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25+ Adorable Punjabi Romantic Quotes For the Love of Your Life

Check out this list of Punjabi romantic quotes and breathe some romance into your relationship.

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Punjabi is a sweet and affectionate language that can be used to express love. Let your special someone know how much you mean to them. Sometimes, it gets difficult to express your feelings in words. But worry not! Today, we have brought to you a list of 20+ Punjabi romantic quotes. The witty and heartfelt sayings will charm your dearest in the most unique way. We are sure that you cannot wait to see a smile on bae’s face after sharing these rich quotations.

In this article: 

1. Romantic Punjabi Quotes In English

2. Funny Punjabi Romantic Quotes

Go through these heartfelt Punjabi romantic quotes that will make your girlfriend or boyfriend miss a heartbeat!

Romantic Punjabi Quotes In English

Romantic Punjabi Quotes

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Add a touch of magic to your love life with these Punjabi romantic quotes in English. If you are looking romantic quotes for girlfriend in Punjabi, our list will save your day! Moreover, we have also added a few quotes for him. Embark on a journey of love and romance with the best romantic quotes in Punjabi. Every word in these romantic Punjabi love quotes sounds less like poetry. 

So, grab two cups of desi chai and set up a mood for sharing delightful messages with your partner.

  • “Tere bina dil naiyo lagda, pyar tera hi hai mera mukaddar.”(Without you, my heart doesn’t feel right; your love is my destiny.)
  • “Ajj kise da pyar chakh ke dekh lai, eh duniya da sabse anmol aan.”(Experience someone’s love today; it’s the most precious thing in this world)
  • “Dil karda tenu main pyar karan, har pal har pal teri yaad satave.” (My heart desires to love you, your memory haunts me every moment.)
  • “Saade pyar di khushboo tere naal lagi ae, rab kare tere dil te hamesha vass lagi ae” (The fragrance of our love has stuck onto you; may God always keep our love in your heart.)
  • “Tu mere dil vich vasda ae, teriyan yaadan mere andar basdiyan ne.” (You live in my heart; your memories reside within me.)
  • “Pyar da nasha tera choom choom peenda hai, tenu chakh ke rabb di hukam mannda hai.” (The intoxication of love, I sip every moment, obeying God’s will in loving you.)
  • “Tainu dekh ke hasdiyan ne raatan, tere bin naiyo karda main guzara.” (I spend sleepless nights smiling at your memory; I can’t survive without you.)
  • “Tainu vekhe bina naiyo guzara, teri yaad vich main phirun tere pyar di chaadar odh ke." (Can’t survive without seeing you, I wrap myself up in the blanket of our love.)
  • “Mukk jaandi ae har kami meri, har dushman mere te taras karda ae, tere pyar di gudde ch main labhda ae sukoon” (Every flaw of mine diminishes, every enemy of mine shows mercy, peace is found in the cradle of your love.) 
  • “Tainu pyar karan di hoyi hai adat, tu nahio samajhda te mainu teri shehar di kasam." (Loving you has become my habit; I swear upon your city that you don’t understand.)
  • “Dil baitha teri yaad vich, na kade tu jandeya na kade move on karan te dil sochda hai ki tu mere naal mere vaaste hi ae." (My heart is stuck in your memory, sometimes I think you are mine and only mine, you will never leave me or move on.)
  • “Teri meri mukaddar vich likhit ae, tere bina meri duniya adhuri ae.”(Our destiny is written together, without you, my world is incomplete.)
  • “Tainu chahna meri tiddat ban gayi, tu naiyo samajhda te mainu teri shehar di kasam.” (Loving you has become my strength; you don’t understand and I swear upon your city.)
  • “Tenu aapna banake kade vi dur nai jana, tere bina hun mukaddar meri safar te saath nai denda." (I won’t let you go far from me; without you, my fate doesn’t accompany me on my journey.)
  • “Pyar tera hai gulaab si, Teri kimti eh khushbu mere kol hai.” (Your love is like a rose, I have the precious fragrance of your love with me.)
  • “Meri zindagi teri khushboo si hai, tu meri jaan hai mera piyaar hai.”(My life is like your fragrance; you are my life and my love.)
  • “Saawan de mahine vich teri yaad ayi, teh nazare-chave tera chehra the nahi." (During the monsoon, I remembered you but couldn’t see your face through the raindrops.)
  • “Ae fakeer da dil hai tera, mainu pyar v karna aanda hai." (You have the heart of a beggar, you know how to love.)
  • “Sajna tere bina jeena naiyo, tere naal mera dil kho gaya hai.”(Can’t live without you; my heart has been lost to you.)
  • “Ishq bacha hai jeevan da, ishq da mahol hi nawa." (Love is life’s savior, love creates a new atmosphere.)
  • “Yaar tainu pyar meriye, jindagi tuhiye meri hai.” (My beloved, you are my love, you are my life.)

Funny Punjabi Romantic Quotes

Funny Punjabi Romantic Quotes

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Love is a playful art and our list of funny romantic quotes in Punjabi proves this just right! So, gear up to add wit to your romantic life with romantic comedy quotes in Punjabi. This set of punjabi shayari and romantic quotes in english is sure to tickle your funny bone. Set the stage to warm your heart and explore the world of love and laughter with a Punjabi swag!

Welcome a light-hearted experience between you and your partner and delve into a delightful realm with Punjabi romantic quotes!

  • “Jehda mera message na SEEN karu ohnu tan bas Rabb dekhu” (Who doesn’t check my messages, they will have to answer to God.)
  • “Pehla daaru di bottle vich tan theek c, hun tan Saag de patile ch bhi dikhdi aa.” (First, I used to see your face in a bottle of alcohol, now even in the cooking pot of saag.)
  • “Tere ishq da menu fever, tu hai mera high hai forever!” (I have a fever of your love, you are my eternal high!)
  • “Tu meri heartbeat, main tera charger; dono di life without each other thodi low battery!”(You are my heartbeat, and I am your charger; our lives are a bit low on battery without each other!)
  • “Tere bina dil mera lagda flat tire, tere naal sajna, life ch hai full-on satire!”(Without you, my heart feels like a flat tire; being with you, life is full of satire!)
  • “Tere pyar ch main kitta gym join, kyunki tere bina mera heart beat thoda groin!”(In your love, I joined the gym because, without you, my heartbeat goes weak.)
  • “Akhan di benuri changi nahin hundi, dostan ton duri changi nahin hundi.Kade kade milya vi kar yaara, har vele SMS naal gal puri nahin hundi.”

The clarity of the eyes is not good, and the distance from friends is not good. Sometimes, it's better to meet, not every conversation can be fulfilled with just SMS.

These Punjabi romantic quotes will open a window of love and laughter. Show your partner how little moments can become even more special with these beautiful sayings. The romantic love quotes in Punjabi will bring comfort, deep connections and laughter to your relationship. Take inspiration from these heartfelt lines and enjoy a romantic time. The comic quotes can bring up playful banter, which is quite popular in Punjabi culture.

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