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Arabic Mehndi Designs: 105+ Simple & Easy Arabic Design

Here are the top 105+ Arabic Mehndi designs for you. Bookmark your favourites & read more for inspiration!

Image Courtesy: The Return Ticket Studios

Who does not like applying mehndi for an occasion, big or small? We enjoy looking for designs that suit us best and relish looking at our mehndi as it grows darker. That popular folk believe that the darker the mehndi, the more your beloved loves you might just be true, you never know!

And as they say, variety is the spice of life. So to mix it up with some Arabic mehndi design, we bring to you 89+ unique and new Arabic mehndi designs which are bound to leave you speechless. Whether the occasion asks for a fancy mehndi design or a simple one, we have some amazing Arabic Mehndi designs that will be well-suited for everyone.

Arabic mehndi designs are different because they are not as intricate and fine in terms of patterns as Indian mehndi designs. They are bolder and scattered. Having said that, Arabic mehendi designs come with their sorts of intricacies and are great not just for simple vine pattern across the hand but also full hand and leg mehndi designs.

This beautiful type of mehndi is traditionally done in jet black colour. And what makes it stand apart is that there is a lot of different shades within a pattern owing to the techniques used. The bold patterns and shading seen in a classic as well as new and latest Arabic mehndi design are surely different from what you see in mehndi designs and makes this style stand apart.

The attraction of the latest Arabic mehndi design is that they are more on the minimalist side and a lot less trouble. It is perfect, for instance, for the small functions the bride wants to attend, without feeling like she has overdone it and also keeping her hands red.

In this article:

What is Arabic mehndi design?

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Free Flowing

Easy and simple Arabic mehndi design is easy and beautiful. It is known for its free-flowing nature of designs. Simple Arabic mehndi designs are more focused on the palms and do not generally continue to the arms. There are no edgy patterns and the smooth continuity of the design is what makes it so beautiful. 

Scattered Patterns

Arabic mehendi design is more spread out through the palms and does not involve concentrated patterns. They also include dots and are mostly minimalist in nature. This is also the reason why Arabic mehndi dries quickly and is easy to make.

Not Intricate

Unlike the traditional Indian henna designs that are intricate, Arabic mehndi is simpler in nature. It consists of simple patterns like birds, flowers, leaves, vines and some other natural designs. The strokes are bold in Arabic mehndi unless it is used for shading.

Colour Variations

A remarkable trait of Arabic mehndi is that this mehndi design is easy and beautiful and they also get dried quickly and hence it is easy to experiment with different shades. They give colours in variations of maroon, black, light, dark orange, semi-dark yellow because of the shading techniques even for the mehndi design on back side. You can also try your hand at white mehndi.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Henna Madonna

Arabic mehendi designs mostly include floral work, paisleys along with free-flowing trails. Apart from these mainstream mehandi designs they also include leafy motifs and dome-shaped architectural beauts. Each of these designs is simple and easy even when they are combined. There are various simple Arabic mehandi designs to experiment with.

Simpe Arabic Mehndi Designs in Florals

Image Courtesy: Fancy Henna

This pattern is one of the most popular patterns chosen by brides in Arabic designs. This mehndi design for back side looks beautiful, is easily liked by most people and can be spotted on most minimal mehndi patterns.

The flower in Arabic design is an overarching theme that can be seen in a lot of Arabic mehndi designs, even when there is a presence of different motifs.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Design with Rose & Finger Trail 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The rose in full bloom in the centre of this henna art is a beautiful and simple Arabic Mehandi design. Nothing says floral mehndi like roses. Added to this mehndi design for back side is a beautiful leaf trail pattern. This latest Arabic mehndi design really has the best of both worlds. 

Distinct Roses & Birds Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Sa'sha Designs by Tejal

Roses steal the show again! Arabic mehendi is very much influenced by roses. The birds in a dome-shaped cage motif in this mehndi design for back hand add to the beauty of this simple mehndi design image. 

