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100+ Proposal Lines: Romantic Proposal Quotes and Messages to Propose a Boy or Girl

Are you planning a special proposal for the love of your life? Words have the power to weave magic, so choose your proposal lines and quotes for a boy or girl wisely. Here's a list of the best proposal lines to prepare you for your big day!

proposal lines

proposal lines

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It's always about love, and there is no denying the fact that expressing all the emotions you feel for your partner is not always an easy task. It could get overwhelming, and you might find yourself at a loss for words. That is exactly why we are here to help you communicate it right! If you are planning to pop the much-awaited question on proposal day or any other day of the year, then right now is the time to prepare how to get down on your knees with a ring in your hand and propose the boy or girl of your dreams for marriage. 

A lot of times, words don't match up to what we feel on the inside. In such a scenario, wouldn't it be easier if one quote, a dialogue, or a song lyric could do the trick and sum up our feelings better than our own words could?  Proposal quotes are often the key to your beloved's heart. Whether you are looking for lines to propose to a girl or cute and romantic proposal lines for him, check out these unique propose day quotes that can be used for a beautiful moment. The below-mentioned list of fun, filmy, and romantic love proposal lines and quotes will surely help you pop the big question in the right way!

In this article:

1. Best Proposal Lines and Quotes

2. Unique Proposal Quotes and Lines

3. Best Happy Propose Day Quotes

3. Love Proposal Lines for Girlfriend (Gf)

4. Best Proposal Lines for Boyfriend (Bf)

5. Best Proposal Lines in Hindi

6. Romantic Proposal Shayari in English

7. Funny Proposal Lines

6. Heart-touching Love Proposal Quotes

Here are some of the best proposal lines for him and her that you must use for the big day and mark the beginning of your ever-after together.

Best Proposal Lines and Quotes

Best Proposal Lines and Quotes

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Read these romantic love proposal lines and see the smile it brings to your partner's face! These love dialogues in english make adorable proposal day quotes for the love of your life will make proposing on the big day a cakewalk. Don't believe us? Try one of these for yourself, and let the magic of love unfold!

  1. "I found the reason for my smile the day I found you. Will you let me be the reason for your smile? Will you be my forever?"
  2. "With you, my life becomes whole, and with you, my days become bright. In your hands, I would love to lay this night and for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?"
  3. "You deserve the world and all the good things it has to offer. If I fail to find that world for you, I promise to give you mine! Will you marry me?"
  4. "You are my North, my South, my East and West, the sun of my morning and the night of my day! You are my everything. Can I be yours?"
  5. "I would love for you to grow old with me! The best is yet to be, and it begins from the moment you say yes."
  6. "I love the feeling and the butterflies I get when I see you smiling. I would love to smile for the rest of my life with you."
  7. "I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow." —Leo Christopher
  8. "I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone." —J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
  9. "Only you; you’re the only thing I’ll see forever. In my eyes, in my words, and in everything I do, your sight is the only sight that will ever bring me peace."
  10. "Because every long lost road led me to where you are; others who broke my heart were like northern stars, guiding me on my way into your loving arms, this much I know is true. God bless the broken road that led me straight to you." - Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts
  11. "I love you just the way you are." - Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel
  12. "Having you by my side is what completes me, makes me, and fulfills me. You complete me. So marry me and complete the circle with me!"
  13. "In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine." —Maya Angelou
  14. "I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on. Be mine through the thick and thin of life."
  15. "Hold my hand tight, as I want to grow old with you from this day forth."

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Unique Proposal Quotes and Lines

Unique Proposal Quotes and Lines

 Photography: The Blemished Tales

If your love story is unique and has survived the test of time, your proposal should be as unique and beautiful. Make this year's propose day special with a one-of-a-kind experience for your partner to and propose day quotes of love to remember and cherish forever. Add these beautiful and unique propose messages and quotes for your propose day status update to your special day. 

