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50+ Coolest Couple Tattoos We Found on the Internet for Your Tat Inspiration

Is getting inked together something you’ve discussed with your partner? Couple tattoos are serious goals for every millennial couple. And we have some serious inspiration for you all.

Image Courtesy: Gencraft AI

Getting inked has always been a popular trend among younger people. However, with the changing times, the trend has now changed to getting inked with your partner. When you’re young and in love, doing crazy things together is normal, and it usually is in the initial mushy phase that most millennial couples decide to go in for couple tattoos.

While the phobia of pain, the fact that it is permanent, and the question of whether or not you will like it some years later always exist, it is the permanent trace of your love that gets most couples to make this choice. While we’ve seen quite a few couple tattoos, there are only a handfuls that truly evoked the ‘aww’ feeling in us.

If you and your partner are deciding to get couple tattoos done, then we’d say you research your choices beforehand and go for something that is quirky and yet something you wouldn’t regret many years later. While the size and the place of your couple tattoos do not matter as much, what matters is the thought behind getting it done. While we do not expect you to go around explaining your couple tattoos, there are some of our favourites that we’d like you to see before you pick yours.

Thumb Print Heart Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Machu Tattoos

Looking for a beautiful couple tattoo design to get etched with your partner? A heart design created from each other's thumbprints and their wedding date engraved on their arms embodies a profound connection, signifying their unique imprint on each other's lives. It's a testament to their bond, capturing the essence of their commitment and love and constantly reminding them of their union.

Beauty and the Beast Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Andrew Maciel

If you want a unique couple tattoo, take inspiration from this beautiful design. The Beauty and the Beast tattoo design celebrates the timeless tale of love overcoming adversity, with the beast representing strength and transformation on the husband's hand and beauty symbolizing grace and resilience on the wife's hand. It's a whimsical yet meaningful choice, reflecting their journey of growth and acceptance in their relationship.

Stars and Constellation Couple Tattoo Idea

Image Courtesy: Beautyholo

This beautiful couple's tattoo design features matching constellation tattoos on their shoulders that reflect the cosmic alignment of their souls, depicting a shared destiny and interconnectedness. It symbolizes their harmony and unity, regardless of the vastness of the universe, emphasizing the enduring bond they share through the stars.

Couple Tattoo With Name Initials

Image Courtesy: Machu Tattoos

Tattoos of each other's name initials signify a deeply personal connection, expressing devotion and exclusivity in their relationship. It's a subtle yet intimate declaration of their love, eternally marking their commitment to one another and a constant reminder of their bond.

Couple Tattoo Idea for Gamers

Image Courtesy: Blackstar Studio

For all the gamer couples out there, we have the perfect couple tattoo idea for you. Video game-themed tattoos with "Player 1" on the husband's wrist and "Player 2" on the wife's wrist celebrate their partnership and shared adventures. It's a playful nod to their teamwork and camaraderie, encapsulating the joy and excitement they find in each other's company as they navigate life's challenges together.

Cute Avocado Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Buzart Tattoos

Getting a couple of tattoos with your partner has become quite a trend. However, choosing the right design can be confusing. The cute avocado figurine tattoos on their hands symbolize the perfect pair, representing their unique bond and compatibility. It's a charming expression of their love, showcasing their sense of humour and shared interests while also serving as a sweet reminder of the simple joys they find in each other's presence.

Ying to My Yang Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Delhi Ink Tattooz

A husband and wife are two halves of each other, and to represent this beautiful idea, look at this pretty couple's tattoo design. Yin and yang tattoos surrounded by a leafy vine on both hands signify the balance and harmony they bring to each other's lives. It illustrates their complementary nature, with each partner completing the other, while the vine symbolizes growth and resilience in their relationship. It's a powerful symbol of unity and mutual support, highlighting their journey of love and personal growth together.

Royal Couple Tattoo Idea

Image Courtesy: Machu Tattoos

If you treat your partner as nothing less than royalty, then this stunning couple tattoo design is for you. The king's and queen's crown tattoos on their wrists signify their mutual respect and admiration, embodying the royal treatment they give each other in their relationship. It's a regal declaration of their commitment and partnership, symbolizing their shared sovereignty over their love and life together.