Simple Arabic Mehndi Design in Leaf Patterns

Image Courtesy: Atlanta Henna Studio

This bold-stroked leaf-patterned latest Arabic henna mehndi design looks gorgeous as a simple back hand mehndi design. If you are looking for a bold yet subtle Arabic Mehandi designs for full hands, this could be your go-to option.

Easy Arabic Mehndi Design with Flowers & Butterfly 

Image Courtesy: Rituals by Design

Need a perfect accent to highlight your chosen Arabic mehndi design bloom? Then consider this delicate butterfly as a welcome addition to your floral Arabic Mehandi designs. Notice how this, combined with the basic elements of an Arabic Mehandi design backside creates magical Mehandi design photos. While floral motifs take up almost every Arabic mehndi design, this beautiful butterfly next to the flower with other Arabic mehndi elements like domes and jaali and dots or finger rings make it even more alluring. The pattern on the fingers is giving the illusion of finger cuffs and is a great idea if you want to incorporate some jewellery elements in your mehndi design itself. 

Clustered Intricate Floral Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

While distinct flowers have their own beauty as we have seen in endless Mehandi design photos, this Arabic mehndi design with clustered flowers and dark tips is mesmerising. When it comes to Arabic mehndi design, this simple floral mehndi pattern replicated on both forearms is simple, elegant and easy to make. Arabic designs work equally well on the back of the hand and can be the go-to design for the henna mehndi designs for bridesmaids as well.

Lotus Motif Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Amelia Dręgiewicz Kinsey

Lotus is another flower that holds significance in even a simple Arabic mehndi design. This easy and beautiful Arabic mehndi design with lotus motifs is a quick go-to option for bridesmaids or for children. We must say, this lotus twist to the classic vine pattern Mehendi design is quite appealing. The shading within the lotus and the bold outlines on the petals add to the Arabic design's charm. Did this henna mehndi design melt your heart too?

Floral Stone-Studded Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Amelia Dręgiewicz Kinsey

Dainty as it is, the precise strokes of the lotus on one hand and daisy on the other with bijou stones is a beauty to behold! The lotus pattern holds its own popularity and significance in many other cultures too. This Arabic Mehandi design for the backside of hands holds cultural significance and has come to be one of the favourites of the brides. It can be done in a small area of your hand and still draw attention and praises. 

Dome-shaped Lotus Motif on Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Mehendi by Reshma, Ahmedabad

The lotus motif within the arch-shaped design fits amazing for an arm mehndi design. You could also get this done for your Arabic mehandi design for backside or for Arabic mehandi designs for full hands.

Lattice Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Mehandi Creations by Manu Bishnoi

The beauty of this simple Arabic mehndi design photo has completely bowled us over. This mehndi design is all sorts of #GOALS.

Swirls & Floral Minimal & Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna by Sadaf

One of the prettiest floral motifs among all the Arabic mehndi design photos is this string of daisies. As you may notice, in Arabic mehndi design, the petals are quite thick, owing to the bold nibs and style of this kind of mehndi patterns. This Haath Phool-shaped floral picture of Arabic mehndi design is a HOOT! The bracelet shaped design on the wrist connected by the floral chain makes it look amazing.

Daisy Trail Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

These lattice and daisy trails are not only dainty but are also very charming.

Jewellery Shaped Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Jewellery shaped Arabic mehndi designs have become a trend among the millennial who want to make a regal statement but at the same time keep it minimal and fancy. Jewellery pieces like Hath Phools, bracelets, bangles, anklets, Maang Tikka and so on are used as inspiration to make beautiful Arabic henna designs.

Haath Phool Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Floral Haath Phool with Lattice Chains

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Pav

This spaced out, Arabic mehndi design is a sheer testament to this set of ideas. Take in the full bloom at the base, the wrist, the jewellery accents that tie it to the fingers and the tiny, spring buds at the end. This is indeed a combination worth the effort. The floral Haath Phool combined with beautiful lattice chains and the minimal ring detailing in the fingers makes this Arabic mehandi a catch.

