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Your Definitive Guide to the Perfect Bridal Shower: Things to Know, Decor, Cake & Dresses

Thinking of throwing or hosting a bridal shower? We’ve got everything you need to know right here!

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Image Courtesy: Alanna Panday

Bridal shower is one of the most fun pre-wedding functions to celebrate the bride and her wedding. The shower is filled with lots of beautiful décor, gifts, games, and honestly, anything else the bride wants to fill it with! If you are a bride-to-be or have a cousin or BFF getting married soon, you should definitely be planning a bridal shower! And if you're confused about what to do at a bridal shower, how to plan it and what to wear, we've got everything for you right here! Read on to find out the best bridal shower ideas, bridal shower decor inspiration, cakes and dresses for bridal shower along with etiquettes, planning and more! 

Bridal Shower Meaning

Bridal Shower

Image Courtesy: Ohara Flora

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If you find yourself wondering what a bridal shower is, worry not, we're here to tell you everything you need to know about this pre-wedding event. A bridal shower or Godh Bharaai as known in various Indian cultures, is an event to shower the bride-to-be with all of her favorite gifts, love and blessings. The event is mostly organized during the day and is typically followed by a lunch or brunch. Bridal showers are mostly organized and planned by the bridesmaids and the bride's family. 

The Right Etiquette for a Bridal Shower

Confused about what to do at a bridal shower? This guide will help you know everything you need to know to throw the perfect bridal shower for your dearest bride-to-be. Read on to understand what to do at a bridal shower, the timelines, the people involved, and who to invite at a bridal shower.  

What to Do at a Bridal Shower?

Typically, a bridal shower starts with the bride being seated and the closest friends and relatives showering her with gifts and blessings. this is followed by a lunch or brunch, depending on the time for all the guests. Depending on the amount of time you have for the bridal shower, you can either go with this itinerary or add some engaging entertainment for the bride and the guests like song and dance and some fun games with the bride! You can also decide a theme for the bridal shower according to what the bride likes and can also add a bar and spoil the bride with some cocktails!

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When to Throw a Bridal Shower

A bridal shower can be thrown 2-6 months before the wedding. Although, if the bride suggests, you can also throw the bridal shower just a few days before the wedding so that all the guests can attend the event. 

Who Throws a Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is usually organized by the bride's closest friends, relatives and family. So if your BFF or the closest cousin or sister is getting married, soon, giddy up to plan a bridal shower for her! Historically, the bridal shower only involved the ladies of the house and all of the bride's female friends. Now, there are no such rules and the men of the family and the bride's brothers and male friends can also attend and be involved in the planning of the bridal shower.    

Are Bridal Showers Always a Surprise for the Bride?

Bridal showers aren't always a surprise for the bride. If your bride likes to be a part of the whole planning process of all her wedding functions, you should definitely be asking her about the kind of bridal shower she needs. She might have a particular theme in her mind that she'd like for the day and as her bridesmaid, it is your duty to oblige! If your bride does not mind being given surprises, start listing down everything she likes for a bridal shower filled with all of her favorite things!

Bridal Shower Invites

As mentioned before, bridal showers can be attended by all of the bride's closes friends, relatives and family. If you're going the traditional way, invite only the ladies of the family, the bride's female cousins, sisters, and female friends. The invite should go out at least one month before the event. Make sure everyone attending does an RSVP and that you have the guest list with you before the wedding as you'll need to arrange for the venue and food accordingly. 

10 Bridal Shower Ideas We Can’t Get Enough of

Can't decide what kind of a bridal shower to throw for your bestie bride-to-be? Let us help you out with some amazing ideas of themes and decor that your bridey will surely love and enjoy to her heart's content!

A Candle-Lit Evening Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Ideas

Decorator: Aura Affaire, Photographer: Frozen Pixel Studios

Sure, a day time bridal shower is the more popular idea but have you ever wondered how amazing a garden-themed evening bridal shower would be for your bride? Take a look at this theme and bookmark for when you start planning it!

White & Earthy Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Ideas

Planners: Darsh Entertainment

This is surely going to be a hit for your bride! The white and earthy theme is quite popular and you also get a lot of scope to play around with gorgeous decor and textures. Take inspiration form this pretty little photobooth setup for your bridal shower! 

