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All About Traditional Bengali Bridal Jewellery & Where to Find Them

Here is a list of traditional Bengali Bridal Jewellery designs and the details that you need to know about a beautiful Bengali bridal trousseau. Read on to know.

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Red Banarasi saree, red lips, large red bindi, a white Mukut and traditional gold jewellery- yes, you guessed it right! That's precisely the description of a Bengali bride. Now, if you are fascinated by this whole Bong Bodhu look, you can add a little bit of Bangla touch to your bridal persona. Because when it comes to Bengali bridal jewellery, you can't but admire the graceful designs. So, what are the different kinds of Bengali bridal jewellery items and where to buy them from? Let's get you covered...head to toe for your Bengali wedding!

Shonar Mukut - The Crown 

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As the name suggests, a golden crown known as Shonar Mukut adorns the bride's head giving her the look of a queen. The crown is a part of Bengali bridal jewellery that you too can adopt to add a royal touch to your bridal character. The Mukut doesn't necessarily have to be of real gold and you can opt for artificial jewellery too.

Where to find them: Senco Gold & Diamonds (NCR), Sonalia Jewellers (Kolkata), Tanishq, Kakurgachi (Kolkata).

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Tikli and Tiara

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Tikli or a Maang Tikka is a very common Bengali bridal jewellery item. The Tikli has a large pendant at the front. A Tiara or a Matha Patti complimenting the Tikli helps to keep the veil in place while giving the face a fuller look and hiding the forehead. A Tiara can be two or three layered or with a single broad layer.

Where to find them: Gayatri Gem & Jewellery (Kolkata), Kirti Jewellers, Burrabazar (Kolkata), Kartik Jewellers (Delhi).

Nolok- The Nath 

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Like many other Indian bridal jewellery items, a Nolok or a Nath is quite a significant part of Bengali bridal jewellery too. Although it's not a mandatory piece of bridal jewellery, still many brides go for it because of its traditional elegance. A Nolok is a large nose ring with a string that goes up till the ear. Since a Nolok is just a piece of one-time wear jewellery, you can go for artificial jewellery.

Where to find them: Daulatram & Sons Jewellers (NCR), Subhangi Jewellers (Kolkata), Alankar- Shreehari City gold, Shine gold, Sreehari (Kolkata).

Kaan Bala, Kaan pasha & Jhumko - for your ears 

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Now comes the ear adornments! A Kaan Bala- a typical Bengali bridal jewellery item is an earring which is in the shape of an ear. Kaan Pasha, on the other hand, is a large gold stud with intricate designs. And finally the universal favourite Jhumko or the Jhumka -big, bold dangling earrings which are loved by brides all over the country!

Where to find them: Ornate (Kolkata), Bangasree Jewellery (Kolkata), Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (Kolkata).

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Chic - The Choker

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A broad choker gold necklace known as the Chick is an absolute must part of Bengali bridal jewellery. The width of a Chick usually varies between 1 to 1.5 inches and it's worn a little below the neck and just above the collar bone. The beauty of a Chick lies in its intricate designs and fine craftsmanship.

Where to find them: Malabar Gold & Diamonds (Bangalore), Tanishq (Kolkata), Gahanalaya Jewellery (Kolkata).

Saath Noli Haar- The Layered Necklace

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When we talk about necklaces, a Saat Noli Haar is a traditional family heirloom kind of jewellery. Mothers and mothers-in-law pass them on to the next generation. Naturally, it's a majorly significant Bengali bridal jewellery item. A Saat Noli Haar is a seven-layer gold necklace which can also be a five-layered one called Paanch Noli Haar. 

Where to find them: R R Agarwal Jewellers (Kolkata), Buttan Jewellers (Kolkata), MM Jewels, Burrabazar (Kolkata).

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Ratanchur - The Hand Trinket

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Commonly known as the Haath Phool, a Ratanchur is the Bengali bridal jewellery item that embellishes your hands. A Ratanchur has a large round pendant at the centre and three or four strings coming out of it and attached to rings and bangles. Since hand jewellery isn't something brides regularly wear, they usually go for either artificial or gold plated silver Ratanchur.

Where to find them: New Kapurthala Jewellers (NCR), Vidul Jewellers (NCR), Panna Jewels (Bangalore).

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Chur & Bala - The Bangles 

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Who doesn't love their collection of bangles? So, here's your chance to add some gorgeous Bengali bridal jewellery to your bridal trousseauChur is a gold broad single-piece bangle worn on one hand. Sometimes it's a piece of ancestral jewellery passed on through generations. The intricate designs of a Chur are its signature. Bala or Kada as we know it is thick gold bangles usually worn in pairs.

Where to find them: Bholasons Gold and Diamonds (NCR), Deepa Jewellery (Kolkata), Leher Jewellers (Kolkata).

Shakha, Pola & Noa - The Three Bridal Bangles

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Shakha (Conch shell bangles), Pola (Coral bangles) and Noa (Gold plated iron bangle) these are the three absolutely fundamental parts of Bengali bridal jewellery. The Shakha is the white bangle and Pola is the red coral bangle are worn by the bride during Nandi Mukh at the wedding day. The  Noa is, however, gifted to the bride by her mother in law once she enters her new home. These three bangles are supposed to be worn by brides throughout their marital life.

Where to find them: Sathi Jewellers (Kolkata), Dugar Gems & Jewellery (Kolkata), New Dhar Jewellers (Kolkata).

Nupur - The Anklet 

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Although sporting a Nupur or an anklet is not an essential custom, but many brides prefer to deck up their feet with this piece of Bengali bridal jewellery. A Nupur is usually made of silver or Kundan setting stones with a single string. Sometimes brides like to wear a broader anklet too with small dangling beads.

Where to find them: Fashion Jewellery (Kolkata), Amrapali (Kolkata), Silveratti (NCR).

That was a 'crash course' on the names and different kinds of Bengali bridal jewellery for you! You can try mixing and matching a few things up with other kinds of jewellery too. For example, try the combination of a Bengali Mukut and Nolok with a Kasumala and Manga Malai. 

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