Bangle Shaped Mehndi Design

Image courtesy: Mehndi Designs by Payal

Just like the beautiful bangle enhances the beauty of your wrist, this bangle shaped mehndi design with bold-stroked detailing is an easy and beautiful mehndi design.

Minimal Ring Arabic Mehndi Design

Ring Mehndi designs are nice and easy mehndi designs that are minimalistic but beautiful for sure.

Simple Bangle Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Sa'sha Designs by Tejal

While bridal churas cover the arms of the beautiful bride with vibrant colours, you can get beautiful bangle patterns in the latest Arabic mehndi designs for full hands done on your arms too. Notice how the mehndi artist has used so many completely different techniques for the parallel spirals. They also flaunt various shading techniques.

Bracelet & Ring Combo Designs

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

Unlike bangles, bracelets are a little thicker as a wrist accessory and this mehandi design with a bracelet mehndi design and ring mehndi combination is just perfect.

Spiral Bangles Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Gangaur Mehandi

You can also opt for these diagonal trails that look like spiral bangles as your bridal mehndi design. Easy and simple Arabic mehndi designs for full hands can also be intricate and charming as this Arabic mehndi design for full hands photo depicts.

Maang Tikka Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Mehndi by Hayat

Maang Tikka or Matha Patti designs are a quaint pick and we love it!

Peacock Arabic Mehndi Designs

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

You can spot quite a few peacocks within an Arabic mehndi design, and as hard as it is to believe; they all seem to be shy and demure in their postures. No doubt such a representation would have taken immense practice and skill.

Swirls & Peacock Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Myam Mehndi

This simple peacock mehndi design for the arms is a beautiful one.

Peacock & Rose Mehndi Design

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

The king of birds, haughtily perched atop this mehndi design. This is a classic example of the fusion of Arabic mehndi design and classic Indian mehndi design. And we must say, we are all in for this kind of union.

Simple Peacock Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This back-hand mehndi design flaunts a simple peacock mehndi style with the feathers of the bird drawn on your fingers.

Paisley Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image courtesy: Henna Lounge

Paisley is one of the most conventional and convenient patterns of mehndi designs. They are simple yet elegant bridal Arabic mehndi designs and need not require much time to get it done.

Detailed Paisley Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Divya Henna

This detailed paisley pattern of henna with jaali design and different shades of colours makes this bridal Arabic mehndi design oh-so-beautiful!

Distinct Paisley Mehndi

Image courtesy: Henna Lovers Lounge

The empty spaces around the paisley pattern with dotted detailing and an arch-shaped extended art on the wrist makes this bridal henna design even more elegant.

Peacock & Paisley Plumage Mehndi Design

Samsan Hina Artist

While peacock patterns are a hit because of its traditional appeal, when they are combined with paisley patterns it becomes an impeccable and grand bridal Arabic mehndi design.

Bijou Paisley & Jaali Mehndi Design

Image courtesy: Divya Henna

The miniature paisley patterns that run through the centre from the tip of the finger to the angle shaped design on the wrist is a beautiful bridal Arabic mehndi design. The royal finger mehndi design is sure to make your hands look regal as ever.

Scattered Paisley Henna Design

Image courtesy: Divya Henna by Prashanta

Keeping the Mehandi design scattered enhances the beauty of the design and makes the Mehandi design photos even more beautiful.

Paisley Mehndi Design with Arches

Image courtesy: Divya Henna by Prashanta

The paisley pattern with arches and leaves can be a beautiful yet simple Mehendi for hand.

Jaali Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Zareen Henna & Beauty

The jaali design of mehndi involves a mesh-like pattern. Jaali in mehndi designs is not a new thing as almost all mehndi designs have a bit of netting art involved but these days mehndi designs have more of delicate jaalis and Arabic mehndi designs flaunt a lot of different jaali patterns. Also known as the lace or lattice pattern, it resembles a lace cloth in its finish, with a base motif which resembles the appearance of mesh. With Arabic mehndi designs, this lace cloth can have different shades on its borders and inside its pattern.