Half and Half Love Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Haute Waldorf

As you are incomplete without your partner, so is this beautiful couple tattoo design. "Love" written on your fingers, aligning perfectly when joined, embodies the harmony and unity you find in each other. It's a simple yet powerful declaration of their affection, illustrating how your love intertwines and completes each other, creating a seamless bond that transcends words.

Wedding Couple Tattoo Idea

Image Courtesy: Hon Tattoo Studio

For all the millennial couples getting married, we have the perfect couple tattoo idea for you to pick from. "Mr." and "Mrs." tattoos on your ring fingers can symbolize your union in marriage, marking you as each other's lifelong partners. It's a permanent reminder of your commitment and devotion, honouring the tradition of matrimony while celebrating your unique bond and shared journey ahead.

My Heart Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: In Tattoos

For people in love with heart couple tattoo designs, we have something truly unique for you to try. The image of a heart tattooed on your wrists can represent the essence of love and affection you hold for one another. It's a timeless symbol of their deep connection and emotional intimacy, constantly reminding you of the love in your hearts for each other.

Love Story Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Jtog Tattoos

When thinking of a quote or word to get a couple tattooed on, it should always be something you believe in. "One Life" on the husband's forearm and "One Love" on the wife's forearm encapsulate your shared philosophy of life and love. It's a poignant expression of their commitment to living fully together, cherishing every moment as you navigate life's joys and challenges hand in hand, united by your enduring love.

Wedding Date as Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Kristal the Beauty Lounge

Your wedding date, or when you first met your future wife or husband, will always be unique and significant for you and can make a fantastic couple's tattoo idea. Your wedding date tattooed on your ring fingers commemorates the day they exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their journey as a couple. It's a sentimental gesture, honouring their commitment to each other and a timeless reminder of the day they pledged their love and devotion.

Forever Pinky Promise Tattoo for Couples

Image Courtesy: Machu Tattoos

When you promise to stay forever with your partner at the time of the wedding, why not commemorate that promise through a stunningly created couple tattoo design? The "Pinky Promise" tattoo, with two hands joining pinky fingers, symbolizes your unbreakable bond and mutual trust. It's a playful yet profound expression of your commitment to each other, embodying the innocence and sincerity of their promises, eternally sealed on their skin as a symbol of their enduring love and friendship.

Inspirational Love Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Omi Tattoos

Make your everlasting promise to your partner stand out with this simple couple tattoo design. "Her One" on the husband's forearm and "His Only" on the wife's forearm signify their exclusive devotion and commitment to each other. It's a poetic expression of their deep connection, highlighting their belief in being each other's soulmate and the one true love, eternally bonded by their unique relationship.

Missing Piece Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Does your partner fit into your life as a missing piece, or does the world make much more sense with them around? We have a fantastic idea for a couple of tattoo designs that you can choose from. The puzzle pieces on their thumbs, adorned with tiny hearts, represent the perfect fit and completeness they find in each other. It's a visual representation of their compatibility and how they complement one another, symbolizing their unity and the love that intertwines their hearts.

Couple Tattoo Idea for Travelers

Image Courtesy: Simi Tattooo

Do you and your partner have the souls of wanderers and love to travel? Check out this fantastic couple's tattoo design. "Live by the Sun" on the husband's hand and "Love by the Moon" on the wife's hand capture their shared values and complementary energies. It's a beautiful expression of balance in their relationship, signifying their ability to thrive under different circumstances while being guided by the light of love in all phases of life.

Soulmate Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Stinaova Tattoo

"Soul" on the wife's back and "Mate" on the husband's back embody their spiritual and emotional connection as soulmates. It's a profound declaration of their bond, symbolizing their deep understanding and resonance with each other's essence, creating a union that transcends the physical realm. It indeed makes a cute couple's tattoo idea. 

Mickey and Minnie Couple Tattoo

Image Courtesy: The Bird Boy Tattoo Art

Are you also a fan of Disney and want a cute inspiration for your couple's tattoo design? Mickey Mouse kissing Minnie Mouse tattoos on their hands represent their playful and enduring love story. It's a nostalgic nod to their shared memories and the joy they find in each other's company, celebrating the magic of their relationship with beloved characters that symbolize timeless romance.