  1. "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." When Harry Met Sally
  2. "I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it." Seth in City of Angels 
  3. "It's only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found. I am only here tonight because of you. You are all I am. You are all of my reasons." Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind
  4. "It seems right now that all I've ever done in my life is make my way here to you." Graeme Simison
  5. "We are the leaves of one branch, the drops of one sea, the flowers of one garden. let's get together forever."
  6. “I thought this was going to be the most difficult thing I was ever going to have to do, but when I saw you walking down that aisle I realized how simple it is. I love you. Any surprise that comes along the way is OK because I will always love you.”
  7. "Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it. And, I feel it every time I am with you." - Nicholas Sparks in A Walk to Remember
  8. "It's gonna be love, it's gonna be great. It's gonna be more than I can take. It's gonna be free, it's gonna be real. It's gonna change everything. I feel It's gonna be sad, it's gonna be true. It's gonna be me, baby, it's gonna be you, baby. It's gonna be...It's gonna be love." - Mandy Moore song
  9. "When I look into your eyes, I know I won't let go unless you do. When I look into your eyes you made me want to hope for better days to come. When I look into your eyes I realize I want to belong to you all my life."
  10. "I cannot let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed." - A.S Byatt in Possession

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Best Happy Propose Day Quotes For Your Love

Best Propose Day Quotes For Your Love

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Celebrating love cannot be confined to one day in a year, but considering February is the season of love and we have a designated day for proposals, you can always plan a special proposal for your girlfriend or boyfriend and convey your heart's deepest desire to them through meaningful propose day quotes for online chats or status updates. Here's our list of top favorite propose day quotes that you can choose from: 

  1. It's the day of love today and I don't want to miss the opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me now and forever. I hope we can seal this bond for a lifetime and be each other's ride and die for the rest of our lives. 
  2. Fall from a mountain, there's a rope. Fall into a river, there's a boat. But fall in love and there's no hope! That's how the famous proposal day quote goes, but will you bring hope to my life by falling in love together? 
  3. On this Propose Day, I want to confess that my life changed after you walked into it. It's never been the same for me and I want to cherish you for the rest of my life. Will you give me the opportunity to love you and call you mine forever? 
  4. Happy Propose Day wifey! You are and you will always be my sunshine. Together, we have weathered so many storms and seen so many happy days. On this propose day, can I ask you to never change and love me forever and more? 
  5. Happy Propose Day my forever Valentine. I cannot believe we made it this far together. Every day with you has been an adventure and I wouldn't want it any other way! I love you! 
  6. You are my sun and my moon. I give my whole heart and whole life to you and I know you will hold it precious just like I hold you. Happy Propose Day, my forever Valentine. 
  7. I didn't know the definition of being happy until I met you. Loving you has opened my heart and soul to the true meaning of commitment and happiness. May this joy last forever. I love you, my Valentine. 
  8. I browsed through hundreds of love dialogues in English literature to find a proposal quote that justified my feelings for you. But in the end, all I can think of is this: "No amount of time or distance can change my love for you. It's not poetic, but it's straight from my heart for my dearest partner. 

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Love Proposal Lines for Girlfriend (Gf)

Love Proposal Lines for Gf

 Photography: Sunny Dhiman Photography

Looking for the best love proposal lines for a girl? Of the many romantic proposal lines and quotes that can impress a girl, which love proposal line for your girlfriend will stand out and tug at her heartstrings? My tip is to personalise it. Does she have a favorite movie or soap opera and she is pining on some cute and romantic proposal lines for girls by the protagonist, or does your girlfriend love poetry or a specific novel and never get enough of those words? Choose something that she can relate to, or write a heartfelt proposal quote that connects with your story, and plan a one-of-a-kind proposal for your girlfriend. 

