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Thali Designs for Weddings: Latest Thali Designs with Prices

A thali is the sacred gold thread worn by South Indian brides post-wedding. Here is everything you need to know about the significance of a thali and a few traditional thali designs that we think you will like.

thali designs

thali designs

Wedding Photography: Aashish Photography

A marriage, they say, is a match made in heaven and materialised on Earth. This is probably why there are so many traditions and rituals connected with marriage. The groom tying a sacred thread around the bride's neck is just one such tradition in Tamil wedding ceremonies, which has a lot of significance for any Tamil bride. The sacred thread/necklace is called many different things in different cultures; one such popular term is the Mangalsutra. In Kerala weddings it is known as Minnu; in Maharashtrian weddings it is known as Vati; and in Tamil weddings, it is known as Thali

In Tamil culture, it is known as a Thali or Thirumangalyam. The Thali symbolises the true meaning of marriage and has a lot of significance in Hindu culture. It is not just an ordinary ornament that signifies that a woman is married; it has a lot more meaning than that. "It is a mark of respect, love and dignity which is presented to the wife by her husband on the auspicious wedding day".

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Significance of a Thali

Significance of a Thali

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A thali is the mark of love, respect, and a lot more. It is either adorned with a sacred yellow thread or on a gold and black bead chain. Here is everything you need to know about its importance for a Tamil Hindu bride:

1. "A thali is believed to help regulate a woman's blood pressure.". It is often said that the thali should be in direct contact with the body because the friction keeps the level of blood pressure under control.

2. When worn in a black and gold beaded chain, the gold beads represent Goddess Parvati, and the black ones stand for Lord Shiva. The beads are also a symbol of the various emotions and efforts that go into making a husband's and wife's relationship strong.

3. Since gold is a symbol of prosperity and well-being, the gold in a wedding thali is said to bring good luck, happiness, and prosperity to the woman's family.

4. The Thali is also a charm that is believed to ward off the evil eye. Each black bead has the power to absorb negative energy and protect the woman, her husband, and her family from harm. All these are the reasons why a Tamil bride keeps her Thali very safely and wears it with much care. Breaking or losing it is considered a bad omen and therefore women take good care of it. Millennial brides have modernised their Thali designs to an extent but even they respect and value it just as much.

Types of Thalis in Indian Weddings 

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1. Tamil Nadu Wedding Thali

Wedding thali from this region offers an abundance of intricate designs, with each motif holding a special symbol and meaning. Purity is depicted by a Tulsi, whereas a Shiva design symbolises fertility. These beautiful motifs with a special meaning are a gift to the bride for the groom’s family.

2. Minnu Wedding Thali of Kerala

Mangalsutra of this beautiful coastal state is called a Minnu and has a fun and interesting design element. A heart-shaped pendant embellished with 13 gold beads threaded through a sacred thread is tied around the Christian bride’s neck by the groom.

3. Ela / Elagu Thali

While the Christians of Kerala tie the Minnu, the Hindus call the Mangalsutra as Ela, which means leaf. An Ela wedding Thali boasts a beautifully intricate design of an Ohm symbol embossed on a leaf-shaped pendant. It is bought by the groom’s family for the bride and is tied during the wedding ritual.

4. Ramar Thali

Two stunning and rich gold coins separated by beads and threaded to a black bead necklace make a traditional Telugu Ramar wedding thali pattern. These gold coins gifted by the groom’s family to the bride stand for Shiva and Shakti. The beads separating the coins can be of gold or any precious stone.

5. Bottu Wedding Thali

This is also another kind of wedding Thali adorned by Telugu brides on their big day. It comes in an elegant circular disc-shaped gold pendant that is accentuated with intricate carvings. These beautiful carvings hold special meaning and significance to the culture and their customs. The vivid red colour of coral stones brings out the divine glow of the bride on her big day. Pearl strands are also used to make the design more special.

Latest Traditional Thali Designs

Latest Traditional Thali Designs

Jewellery: VHV Jewellers

The thali is one of the most auspicious pieces for weddings in Asia. It’s also known as a sacred thread, which represents the bond of marriage between husband and wife. VHV Jewellers brings this special moment to life by creating the perfect one-of-a-kind piece. From their latest vintage thali kodi collection., this thali is created in a classic 22-karat gold with the vintage khombhu design with Amman, the Hindu goddess, in the center. The design features ornate work at top and bottom and brings out the beauty of simplicity and tradition. On both sides of the thali pendant are two heart gold stoppers with intricate designs that can have the client's name on them for a special touch. There are gold oval pearl stoppers with authentic pearls. Each coin on both sides features Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi within beautiful dotted-circle coins. 

Price on request

Jewellery: Boutique Amukthika

When you are looking for stunning Kerala thali designs, we have just the right inspiration for you: unique thali designs you should pick for your wedding day. This beautiful thali from Boutique Amukthika features a traditional Palakkad design clubbed with a classic thali design engraved with Saraswathi Devi.

Price: Starts from INR 1250+

Jewellery: Tiysha

Want a traditional thali design with a modern twist? Choose a gorgeous thali necklace in pure silver rather than conventional gold. This Dasavatharam necklace from Tiysha features the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, crafted in traditional Chettinad thali design.

Price: INR 35,800

Jewellery: S.H Craft & Creation

When choosing trendy mugappu designs for thali chains this wedding season, don’t forget to explore the stunning collection from S.H Craft & Creation. In addition to providing you with elaborate and traditional thali designs, you can also choose from a plethora of modern and minimal thali chains from their latest collection.

Price on request

Jewellery: Geethanjali

When it comes to your wedding, you deserve everything the best there is. Then why not choose a thali design that will not only be your most beautiful adornment but also transform into an heirloom to be cherished for life? Geethanjali offers you this antique traditional Chettinad thali crafted in pure gold.

Price on request

Jewellery: AR Gold Covering

Choosing beautiful Tamil thali chain designs doesn’t always mean that you have to pick heavy and conventional designs. For all the millennial brides, you can always choose a thali design that lets your personality shine bright, just like this pretty gold-plated Bhramana thali with Kerala design by AR Gold Covering.

Price on request

Jewellery: South India Jewels

This is the most traditional and well-known Thali design out there. It is called the Ramar Maangalyam design and is worn by most South Indian brides. You can always mix modern with traditional by customising your Thali design and adding diamonds and other precious stones to it.

Price on request

Photography: Weddings by Naveen & Renu

This thali design is called Pottu thali and is another very famous and much-worn design. It is simple and minimalistic, and it has a certain charm to it. The two red beads add a very subtle modern touch to it.

Jewellery: VHV Jewellers

A thali stands for prosperity and good luck, and what else signifies these two aspects better than Goddess Lakshmi herself? Thali designs with an impression of Goddess Lakshmi on them are quite famous and a perfect way to embrace tradition in the best way.

Price on request

Jewellery: Western Jewellers

This is the most simple and basic Ramar Thali design. While it is very traditional, its size makes it perfect for everyday wear and a great option for the modern bride. A perfect mix traditional and millennial, we say.

Price on request

These are just a few types of Thali designs that we think are perfect for the modern-day bride. You can always ask for customisations and personal touches that resonate with your taste. The thali is a beautiful ornament, and even if you make a few tweaks to the design, its significance does not change at all. So, chill and find that perfect Thali design for yourself. Make sure you find the right one because, after all, it will be one of your most prized possessions.

If you are a Tamil bride looking for your perfect thali design, you can get in touch with the super talented and artsy jewellers on board with us to get yourself a customised thali for the big day!

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