Wedding Before You Choose One!

Why do we need a dress code for wedding? What are the parameters to keep in mind while picking a dress code? If you want to make things more interesting at the wedding outfit front, a dress code might just be your thing! Read on to know more!

Wedding fashion Up the Bong Swag With These Essential Bengali Dressing Style Tips and Be the Star of Every Event!

What makes a Bong Bodhu click? What's the secret behind a Bengali groom's dashing style statement? Let's dive into the world of Bengali dressing style and learn a thing or two about the fashion of Bengal. Read and enjoy the gorgeous pictures!

The Groom Let the Grooming Begin! Check Out These Dashing Bengali Groom Images for Some Major Bong Fashion Goals

It's time for the grooms to start with their grooming! If you're getting married in a typical Bong wedding style, you must check out these dapper Bengali Groom photos for some fashion tips. Keep reading and get inspired!

The Bride Drape Elegance! 6 Real Brides Rocking The Bengali Saree Look, And Fashion Tips For All The Inspiration You Need

Are you having a traditional Bengali wedding? Then you must check out some spectacular pictures of brides sporting a typical Bengali saree look. Ace the drape, observe the colour combos and imitate the hair & makeup. Read on for more inspo!

Beauty for brides Summer Is Here! Expert Wedding Makeup Tips and Do's & Don't's for This Sultry Summer Season

Weddings in summer can take a toll on your bridal makeup. With the scorching sun and all the humidity, you need something extra to take care of your bridal look. Here are some expert wedding makeup tips for you to fight the summers this season.

Places to celebrate your wedding Names, Location & Prices You Need to Know to Book Your Function Hall for Every Wedding Event

One of the major important tasks in wedding planning is to book your Function Hall. From Engagement to Reception, You need to pick a venue for all your ceremonial purposes. Check out some of the marriage halls in India before choosing

The Bride Goa Mode On! Check out Some Major Goa Fashion Tips for an Epic Destination Bachelorette Party!

Planning to have the ultimate bachelorette party in Goa? Then you absolutely must listen to the fashionista in you! From beach wear to junk accessories…we’ve covered it all for you! Here are some Goa Fashion Tips for a glam bachelorette album!

Everything to know about wedding banquets Mishti Time! Mandatory Items You Must Add on Your Bengali Sweets Menu for Some Sweet Memories!

Can you imagine a wedding without sweets? And that too a Bengali wedding! Bengalis all over the world are famously known for their incredible sweet tooth! So let's tell you the must-add names on a Bengali Sweets Menu!

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