It can use a combination of floral and geometric designs to achieve the look. This pattern even goes well for any small function that needs western attire. Mesh pattern is also frequently used in Indian mehndi designs, but in Arabic mehndi design they stand out owing to parallel thin and bold lines used for creating the effect.

Dots & Jaali Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

The simple mesh designs of mehndi on the fingers make the royal finger mehndi design look fuller.

Leafy Jaali within an Arch

Image Courtesy: Sa'sha Designs by Tejal

The leafy jaali pattern within the arch makes for a perfect backhand mehndi design.

The Mesh/Jaali Arabic Mehndi for Arms

Image Courtesy: Jesma Mithun

This is the traditional jaali pattern of mehndi that appears like a mesh cover on the hands and the leafy lattice patterns on the fingers make it a royal finger mehndi design to look out for.

Mandala Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna by MK

Arabic mandalas make for some amazing mehndi designs that the minimalist brides can pick. They are quick to get done and brides can skip sitting for long hours waiting for their mehndi designs to dry - one of the most important times to pick the bridesmaids' duties list!

Simple Mandala Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Journeys by Ram

This simple mandala that takes up the centre space of the backhand mehndi design with the lotus in the centre will be an elegant pick. With a flowery twist to the traditional mandala, this delicate, yet simple circle mehndi design will definitely look great. 

The Latest Mandala Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Sa'sha Designs by Tejal

With the circle being so distinct and the flowers in it, this latest style of traditional mandala motif n mehndi designs makes it even prettier.

Elegant Lotus Mandala Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Sa'sha Designs by Tejal

This mandala mehndi design with the Arabic mehndi design elements like lotus, jaali, lattice and domes is just PERFECT to the T.

The Traditional Mandala

Image Courtesy: Sam Henna Arts

Ask your henna artists to give you a thick bordered mandala design with intricate designs within the circle to get beautiful hands clad in mehndi.

Mirror-Image Arabic Mandala Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Alisa Parveen

Getting identical designs on both hands is not a cakewalk. But this double bonanza melts our hearts. This Arabic mandala mehndi design is a sight for the sore eyes! The perfectly mirrored mehndi designs on the palms with floral motifs and jaali detailing is one among our best picks.

Pendant-shaped Mandala Foot Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Sa'sha Designs by Tejal

Shaped like a pendant or an anklet with a pendant, this mandala shaped mehndi designs will make your feet oh-so-pretty.

Architecture Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The breathtaking architectures of the Mughals have always been beheld in awe. The arches and the domes that are the backbone of their architecture has extensively affected the Arabic mehndi designs. These designs can be personalised in case of a destination wedding by painting the destination palace or fort on your hands. 

The arches that mark the beginning of this bride's set of hennaed feet remind us of ancient Indian temple doors. These arches which lead to a set of floral delights or paisley patterns are the ones which really make it distinct from any other mehndi pattern.

Dome-shaped Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Amelia Dręgiewicz Kinsey

What happens when the clear, defined, structured, architectural lines, meet their synergy with a more organic, flowy and undulating self? This marriage of these two distinct sets of designs leads to sheer henna magic. Believe us, as you mull over whether you should show this Arabic mehndi design to your Mehndiwala or not.  This dome-shaped back-hand mehndi design is a simple and elegant mehndi design. The bold strokes with empty spaces in between will dry quickly and leave a rich colour on your palm.

Arch-shaped Arabic Mehndi Design

Coming from the middle-east, the Arabic mehndi designs are bound to be influenced by the elements there. The best example of this is the dome or archway motif which is seen so often in Arabic mehndi designs. The domes make for an intriguing mehndi pattern that can be easily assimilated even in the traditional Indian mehndi designs. This half-n-half dome-shaped mehndi design is complete when both the hands are put together and we are in awe of its intricate work of art.