Boho & Bright Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Ideas

Venue: Kumarakom Lake Resort

Is your bride-to-be a fan of all things boho? If yes, she'll love this boho-themed bridal shower idea. You can either mix up bright colours or go for a more elegant look with white and neutral colour palette for the bridal shower.

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Beachside Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Ideas

Planners: Dream Makers Event

Looking for unique bridal shower ideas? Take a look at this cozy setup at the beach that will be perfect for a bridal shower. If you want to make your bride-to-be feel special and give her the best time of her life, this would be the perfect bridal shower idea!

Blush Pink Themed Bridal Shower Idea 

Bridal Shower Ideas

Planners: Events by Saniya

A blush pink themed bridal shower is perfect for the brides who love all things elegant and chic. If your bride to be is like that, she will absolutely love this theme. Take inspiration form the gorgeous table setup and the subtle colours used in this picture. 

Starry Night Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Ideas

Planners: Mpire Events, Photographer: ShutterDown, Decorator: The Ikebana

There is nothing better than a fairy light setup for intimate functions like a bridal shower. Suprise your dearest bride-to-be with a cozy setup in the backyard and all of her favourite things and invite all of her closest friends for a bash she'll never forget!

Tropical Brunch Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Ideas

Planners: Reet Entertainment, Venue: W Goa

Sunny days and a tropical themed party- what's not to like? Mix up some elegant textures and colours with this theme and your bride will be awestruck with the bridal party you're throwing! Don't forget to add in some summer cocktails and your party will be complete.   

Summer Cocktail Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Ideas

Planners: The Wedding House, Decorator: Decor By Komal, Photographer: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

If your bride is having a summer wedding and would love a similar theme for the bridal shower as well, here's a brilliant idea that you should be bookmarking right away. Take not of the citrus fruits decor and the cool blue bar setup that makes this decor a summer dream. 

Pastel Drunch Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Ideas

Planners: Weddings N Dreams

An evening bridal shower with a pastel table setup for drunch at the beach or at a poolside is something no bride-to-be won't be impressed with. Fill up the table with all of her favorite flowers in the pastel theme and you're good to go. 

Backyard Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Ideas

Decorator: Yesha Modi Thakkar

If you're throwing an intimate bridal shower for your bride-to-be in the backyard and are looking for ideas, you should just bookmark this right away! The simple yet elegant setup using earthy and summery textures will be a hit for sure. 

10+ Bridal Shower Decorations Ideas to Take Inspiration From

Bridal showers are a bit tricky when it comes to decor. Since it is an intimate function and a pre-wedding one at that, you would need smaller setups and elements that speak to the bride more than anything ese. But worry not, no matter what your bride likes, we've got an idea for every single one of them. Read on to check out the best bridal shower decorations to bookmark. 

Floral Photobooth Bridal Shower Decoration

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: 25 Star Events

Does your bride love getting pictures clicked? Don't forget to add a gorgeous photobooth like this one to her bridal shower and she'll be screaming of excitement for sure! Add in elements that go with the theme to make sure it looks perfect. 

Bright Bridal Shower Decoration Idea

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: Akarshana Events

Brighten up the room (or a garden) with this bridal shower decoration idea. Take note of the vibrant flowers and complementing candles and wine glasses that complete the look of this gorgeous bright bridal shower party.

Backyard Bridal Shower Decoration Idea

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: Yesha Modi Thakkar

Keep it simple with this minimalistic backyard decor idea for your bridal shower party. The best way to make it look beautiful is by adding cozy and aesthetic corners and photo backdrops like this one that your bride is sure to love.

Pink Photobooth Bridal Shower Decoration

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: Eventfully Yours

Your bride-to-be will love this bridal shower decoration idea for a photobooth. This gorgeous pink and unique photobooth idea will surely be the centre piece of the bridal shower and will give the bride pictures with her loved ones that she'll cherish forever. 

Floral Centerpiece Bridal Shower Decoration

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: F5 Weddings

Centre pieces like this one can make for amazing bridal shower decoration elements and add up to setting the right vibe for the event. Whatever you theme you decide to go for, consider adding a floral table piece that goes with it. 