Couple Tattoo Idea With Hearts

Image Courtesy: 181 Tattooz Studio

Hearts formed from the thumbprints on their arms showcase the uniqueness and intimacy of their love. It's a personalized and meaningful symbol, representing their imprint on each other's hearts and their everlasting bond, sealed with the touch of their fingertips.

Couple Tattoo With Eternal Promise

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Awangard

"To Infinity" on the husband's arm and "And Beyond" on the wife's hand evoke a sense of limitless love and boundless possibilities in their relationship. It's a declaration of their commitment to exploring life's journey together, reaching for the stars while being grounded in the infinite depth of their love for each other.

Superhero Couple Tattoo Idea

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Tattoos by Jag

Are you the Superman to your Wonder Woman? Take a cue from these cute matching superhero couple tattoos. It will be a big hit among the DC Comic fandom, where you can combine your love for the superheroes with your passion for your partner. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—The gorgeous couple's tattoo design can be substituted for wedding bands and inked on your ring fingers. 

Wild Stencil Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Getting a matching couple tattoo with your partner not only links you for life but also celebrates how you think alike. You can get anything you both agree upon as a couple tattoo, whether a small love quote, a matching stencil for an animal you love, etc.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—We love this couple's forearm tattoo with different accentuated details. The tattoo on the husband's arm has a blue undertone, while the wife's has a floral crown. 

Locked Love Couple Tattoo Design

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Tiny Tattoo Inc

Want a couple of tattoo designs that aren't identical but go perfectly together? Take a cue from this minimalistic lock, an essential tattoo design for couples. It's a sweet tattoo design that beautifully signifies that 'you only hold the key to my heart' and is perfect for die-hard romantic couples. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo - Lock down your love for eternity with this cute couple tattoo design on the side of your finger or ring finger. 

Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy:

This must be the sweetest and cutest couple tattoo design you can choose to get with your partner. It's a perfect tattoo design that speaks volumes about what your partner is for you and how much they mean to you. This simple word holds all of those feelings. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—You can get this couple's tattoo design in any font or script you want; it will look gorgeous on your forearm or wrist. 

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Beating Heart Couple Tattoo Design

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you want a low-key option for a couple of tattoo designs, this minimalistic finger tattoo with a heart and beating heartbeat can be your ideal pick. It will be a quirky option with a playful vibe and look beautiful. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo - As a small couple tattoo design, you can get this tattoo on the side of your ring finger for the perfect placement. 

Lavender Sprig Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Josefine Brorsson

Are you and your beau nature lovers and love everything green and beautiful? Then this gorgeous lavender sprig will be the perfect couple tattoo design for you. It's made even more pretty with small identical bees floating around.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—This tattoo design is perfect for placement around your wrist. 

Cupid's Arrow Couple Tattoo Design

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Tiny Tattoo Inc

Looking for a small and subtle couple tattoo design? We have the perfect design for you and your partner. This unique design is ideal for couples who want to get a tattoo together that is not matching but incomplete without each other. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo - The perfect place to get this cupid's arrow inked will be the exact place on your fingers so that it gets completed by connecting the two half designs. 

Minimalistic Couple Tattoo Design

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Inkster Tattoos

Are you and your partner always completing each other sentences? Get a couple of incomplete tattoo designs without their other half, just like this quote. If the world makes sense only when you two are together, this is the perfect pick for a tattoo design. It's ideal for couples who want to declare their love to the world and make a statement. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo - You should ideally get this couple's tattoo design in the same place as your partner so that looking at it together makes sense. You can choose to get it on your forearm or wrist. 

Lifeline Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Tiny Tattoo Inc

If you are a couple who wants to go sans jewellery of any kind, this beautiful couple tattoo design that is a visual reminder of your love and commitment to each other will be your perfect pick. Give your wedding band couple's tattoo design a unique twist by adding a beating heart line to signify that you cannot live without your partner. Though it does sound cheesy, it will be a lovely idea for a couple of tattoo designs to express your love. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—Since it is a wedding band, the perfect placement for this straightforward couple tattoo is on your ring fingers. 