Arc-Shaped Arabic Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Sa'sha Designs by Tejal

In this Arabic mehndi design, the grand arch on the hand looks beautiful when accentuated with tiny motifs all around. If you don't want the dome motif to be the centre of attention in your mehndi but still want to incorporate the element, you can use a mandala mehndi design too. This arch-shaped Arabic mehndi design with the spacious mesh patterns in the fingers is a pretty piece of art.

Latest Arabic Mehndi design for hands

Image Courtesy: Henna by Pallavi

While Arabic mehndi design is known to be applied only on the palms, the brides these days have moulded it to their choice with different mehndi patterns for full-hand, half-hand, back-hand and palms or front hand too. If you'd look closely, you'll see the expert skills with which the artist has handled every motif. The difference in the thickness of the strokes and the shading isn't as easy as the final output looks.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Full hand

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The arches on this Arabic mehndi design are giving it a regal look. The outer arches at the centre are outlined with a larger one that branches off to a slightly more elaborate pattern. Don't forget to notice the shading done here to get the look. The empty spaces between the arches have been filled with floral motifs to complete the look.

You can ask your mehndi artist to replace it with some other motif like paisleys or whatever catches your fancy to give it your personal touch. The intricacy of work and the beautiful placement of the Arabic mehndi design elements in this full-hand mehndi design is praiseworthy.

Full-hand Bold Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Aman Gupta

Another expressive Arabic mehndi design for full hand that is sure to steal the show.

Full Hand Mehndi with Finger Mehndi Designs


The lovely bird takes centre stage in this eye-catching Arabic mehndi design. 

Full Backhand Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Wedding Art

Full hand Arabic mehndi designs can look beautiful as a backhand mehndi design too.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Half Hand

Image Courtesy: Umamah B Mehndi Artist

Leaving empty space of one half of the hand and getting the mehndi done on the other half has been quite in vogue with the brides of today and how! Half hand mehndi designs have been trending among the millennial brides and it is indeed a piece of work that suits both traditional wears like lehengas and well as Indo-western outfits and even wedding gowns for that matter.

Half Hand Arabic Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

This combination of lattice and floral patterns in the half-hand mehndi is quite charming. With Arabic mehndi designs, it's always about a central thread which holds the pattern together, usually in darker, thicker strokes. Observe the style with this set of lattice-work and vine designs in this royal front hand mehndi design.

Minimal Arabic Backhand Half Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Amelia Dręgiewicz Kinsey

The minimal back hand mehndi design with the train of vines is an aesthetic art in henna. The vine patterns are a popular choice amongst bridesmaids as it usually has only one vine-like pattern going up your finger. Though usually, it is the middle of the index finger, you can actually choose whichever finger you want it to cross to. This design is light and fun and can incorporate different designs of your liking too.

Lattice Half-hand Mehndi Design for Backhand

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

This half-hand mehndi design for the back of your palms is an enchanting work with bold strokes of lattice and leaves.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Palms

Image Courtesy: Minal Beauty

This is the most common sphere of Arabic mehndi that is popular worldwide. Arabic mehndi is supposed to be applied in the palms mostly and this conventional application of royal front hand mehndi design is loved by millions!

Finger Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna BH 

Another very famous type of Arabic mehndi that is loved by many is the finger-mehndi design. All the elements of Arabic mehndi focus on the fingers only and do not extend to your palms or arms. This half hand pattern is quite popular and loved by many. While the back of the palm is minimally decorated or not decorated at all, it's the fingers which have the detail and craftsmanship. The floral mehendi vines on the fingers are absolutely breathtaking.

Latest Finger Mehndi Design with Jaali

Image Courtesy: Mehendi Gallery

This is also a beautiful finger mehendi design with jaali pattern.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Feet

To make your feet look alluring as you walk down the aisle, Arabic mehndi designs for the feet are here to seal the deal in utmost grace.