Raining Flowers Bridal Shower Decoration Idea 

Bridal Shower Decorations

Decorator: Meghaa Flowerbox

This is one of the most trending and popular decoration idea these days. You will not only find this in intimate settings and events but also at big weddings. Consider adding the bride's favorite flowers or flowers that go with the theme to the venue like this and watch the bride go crazy over how pretty it looks!

Table Arrangement Bridal Shower Decoration Idea

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: Rani Pink

If your bridal shower is set up around a lunch or brunch, you should be looking at table arrangements that go perfectly with the theme you've chosen. Take a look at this beautiful table setup completed with white floral arrangements and bright orange wine glasses for inspiration. 

Rose Petals Bridal Shower Decoration Idea

Bridal Shower Decorations

Decorator: Shaddi Ka Ladoo 

If your bridal shower is going to be a bit more on the traditional side, this is a decoration idea you should be bookmarking. Consider adding desi elements like Marigold flowers, rose petals and brass plates to go with the theme of the bridal shower. 

Straw Basket Bridal Shower Decoration Idea

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: Jashnn-Signature Weddings

An earthy and very boho looking décor element to add to your bridal shower is anything made of straw. Take inspiration from this picture of a straw basket filed with gorgeous pastel roses and white lilies to complete the vibe.  

Simple Backyard Bridal Shower Decoration Idea

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: The Millennial Bridesmaid

If you're throwing an intimate bridal shower party for your bride in the backyard this is a brilliant decoration idea you should be bookmarking right away. This is a great setup for the bride to sit and be showered with gifts, love and blessings from her loved ones. 

Pink Flamingo Bridal Shower Decoration Idea

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: Wedding-e-Khas

This is a very unique bridal shower decoration idea. If you're throwing a pink themed or tropical themed bridal shower, consider adding this trending and popular decor element to the venue that will not only add to the happy vibe but also make for a great photo backdrop

Blue & White Bridal Shower Decoration Idea

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planners: We Do Events

If your bridal shower theme is blue and white, this is certainly a picture you should be bookmarking right away. This will make for a gorgeous table setup for the bridal shower brunch or lunch and is certainly going to impress the bride-to-be!

10 Bridal Shower Cakes to Surprise the Bride-to-be

A cake is a must have at a bridal shower. There are really no bridal showers without cakes that of course go with the whole theme of the event. When you're ordering a cake for your lovely bride-to-be, make sure its her favorite flavor and that it has a customized message for her as well! Scroll to see some of our favorite bridal shower cake ideas that we've curated for you. 

Pastel Pink Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: A Baker's Confession 

This subtle pink bridal shower cake has us drooling while also being mesmerized by how gorgeous it looks! You can also introduce various tiers to this cake depending on the number of guests involved in the bridal shower event. 

Classic White Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Bake A Boo

Multi tier white cakes are always a good idea for bridal showers and weddings. take a look at this classy cake with minimal floral design on the side which makes it a versatile cake design perfect for any theme.

Bridal Shower Cake Design With Flowers

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Bread Story 

If your bridal shower theme is filled with roses, this cake is going to be perfect for the event. You can introduce various floral arrangements in the cake as per the theme and preferences of the bride as well. 

Minimalistic Pink Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Floured, Bangalore

This simple pink bridal shower cake design is surely going to be a hit at the event. If it is an intimate bridal shower, this size will also be perfect and if you have a bigger guest list, you can also ask for multiple tiers. 

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Double Tier Bridal Shower Cake With Pink Flowers 

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Incredible Art

This double tier elegant cake with pastel pink flowers is another one of great cakes for a bridal shower. You can get a customized message written on top or at the base for your special bride-to-be also!

Peach & White Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts

This double tiered classy vanilla cake is a brilliant example for an elegant bridal shower cake. You can take inspiration from the peach roses and the golden lace that adds up to the whole aesthetic. Change the colours as per your theme and you'll have the perfect bridal shower cake for your bride!

Strawberry Bridal Shower Cheesecake

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Love and Cheesecake

Berry cheesecake with strawberry frosting and fresh raspberries on top- we're already drooling! if your dear bride-to-be loves cheesecakes there's nothing better than this delicious and beautiful looking berry cheesecake for her bridal shower. 