Couple Tattoo Design for Lifelong Promise

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Jonboy Tattoo

Do you and your partner fight over who loves more? Get the promise of forever inked with your partner through this excellent couple tattoo design. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—As it is a scripted couple tattoo, you can choose the font according to your preference. As it's a promise couple tattoo, it should be visible. You can get it linked to the side of your wrist or forearm. 

Thumbprint Couple Tattoo Design

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Masnu Tattoo

Has your partner left a lasting impression on your heart and life? A beautiful way to celebrate the bond you two share is through a thumbprint inked, just like this classic couple tattoo design. What's more? Love has always been synonymous with heart. You can get it inked in the shape of a heart with your thumbprint on your partner's hand and vice versa. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—This influential and iconic couple tattoo design can be placed around your wrist. 

Wanderlust Couple Tattoo Design

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Minus Tattoo

If you and your partner are a wanderlust couple who loves travelling and exploring this beautiful world, then this beautiful travel-inspired couple tattoo should be your pick. This continent and coordinated combination for a couple of tattoos look perfect for your travel buddy. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo - This beautiful couple tattoo design looks perfect on both your forearms. 

Personalised Couple Tattoo Design

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A couple of tattoo designs can also be abstract, where only you two would know its meaning and share that secret. This unique half-tattoo design is complete when you join hands, and it looks perfect for lovers. The coordinates can be of the place you first met, your dream destination or any destination you can immortalise and keep as a beautiful memory for life. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo - It's a beautiful single-line tattoo that looks gorgeous near your wrist area. But you will have to see the placement for this couple of tattoos carefully as it has to make a full circle when you and your partner join hands. 

Wedding Band Couple Tattoos 

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Romero Tattoo

Getting celebrity engagement ring designs for your partner has always been traditional. But you can also ditch your wedding rings and get a wedding band inked as a matching couple tattoo design. Take inspiration from this beautiful tattoo design for couples with simple band patterns.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo - The best place to get this soulmate-matching couple of tattoos is on your ring finger. 

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Couple Tattoos Design With Initials

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Sonder Tattoo Co.

Gone are the days when people engraved their lovers' names on their bodies as tattoos. If you are looking for a super-meaning and sweet couple tattoo design with your partner, you can always go for a small initial design of their name. If you don't want it to match, you can always choose a different font or script that complements each other. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—This small couple tattoo design will look great on the side of your wrist. 

Tiny Heart Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Tiny Tattoo Inc

If you are a true romantic, this minimal couple tattoo idea will be your perfect choice. Simple yet beautiful, it signifies true love, compassion, and strength. A matching couple tattoo will be a fantastic choice for a couple tattoo design.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—This beautiful couple tattoo is minimalistic and drawn with a single line; it will look amazing on the side of your wrist.

Quotes Couple Tattoo

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Wanderlust Tattoo Co.

Want to get a promise day quote inked with your partner that you want to uphold for life? We have the perfect promise for you. No matter where or when you will always hold your partner's hand and heart for life. Immortalise this gorgeous feeling by getting this beautiful couple tattoo design on your next date.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—The best place to get these two tattoo designs is your forearm. 

Wedding Date Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Aimee Filosidis

Another unique idea for a wonderful couple tattoo design can be getting your wedding date inked. You can be assured that your partner can never forget your anniversary this way. *wink*

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—Since this couple's tattoo is in Roman numerals, it can be placed anywhere you feel comfortable. Popular placements for this tattoo design are around your wrist, the side of your ring finger or palm, or even your shoulders. 

Couple Tattoo Design with Vows

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Circa Tattoo

Choose this simple couple tattoo design to promise unconditional love to your partner. It holds a deeper meaning and value for both of you. 

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—As a single-letter tattoo design, you can choose any font and script and get it inked in a visible place, like the side of your wrist or forearm. 

“…because You Are the Anchor of My Life” Couple Tattoo

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Alary Bell

While we’d call couple tattoos self-explanatory, there are a few facts that you’d want to know about the infamous anchor couple tattoos. This is one of the most common couple tattoos that exist on the internet and in the world. While it signifies the most romantic thought of a couple being each other’s anchor for life, there is more to this tattoo than just that. What caught our attention was how neat and precise this tattoo was. So, couples are looking for something small and meaningful and wish to tell their partner that they’re your anchor and you’re theirs.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo - While the side of the wrist, as shown in the picture, seems like the perfect place for this tattoo, couples who wish to do something extraordinary can also try getting this one done behind their ears.