  1. "I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world without you." Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien 
  2. "You taught me the real meaning of love. One look at your face sets my world straight!"
  3. "You’re the only thing that exists in my world. Everything I do is just to see a smile on your face."
  4. "I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  5. "You bring out the best in me. Give me a chance to be the luckiest man alive."
  6. "Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be." - Robert Browning
  7. "'Cause when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. Cause girl, you're amazing, just the way you are!" - Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
  8. "Well, I found a woman stronger than anyone I know. She shares my dreams, and I hope that someday I'll share her home. I found love—to carry more than just my secrets; to carry love; to carry children of our own. We are still kids, but we're so in love. Fighting against all odds, I know we'll be alright this time. Darling, just hold my hand. Be my girl. I'll be your man. I see my future in your eyes." - Perfect by Ed Sheeran
  9. "I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day." - Noah Calhoun, The Notebook
  10. "'Cause all of me loves all of you. I love your curves and all your edges—all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, and I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning. Even when I lose, I’m  winning." - All Of Me by Charlie Puth
  11. "It's always better when we're together. Yeah, we'll look at the stars when we're together. Well, it's always better when we're together." - Better Together by Jack Johnson
  12. "I'll be your dream; I'll be your wish; I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, and I'll be everything that you need. I love you more with every breath. Truly, deeply, I will be strong. I will be faithful because I'm counting on a new beginning. A reason for living. A deeper meaning." - Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Green
  13. "I'm so in love with you. Whatever you want to do is all right with me, 'cause you make me feel so brand new, and all I want in life is to spend my life with you." - Let's Stay Together by Al Green
  14. "I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky, and I swear like the shadow that's by your side. I see the questions in your eyes; I know what's weighing on your mind, and you can be sure I know my heart." - I Swear by Boyz II Men
  15. "'Cause I'll stand beside you through the years. You'll only cry those happy tears, and though I make mistakes, I'll never break your heart." - I Swear by All-4-One
  16. "My arms are reaching out, out across this canyon. I'm asking you to be my true companion." - True Companion by Marc Cohn
  17. "When I get older and lose my hair, many years from now, will you still be sending me a Valentine's, birthday greetings, and a bottle of wine? You'll be older too, and if you say the word, I could stay with you." - The Beatles
  18. "Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to smile for no reason. Now that you're here, I think my entire life will fall into place."
  19. "For it is plain as anyone can see, we're simply meant to be." - Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas
  20. "You are my today and all of my tomorrows." - Leo Christopher
  21. "From the day I met you, I knew I would love you for years to come and beyond! No wonder they call us a match made in heaven. I love you, and I can't wait to marry you. Will you accept my proposal?"

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Best Proposal Lines for Boyfriend (Bf)

Best Proposal Lines for Bf

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While there are a lot of ideas available online to plan a romantic proposal for your girlfriend, it's comparatively challenging to find the right answer to the question, 'how to propose a boy'. Girls are quite romantic and good at putting the most heartfelt proposal pick-up lines for him together. Proposing a boy is all about the gestures and the heartfelt message written in your proposal speech. If you are looking for more inspiration to curate the best proposal lines for your boyfriend, find our favorite romantic lines below and make his day.

  1. "I love you always and forever, near and far, closer together. Everywhere I will be with you, everything I will do for you." - I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis
  2. "So, don't you dare and try to walk away. I've got my heart set on our wedding day. I made my decision that it's you, alright." - I Choose You by Sara Bareilles
  3. "Tell the world that we finally got it all right; I choose you, I will become yours, and you will become mine; I choose you."
  4. "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." - Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights
  5. "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you." - A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh
  6. "I am proposing you because I love you so, so much. I need to make you happy for me to even have a shot at being happy. Will you marry me?"
  7. "I wrote your name in the sand but it washed away... I wrote your name in the clouds, but it blew away. I wrote your name in my heart, and there it will always stay."
  8. "You are my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on; you’re the love of my life; you’re my one and only; you’re my everything."
  9. "I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens... Till death do us part. Will you marry me?"
  10. "My love for you is like a circle—it has no beginning and will know of no end."

Best Proposal Lines in Hindi

Best Proposal Lines in Hindi

Photography: KB Studio Productions

if propose day is around the corner, you must not miss out on the opportunity to convey your heart's true desire to your partner. There is something so romantic and personal about romantic and cute proposal lines in Hindi; it's absolutely impossible for a romantic at heart to refuse a proposal in Hindi that sounds so pure. If you are a Bollywood fan and romantic at heart, check out these Hindi proposal lines for your crush and make their propose day special! 

