Tips for married life

Living together can be quite the change. In any case, coexistence is not always easy. Trust, respect and communication are key aspects to ensure success in your relationship.

Tips for married life

The Bollywood Celebrity Guide on How to Quarantine With Your Partner

Wondering what you & the mister can do while you self-isolate together? Here are our favourite celebrity couples showing you what you can do with your partners in quarantine.

By Anwesha Das, 03/04/20

Tips for married life

8 Top Bollywood Songs for Your 'Stay-at-Home-Gym' Sessions

Staying at home during the COVID-19 phase shouldn't mean compromising on your workouts. Play these Top Bollywood Songs for a gym-like ambience at home!

By Alakananda Bhattacharya, 02/04/20

Tips for married life

Top Bollywood Songs of the Week to Make Social Distancing Musical

To make your #stayathome fun & musical while the world fights COVID-19 with social distancing, here is a list of top Bollywood songs of the week to keep it musical!

By Anwesha Das, 26/03/20

Tips for married life

Top Bollywood Movies to Watch at Home From Every Genre

Staying at home is the need of the hour and while at it, make it fun with these Bollywood movies to watch at home from a handful of genre!

By Alakananda Bhattacharya, 26/03/20

Tips for married life

Squats to Yoga, These Fitness Bloggers Help You Workout From Home

If you are a fitness enthusiast & plan to workout from home during these 21 days of lockdown, here are 6 fitness bloggers on Instagram to your rescue! Read to stay fit.

By Anwesha Das, 25/03/20

Tips for married life

10 Movies to Watch in the Times of Coronavirus With Social Distancing

Wondering how these few days of social distancing & isolation might turn out like? We've got your back with 10 movies to watch that will keep you & your partner entertained!

By Anwesha Das, 19/03/20

Tips for married life

This Women's Day, Industry Leaders reveal their thoughts on Each for Equal

Celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March, leading names of the wedding industry talk about their opinion on the Each for Equal movement and why it's the need of the hour.

By Rumela Sen, 08/03/20

Tips for married life

Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas for Her When You Don't Have Time at Hand

Running short on time to plan a boisterous Valentine’s day surprise for your babe? Here are some gifting ideas that are quick to get your hands on and will equally surprise her.

By Bhavika Vallecha, 13/02/20

Tips for married life

The Handpicked List of Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day is around the corner & you're still online, hunting for Valentine's Day gifts for him? We are here to help you pick the perfect one, in a budget!

By Anwesha Das, 12/02/20

Tips for married life

10 Inspirational Love Quotes That'll Make You Tie the Knot Right Now

The lifetime commitment attached to marriage is sure to give cold feet to anyone thinking of getting married so here are some beautiful inspirational love quotes to revive your faith in marriages.

By Bhawna Rawat, 07/02/20

Tips for married life

5 Classic Love Quotes From Hollywood Movies to Take You Back in Time

If you remember holding hands and watching romantic movies, relating to the protagonist, you're in the right place. Re-visit some of the best love quotes from Hollywood movies to make your day.

By Charu Rawat, 30/01/20

Tips for married life

20 Expressive Love Quotes From Movies for Every Hopeless Romantic

Here are some tantalising love quotes from Hollywood and Bollywood movies that are sure to remind you of your special someone.

By Bhawna Rawat, 28/01/20

Tips for married life

7 Wedding Movies Every Bride Must Watch Before the D-day

Is your wedding day just around the corner & you need something to calm the jitters? These wedding movies are just what you need!

By Manvi Malhotra, 21/01/20

Tips for married life

Best Messages for Your Husband That Will So Make His Day!

Sometimes all it takes to make someone’s day are a few heartfelt words. Here are some adorable messages for your husband that will definitely make him smile!

By Manvi Malhotra, 13/01/20

Tips for married life

Heart-warming Compilation of Happy Married Life Images & Love Quotes

On any wedding occasion, express love for your partner by scribbling down these 10 original quotes to support a collage of happy married life images as a gift of words and visuals.

By Apurva Saxena, 29/12/19

Tips for married life

Check Out These Happy Married Life Quotes for a Happily Ever After

Want to write a special note for your spouse on your wedding anniversary? Take a cue from these happy married life quotes and surprise them with your words.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 13/12/19