Jaali Arabic Mehndi for Feet

Image Courtesy: Aman Gupta

This half-n-half jaali mehndi for feet with the prominent thick borders and minimal work within these lines is an attractive foot mehndi design. Even at first glance, you know this Arabic mehndi design is a class apart from the rest. The bold patterns and the deep, dark shade of the mehndi are enough to catch everyone's attention. If you want to stand out in the crowd, definitely consider a mehndi pattern like this one.

Anklet-Shaped Paisley Arabic Mehndi for Leg

Nitin Arora Photography, Gurgaon

You can also get your mehndi artist to give you an anklet-shaped Arabic mehndi design.

Gladiator Arabic Mehndi For leg

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

This gladiator shoe-shaped mehndi design with eloquent beauty is a gorgeous and unique mehndi design for feet!

Sock-Shaped Arabic Mehndi Design

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

This Arabic mehndi design brings together a lot of elements like arches, vines and paisleys in a subtle manner which is pleasing to the eye. In this splendid Arabic mehndi design, the lattice motif is reserved for the toes. It works to highlight the floral vine which is so delicately laid out on the top of the foot. The empty spaces between the patterns work wonderfully to highlight the merits of them both.

Full Leg Mehndi Design

Bombay Designer Mehandi Art

This one is definitely going to be in the league of the daintiest feet of all with that incredible simple leg mehndi design.

Anklet & Toe Ring Arabic Mehndi for Feet

Image courtesy: Flashing Lights Photography

Inspired by the shape of toe rings that are attached to anklets with beautiful chains, this simple foot mehndi design is a graceful pick.

Foot Mehndi with Flowers

The Cheesecake Project

This floral mehndi design that fills the sole of the bride's foot is indeed a show stopper! If you would look closely, this Arabic mehndi design is made up of quite a few different kinds of flower patterns. We are especially impressed by the motifs which are accentuating the whole floral vibe.

Half-Foot Mehndi Designs

Amit Mehandi

This half-foot semi-mandala style foot mehndi is a trending new Arabic mehndi design that will make your feet look dainty! 

Modern and New Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Arab Mehndi Designs

Like most of the traditions in today's world that has adapted to the changes and evolutions, conventional Arabic mehndi designs have also come a long way. Adding a modern touch to reshape the elements or add some more to it, the modern Arabic mehndi designs are quite popular among the brides today.

Heart Arabic Mehndi Design

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

Using the mirror image style to make this gorgeous heart design is a brilliant stroke of creativity, we must say. The hidden bonus of the simplicity of Arabic mehndi design motifs is how easily they blend into symmetrical designs.

Geometric Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Merging the geometric and edgy elements of tribal mehndi designs this contemporary geometric Arabic mehndi design is a hoot! This Arabic mehndi design inspiration gave us gothic vibes indeed. The sharp edges, the triangular arches with linear breaks, sharp leaf-like spires, remind us of gates, churches, old Victorian homes and suspense-filled tales from Arthur Conan Doyle. Dab a little of your literary love onto your feet and turn into a femme fatale mystery with this henna design.

Swirls in Arabic Mehndi

Bright Photography and Cinematographers

Swirls are also a beautiful addition to the conventional. This is one charming traditional as well as latest Arabic mehndi designs for full hands.

Hearts & Jaali Finger Mehndi Designs

Samsan Hina Artist

Adorning the fingers with hearts, swirls and jaali to show your beloved how excited you are about the wedding - well that's a brilliant plan! Get this latest Arabic mehndi design done on your full arms for the big day. This royal front hand mehndi design is going to make your husband's heart melt!

Scattered Bold Strokes Heart Arabic Mehndi Design

Image courtesy: Henna by Mahira Mohsin

This minimal yet beautiful half hand mehndi combine with finger mehndi design is a pretty twist to the original Arabic mehndi designs.