You’re The Yin To My Yang

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Maan Simbajon

The Yin-Yang couple tattoos are prevalent, and so is their concept. The yin-yang tattoo represents the opposing forces in the universe and depicts the importance of a balanced life. For a couple, the yin-yang tattoos also refer to how two poles-apart personalities in a marriage or a relationship perfectly balance each other.

But what truly blew our minds was the adaptation of the yin yang concept in this couple tattoo that depicts how the man, a peace-loving mountain person and the woman, the extravert beach-loving wife, balance life with each other. While we call this creative addition a genius idea, we are sure it has gotten your minds thinking about what’s that thing you and your wife are the black and white of the yin and yang for.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—We love this couple's wrist tattoo. However, it deserves more open space and could look incredibly striking on the back or the nape of the neck, too.

The King and Queen in a Pack of Cards

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Rock Arts

All the couple tattoos you come across might not have a deep meaning or significance, but they will still indeed reflect the idea of togetherness for a couple. While in a fairy tale, the king and the queen always end up together, what happens when the king and queen get together in cards? Well, it becomes one hell of a hand for whoever is playing.

And by looking at these couple tattoos, we realise just how powerful a man becomes in finding her queen or vice versa. This tattoo is also one of our favourites because the red hearts symbolise love, making it an ace choice for couples who’ve found their kings or queens.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—In the picture, the couple has chosen the upper side of their hands to get this beautiful couple's tattooed, and we must say it looks perfect there. However, if you’re looking for another place to get the same done, we’d suggest that ring fingers below your knuckles are a great idea for such couple tattoos.


Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Monika Bartczak

Some couple tattoos are so superficial and profound, just like this one. In a marriage, your husband or wife is said to complete you. However, the truth is that love completes any relationship and here’s a classic example of it. The LO-VE tattoo doesn’t just show love completes a relationship and how finding a partner that completes you in every way is vital to any successful relationship.  While this is simple and to the point, it also doesn’t put couples under the pressure of getting tattoos don’t to death.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—While we can’t take our eyes off this beautifully well-placed tattoo if we had to choose another place, we’d say the back of the lower leg could be an ideal place for LO-VE to complete you two.

Mr. & Mrs.

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Minimalmiz

Now, this one is undoubtedly exact and to the point. However, we would still give it brownie points for keeping it simple and fuss-free. While the choice of font is sure makes a world of difference, this one truly is for our couples who want to get it done but aren’t big fans of flashy ideas and prominent tattoos. So, if you’re a couple that wants to get a couple of tattoos done but not anything OTT or visible to all, then this could be a perfect choice for you.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—This tattoo looks perfect on the back of the lower leg, but for couples who want to show it off a little more often, you can also consider getting it done on your wrist or your ring finger.

Match the Barcode

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Recycle Tattoo

You know how they scan the barcode at any store to bill you for a product; we all know that barcodes that match each other belong together, just like this couple. While barcodes are a comparatively common tattoo, what caught our attention was how it was turned into an excellent idea for a couple of tattoos. So, if you and your better half belong together, get your barcodes matched, and no scanner will ever keep you apart.

Best Place to Get This Tattoo—While it looks fab on the couple's inner forearm, those who want to try a different place could get one on their ankles or even behind their ears if they are too experimental.

Couple tattoo

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Amongst a gazillion ideas of couple tattoos, we stuck to ones that were not very huge and disturbing to the eye but also ones that had some significance apart from just being a tattoo that both partners got together. For the millennial couples planning on getting a couple of tattoos done, we suggest you take ideas from our favourite ones from the internet and add a flavour of your own. Check out some beautiful gift stores to surprise your wife or make your partner feel special by choosing unique gifts for your husband, go on some date night and enjoy your marital bliss to the fullest!

This way, your couple's tattoo will be unique to your love story and one that all your friends would envy. So, initiate the conversation of getting a couple of tattoos done with your better half.

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