Customized Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Love & Flour

Is your bride-to-be crazy about brands and loves all things Gucci or Chanel? Take a look at this cake design that will surely go with your chosen theme and will also be perfectly customized for your bride!

Fondant Makeup Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Savitha Alexander Cake Designs

If your lovely bride-to-be is a makeup freak and cannot get over her love for lipsticks, blushes and brushes, here's a bridal shower cake design she will surely love! Customize the cake with all of her favorite products or things and she'll surely remember this for the rest of her life. 

Creative Bridal Shower Cake Idea

Bridal Shower Cakes

Image Courtesy: Your Own Kitchen 

This fancy cake features beautiful detailing of fondant in the form of butterflies and some edible gold film that adds up to the aesthetic of the two-tiered cake. If you want to take this design to the next level, match the flowers and colours with the theme of the bridal shower. 

10 Bridal Shower Dresses You Won’t Be Able to Say No to

Bridal showers are more intimate and mostly happen in the day time. this makes them the perfect pre-wedding event to rock a light coloured dress or gown. If you're a bride-to-be and are wondering what outfit would be perfect for your bridal shower, choose neutral gowns, white pant suits, and summery dresses. Read on to find styles to bookmark for when you go shopping!

Designer Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Amit GT Haute Couture

A neutral coloured dress is something that will blend in and still contrast at almost every theme and colour. So if you're unsure about the theme of your bridal shower and your BFFs are giving you a surprise, go ahead and invest in a beautiful neutral dress like this one. 

Summery White Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Disha Muchhala

If you're a fan of all things boho and love to keep it simple, this easy breezy white maxi dress is the perfect outfit for you to rock at your bridal shower. you can choose to pair this with heavy jewellery or minimalistic accessories depending on your preference. 

Pink Gown Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Dolly J

Dolly J gives us yet another gorgeous design with this baby pink gown. If you're looking to match the theme and shine like a princess at your bridal shower, take this dress as an inspiration and bookmark it right away!

Ruffled Pink Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Geisha Designs

This dress is nothing short of a dream. the gorgeous pink colour, the ruffled sleeves and the floral design makes this dress perfect to wear at your bridal shower. The best part is, it is light weight and allows you to enjoy the event to the fullest. 

Peachy Chic Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Kaaisha By Shalini

This one is for all the brides who like to keep it simple. A simple maxi dress can go a long way when paired with the right accessories and some flowers in the hair. The best part? You will be comfy all day and enjoy your bridal shower to the fullest!

Silver Glam Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Nadine Dhody

This Nadine Dhody classic dress is perfect for an evening or night bridal shower. Be the star of the show and shine like a diamond with this silver dress at your bridal shower! Pair this with diamond earrings and stilettoes for the perfect look. 

Elegant White Bridal Shower Pantsuit Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan

Not looking to wear a traditional dress or Lehenga for your bridal shower? Go bold with this white pantsuit. To make it ready for your bridal shower, pair it with heavy jewelry, silver heels and some light makeup.  

Easy Breezy Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Saaj By Ankita

For a more subtle and simple look, go for a similar look with a lighter, summery colour and a lighter fabric. You can also pair this up with some heavy earrings and a glowy and dewy makeup to complete the perfect bridal shower look. 

Embellished Lilac Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Seema Gujral

There is nothing more elegant than a pastel lilac colour to wear at a daytime function like a bridal shower. Take inspiration from this gorgeous dress by Seem Gujral full of delicate embellishments and a deep neckline. 

Pastel Green Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Shower Dresses

Image Courtesy: Payal & Zinal

This Payal and Zinal classic gown is perfect for a bride-to-be who like to keep it all glammed up. The gorgeous net cape and the pastel green colour of this dress makes it a perfect outfit for a day time bridal shower. 

We hope this blog was able to help you plan the perfect bridal shower for your bride-to-be BFF or help you decide what to wear at your own bridal shower. So go ahead, give your BFF the surprise of a lifetime and shower her with all your love!

If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment or send us a message on any of our social media profiles and we will get back to you at the soonest. 

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