Contemporary Arabic Mehndi Design for Backhand

Image Courtesy: Alisa Parveen

This contemporary Arabic mehndi design for back-hand is a stunning one.

Indo-Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

While Arabic mehndi designs for full hands had very beautifully made a place in the books of Indian bridal trends and picks, the talented mehndi artists have moulded some of the designs by adding the Indian mehndi patterns. These Indo-Arabic mehndi designs are loved by almost every bride who is looking forward to more detailed and fuller henna designs for their magical Mehndi ceremony.

The Story-Telling Mehndi Design

Darshana's Mehandi Art

The bride and groom's motifs take the spotlight away but you can notice the peacock and floral patterns in bold strokes that are typical of Arabic mehndi designs.

Traditional Indo-Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Blacktie Project

Blending the traditional elements of Indian mehndi with the distinctive elements of the Arabic mehndi designs, this Indo-Arabic mehndi is praiseworthy.

Floral Arabic Mehndi with The Elephant Motif

Image Courtesy: Amelia Dręgiewicz Kinsey

While the flowers form the core of the Arabic mehndi designs, the elephant motif is the Indo-Arabic element here. The elephant holds a very special place in the wedding ceremony. Elephants represent royalty, wisdom, longevity and loyalty - some of the qualities that make a super successful marriage. In our search for the most beautiful and unique mehandi designs, we often come across these simple designs which by that exact virtue steal the show. The simple vine consisting of flowers and petals, minimal shading and the elephant is so enchanting and can be done in a matter of minutes.

White Arabic Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Alisa Parveen

Unlike traditional Arabic mehndi designs that are done using a mehndi cone by the talented mehndi artists, white henna does not come in a cone. It is a type of body paint and sometimes involves adhesives that help the colour stay on the skin for longer.  However, in recent times, white henna's popularity goes unmatched. The traditional designs when done in white henna, indeed look breathtaking!

Full Hand White Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Minnakkaf Henna

This is a beautiful full backhand white henna design with Arabic mehndi patterns in it.

Leafy White Arabic Henna Design

Image Courtesy: Arab Mehndi

The leafy pattern of this Arabic mehndi in white is a simple yet elegant design that will go with both traditional as well as western dresses.

Mandala White Henna Design

Image Courtesy: Feyza

Mandalas are indeed a piece of art. This white henna simply enhances the effects of the mesmerising Arabic henna designs. The Mehandi designs in  Arabic patterns are absolutely amazing for modern brides-to-be.

Lace Glove-shaped White Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Arab Mehndi

Figure that lattice and lace inspirations can only happen in strictly architectural, straight lines? This set of leaves is already making us question such assumptions. Done in dark, heavy Mehandi designs in Arabic pattern, these close-set leaves instantly remind us of a Victorian piece of lace, which can be easily added to a splendid outfit, maybe with the latest designer gowns. It could also work as an edging for an old-world handkerchief. As dainty and pretty as a lace glove, this white Arabic mehndi design with jaali and arches is a hoot!

White Henna in Jaali Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This traditional jaali mehndi pattern was given a magical twist with the white henna and this Arabic Mehendi design makes it perfect for your Christian wedding or your white wedding gown too.

Simple Arch-Shaped White Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Raya Beauty on Pinterest

This simple arch-shaped back hand mehndi design in white mehndi will not only be perfect for your beach wedding but for any other day as well. Pick this simple and easy mehndi design with an Arabic motif for a trendsetting look. 

White & Golden Arabic Foot Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

White Arabic Mehendi design can be applied even on foot to make your feet look gorg! Try out this white mehndi design for feet for your big day.

Image Courtesy: Beautés & Silleurs

These simple and easy Arabic mehandi designs are the way to go if you are looking for something uncluttered on your hands. They can be used by themselves or even with a fusion of different design patterns. These are perfect for brides that love the minimal look but still want to be ready for any occasion.

Don’t these Arabic mehndi designs make you long to put some on your own hands? Go to our list of expert mehndi artists for the perfect designs.

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