  1. Tumhare ishq se bani hoon main. Pehle zinda thi. Ab jee rahi hoon main. Aashiqui 2
  2. Yaad rakhna ki duniya ke kisi kone mein koi khush hai, kyun ki tum khush ho. Chalte Chalte
  3. Itni shidaat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai, ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai. Om Shanti Om
  4. Tum oxygen ho aur main double hydrogen...hamari chemistry ek dum pani ki tarah hai—Parineeti Chopra in Hasee toh Phasee
  5. Mere dil, jigar, liver mein ho tum... waqt bewaqt aaye woh fever ho tum... ab toh meri life mein forever ho tum. Saqib Saleem in Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge
  6. Mein paise ke liye kuch bhi karsakta hu, toh soch mei apne pyar ke liye kya kya karunga. Shahid Kapoor in R Rajkumar
  7. Main tujhe bahut bahut bahut love karoonga aur tujhse dher sara love loonga bol degi love? Ranveer Singh in Band Baaja Baaraat
  8. Mujhe chahiye ek aisi ladki , jisse dekhte hi dil ki har aarzoo, saare khwaab , saare rang zinda ho jaaye, abhi aisa hua nahi, lekin ab lagta hai, jaise koi andekha anjaana chehra baadalon mein se pukaar raha hain. Pata nahi ye baadal kab hattenge, aur kab woh pukaarne waali saamne aayegi. Par ab lagta hai, wo aagayi hai! Tum! Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
  9. Mujhe yakeen hai ki mein sirf isliye janma tumse pyar kar sakun..tum sirf ek din meri ban jao. Dil Chahta Hai
  10. Agar tum mujhe yun hi dekhte rahoge... to mujhe tumse pyar ho jayega firse. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
  11. Aap hume bhool jao hume koi gham nahi…Jis dhin humne aapko bhula diya samajh lijiyega is duniya main hum nahi. Teri Meri Kahani (2012)

Funny Proposal Lines

Funny Proposal Lines

 Photography:  The Royal Knot

Are you planning to propose to a girl or boy on WhatsApp chat and want to keep the conversation light and funny? In every relationship, there are phases when you know you are ready for the next step and you start dropping small hints through funny and light WhatsApp chat messages or Instagram shares. If you have reached that point with the girl or boy of your dreams, send them these funny proposal quotes and lines through chat messages and see how they react to your message. This helps you understand if your partner is 'there' yet! 

  1. "You're the only one I want to annoy for the rest of my life." - Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project
  2. "I promise to look at you more than I look at my phone. Will you marry me?"
  3. "I might not be the perfect husband, but I will do the dishes. I can also help with cleaning the house if you promise to make me delicious food forever." 
  4. "Baby, I know you are high maintenance, but it's ok because I like maintaining you. If you allow, I would like to maintain you all my life. Will you marry me?"
  5. "You are my lobster." 
  6. "I promise not to keep score in our arguments, even though I'm totally winning. Marry me?" 

Heart-touching Love Proposal Quotes

Heart-touching Love Proposal Quotes

 Photography: Photo Phactory 

If the love of your life is a die-hard romantic or loves literature, these heart touching love proposal quotes and messages will be the perfect list to choose from. We are drawing inspiration from classic movies to bring you love proposal quotes and lines that are some of the most famous quotes of all times. Choose the best proposal lines for a boy or girl from our curated list and make it a memorable evening. 

