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Short Mehndi Design - 20+ Indian Easy & Short Mehandi Design Ideas

As a guest at a wedding, you must have an amazing short mehndi design so that you can look your best! We’ve curated a list of amazing designs for you to browse through!

short mehndi design

short mehndi design

Image Credits - Pinterest 

Mehndi is a huge part of Indian weddings, with the bride, her friends and family having intricate designs applied on their arms. Though it is the bride that must wear the most henna, guests and family are generally expected to have a short mehndi design applied during the ceremony. Of course, it’s not mandatory, but most women in India view mehndi as a type of accessory that enhances the traditional look.

In India, the populace consider that the darker the colour of the mehndi leaves on the hands on a bride, the more will she be loved by her husband and mother-in-law. However, the significance of applying Indian mehndi designs during weddings is not restricted just to sentiments and beliefs- it has scientific connotations to it too. Though majorly now it is a fashion, where there are myriad of henna designs to choose from.  However, at present, short mehndi designs are slaying and how! 

white mehndi

Image Courtesy: Arora Mehndi

While the bride gets her arms and legs covered in beautiful mehndi designs, make sure that you get in line to have an intricate short mehndi design applied too! 

Short Mehndi Designs for Hands

Short Mehndi Designs for Hands

Image Credits - HennaBelle's

Nowadays, minimalism is taking the trend- and the idea of 'less is more' is setting inspirational goals for the contemporary brides. Indeed, the contemporary brides  are slaying with short mehndi designs. Have a look at the designs that are popular amidst the bridesmaid too, who are looking for something trailblazing and scintillating. 

Short Mehndi Design for Front Hand

cute mehndi

Image Credits - Henna by Divya

Image Credits- Gangaur Mehndi 

A classy design with intricate motifs looks beautiful on the brides especially on the functions like engagement and Roka ceremony where minimalism will go well than anything else.  Also, short mehndi design looks spectacular on the groom's/bride's sibling as with the minimal design they can wrap other tasks of the wedding preparation with utmost ease. 

Popular Short Mehndi Design of 2020

Image Credits - Pinterest 

Image Credits - Pinterest 

Nowadays short designs in white mehandi is taking the social media by storm. This fashion is not only getting popular in India but is also doing really well in the western countries. These designs are also easy to carry during a vacation or a pre-wedding function.  

Mandala Short Mehndi Design on the Back

Image Credits: Henna Inspo

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

Mandala designs are characterised by concentric circles and are said to bring inner peace to those who expose themselves to the same. These designs look really unique and are ideal for both, the back of the hand and the palm.

Intricate Lacey Prints Short Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna Inspo

The lacey look is one of the most sought-after ones when it comes to the short mehndi design. As this is a deeply intricate one, brides do run the risk of ending up with a slightly smudgy design as sometimes, mehndi colours tend to run a bit thicker than the lines they are applied in. Ensure that you test out the mehndi before committing to such designs!

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Easy Simple Short Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna Inspo

Image Credits - Mehndi by Nadia

Like to do things your way? If you’re planning to wear indo-western clothes, get this tribal-inspired short mehndi design on your hands to match your aesthetic!

Simple Short Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Arora Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Henna Inspo

If you’re looking for a very unique look, try a short mehndi design that looks like an arabic fingerless glove! This one is quite lovely and can prevent you from dealing with the irritation that comes with mehndi after the ceremonies are over. Make your mehndi design look really cool by asking your artist to only apply in on the fingers. This will give the impression that you dipped your fingers in henna and were left with this artistic print all over! This particular design has intricate Jalli work that is quite reminiscent of the easy Arabic mehndi designs for left hand that so many brides hanker after these days! Paint your nails a cool colour because all the attention will be on your hands!

Jeepers Creepers Short Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy: Arora Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Arora Mehndi

This minimalist short mehndi design with vines crawling all over the hands is a lovely one to get if you don’t want something too traditional. Though flowers and vines do feature in traditional mehndi designs, this is created with a slightly more western aesthetic in mind, making it a bit more contemporary than its Indian counterpart. Also, The single vine look is one that has dominated the mehndi industry and is a pretty popular type of short mehndi design that’s perfect for guests. Characterised by a single, diagonal line running across the hand, this look works well on both, the front and back of the hand. You can make the vine as long or short as you want, and have it decorated with flowers and leaves for a traditional look.

White Short Mehndi designs

Image Credits: Arora Mehndi

Image Credits - Pinterest

If you can have white tattoos all over your body, then why not white mehndi? Gorgeous and ethereal, a white short mehndi design marks you as different and unique instantly. As this is a lighter colour, we imagine it will look far more beautiful on a dusky beauty than on someone with lighter skin – purely because of visibility issues!

The Jewelry Short Mehndi Design!

Image Credits - Anjali Henna

Many women today love to emulate the look of jewellery with their short mehndi design and this creates a really unique and funky look. In order to create this design, the artist makes many chain-like shapes in order to create a sense of interconnected pieces of rings or bracelets on the arm. With a design like this, you should generally stick to the back of the hand, as this does not look that great when applied on the palm.

Coloured Short Mehndi Design Image

Image Courtesy: Henna Inspo

Image Credits - Iffathenna

Now here’s a fabulous idea! Have the artist colour your fingers this way and we can guarantee that everyone will be asking about where you got your mehndi design done from! This design will make you feel truly sad when it starts to fade away!

As a guest, you’ve got to look your best too! So make sure that you ask your mehndi artist about these types of designs, especially the white one! Get these done and you’ll be looking fabulous! 

The best part about short mehndi designs is that they look great on just about any kind of wedding attire; they can be done at home with tutorials too, and voila, you have a cool hand print that will last for days and thereby these designs will accentuate your entire demeanor.

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With words by Kajoli Anand