  1. "We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright." - Ernest Hemingway in A Moveable Feast
  2. "Is love this misguided need to have you beside me most of the time? Is love this safety I feel in our silences? Is it this belonging, this completeness?" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in Half of a Yellow Sun
  3. "You are sunlight through a window, which I stand in, warmed. My darling." - Jessie Burton in The Miniaturist
  4. "It's enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  5. "...but I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know in my heart that you are the only one for me." - Richard Gere in Runaway Bride
  6. "You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love...I love...I love you. And I never wish to be parted from you, from this day on." - Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice
  7. "I love you much. I need to make you happy, for me to even have a shot at being happy. Will. You. Marry. Me?" - Ben Affleck in He's Just Not That Into You
  8. "It seems right now that all I've ever done in my life is making my way here to you." - Graeme Simison 
  9. "Can I keep you and never let you go? Can I hold your hand and hug you tight? Can I tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life? Or simply, can you be mine for the rest of my life?"
  10. "My heart doesn't work right without you."
  11. "We’ll hang out like best friends, make love like soul mates, fight like enemies, stay together like a family. Will you marry me?"
  12. "I knew you were my forever when your happiness became more important than mine. Marry me, will you?"
  13. "I’m asking you to marry me, not only because I know that we’re made for each other, but more importantly because I know that I cannot live a single day of my life without you being by my side. Will you marry me?"
  14. "The biggest problem in my life is that I have only one lifetime to be with you… will you be mine forever?"
  15. "I knew you were the one for me the moment I realized that my happiness lay in your smiles, not mine. Will you marry me?"
  16. "I can’t promise everything will be perfect. But I promise we’ll make it work, no matter how hard it gets. Be mine forever, will you?"
  17. "I knew we were made for each other when I realized that even doing NOTHING with you meant EVERYTHING to me. Will you marry me?"
  18. "Ever since the day we met, I’ve felt a sense of happiness in my life like never before. Will you marry me and make me the happiest man ever?"
  19. "I want to be there for you when you’re down. I want to share life’s happiest moments with you. I want to pamper you whenever I can. I want to help you achieve your dreams. I want you to support me. I want to hold you close now and forever. Will you marry me?"
  20. "Everything I’ve done has led me to you… and everything I haven’t done in life yet, I want to do with you. Will you marry me?"
  21. "There are many ways to be happy in life. But I only know one person in the whole universe whom I’d want to share my happiness with…. That’s you! Will you marry me?"
  22. "In life, a lot of people will hold your hand. But no one will hold your heart the way I do. Will you marry me?"
  23. "I don't really know what I'm supposed to do if you say "no," so could you save us both the trouble and say yes?"
  24. "I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once-in-a-lifetime love. Marry me?" 

Romantic Proposal Shayari in English

Romantic Proposal Shayari in English

Photography: Light Chamber

The word shayari in Urdu, which translates to poetry in English, has the power to melt the hearts of your loved ones because of the depth and emotional connection it creates. When you write your proposal dialogue or speech, adding these lines can add a poetic touch to your whole romantic love proposal. If you are looking for romantic proposal shayari or poetry of not more than 2-4 lines, find some of our favorite excerpts and best proposal lines in Hindi to impress a girl, from famous Hindi and Urdu poets or from movies, here:

  1. Gar baazi ishq ki baazi hai, jo chahe laga do darr kaise. Gar jeet gaye to kya kehna, haare bhi to baazi maat nahi. - Faiz Ahmad Faiz. 
  2. Mushkil bhi tum ho, hal bhi tum hi. Hoti hai jo dil me, wo hulchul bhi tum ho. - Gulzar
  3. Kuch to socha hoga kismat ne tere mere baare me, warna itni badi duniya mein, tumse hi mohabbat kyu hoti? - Gulzar
  4. Chahein jo tumhe pure dil se, milta hai wo mushkil se. Aise jo koi kahi hai, bas wahi sabse haseen hai. - Javed Akhtar 
  5. Pure duniya ke jazbaat ek taraf, tujhse wo pehli mulaqaat ek taraf. - Gulzar
  6. Ye zulf agar khul ke bikhar jaaye to acha. Is raat ki taqdeer sawar jaaye to acha? Jis tarah se thodi si tere sath kaati hai, baaki bhi isi tarah guzar jaaye to acha. - Sahil Ludhianvi 
  7. Aisi uljhi nazar unse hat ni hai. Daant se reshmi dor kat ti nahi. Umra kabki baras ke safaid hogayi. Kaali badri jawaani ki chattti nahi. - Gulzar 
  8. Tum husn ki khud ek duniya ho. Shayad ye tumhe maloom nahi, mehfil me tumhaare aane se, har cheez pe noor aajata hai. - Sahil Ludhianvi 

These proposal lines to impress a girl or boy are some of our favorites from the lot available on the internet. A few were curated from the heart, some from our favorite playlist of songs, and some romantic dialogues we all grew up hearing from epic movies. These are the best proposal lines to propose to a girl or boy who deserves nothing less than a grand revelation of your love for them. Include these in your wedding proposal videos, as you surprise him/her with a ring and some champagne to put a head start on your forever after, or in your romantic chat messages. Plan your proposal in a quaint location that is apt for a proposal, with your wedding photographer in the background and some creative ways of popping the question you're good to go! 

Find more romantic quotes and lines for your partner: