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Hindu Wedding Calendar and WWI Recommended Marriage Dates in 2024

Here's an exhaustive 2024 wedding calendar with all Hindu saya wedding dates and a few other unique recommendations. Find your Shubh marriage date here!

marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

An Indian wedding is nothing less than a festival for the bride and groom and their friends and family. The pious ceremony of bringing two people together to create a sacred bond is celebrated in the presence of priests from the family’s respective religion, along with friends and family. Many religions in India believe in carrying out this ritual on an auspicious day and time, also known as a shubh mahurat.

From picking the best wedding venues to top wedding photographers, wedding planners, and top wedding decorators, planning a flawless wedding involves many steps. If you are planning a 2024 wedding, one of the essential steps that come to the top of your priority list is choosing the best wedding date in 2024 as per the astrology/Hindu wedding calendar 2024 or per your family's availability. India has a variety of cultures and regions that the people follow at large. Picking a marriage date in 2024 is not an easy task here; some follow the Hindu calendar, some pick marriage dates based on long weekends, and others pick marriage dates based on the kind of wedding they want, like a summer wedding, a winter wedding, or even a monsoon wedding. Some couples also pick a wedding date as per the instructions of their spiritual gurus, pandits, priests, or maulvis. 

The WeddingWire India 2024 Wedding Calendar brings all auspicious wedding dates and fun-long weekend dates together in one place so that you can plan your wedding as per your preferences.

In this article: 

1. January 2024 Marriage Dates 

2. February 2024 Marriage Dates

3. March 2024 Marriage Dates

4. April 2024 Marriage Dates 

5. May 2024 Marriage Dates 

6. June 2024 Marriage Dates 

7. July 2024 Marriage Dates 

8. August 2024 Wedding Dates 

9. September 2024 Wedding Dates 

10. October 2024 Saaya Wedding Dates 

11. November 2024 Wedding Dates 

12. December 2024 Saaya Wedding Dates 

Are you scouring through the best wedding dates 2024 according to astrology or the long weekend breaks? In that case, this wedding calendar brought together by WeddingWire India for 2024 weddings has the best suggestions for you.

January 2024 Marriage Dates 

marriage dates in 2024 january

Wedding Photography: Dreamcatchers Photography 

The month that marks the beginning of a new year is always special for all of us. The year begins with new hopes and dreams for a better future. January also experiences surreal winters in many parts of the country, making it a preferred season for winter weddings. So brides-to-be can pick their favourite velvet lehengas and start planning one of the favourite days of their lives by choosing one of the muhurtham dates in January 2024. if you want a non-saaya date, check out the unique wedding dates shared here. 

Saya Dates in January 2024

  • 16 January, Tuesday 
  • 17 January, Wednesday 
  • 20 January, Saturday 
  • 21 January, Sunday 
  • 22 January, Monday 
  • 27 January, Saturday 
  • 28 January, Sunday 
  • 30 January, Tuesday
  • 31 January, Wednesday  

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

  • 1 January, Monday - New Beginnings 
  • 14 January, Sunday - Harvest Love 
  • 15 January,  Monday - Harvest Love 
  • 25 January, Thursday - Full Moon 
  • 26 January, Friday - Long Weekend 

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February 2024 Marriage Dates

feburary marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

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Planning your sacred union during the celebrated month of love? Why not? February 2024 has many marriage dates for couples who prefer long weekends and fun wedding days and for couples looking for marriage dates in the 2024 Hindu calendar. Check out the list below and plan your wedding day accordingly.

Dates in February 2024 Hindu Panchang

  • 4th February, Sunday 
  • 6th February, Tuesday 
  • 8th February, Thursday
  • 12th February, Tuesday
  • 13th February, Wednesday
  • 17th February, Saturday
  • 24th February, Saturday
  • 25th February, Sunday
  • 26th February, Monday
  • 29th February, Thursday

Unique Wedding Date to Explore

  • 14th February, Thursday - Valentine's Day 

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March 2024 Marriage Dates

march marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

Wedding Photography: Fab Photowork

March marks the beginning of spring and summer in many parts of India. The season is one of the few favourites for couples who want a comfortable and pleasant wedding day and outdoor wedding experience. With multiple auspicious marriage dates in 2024 and fun long weekend breaks like Holi, March is the perfect month to celebrate your new beginning.

March 2024 Hindu Wedding Calendar

  • 1st March, Friday
  • 2nd March, Saturday 
  • 3rd March, Sunday
  • 4th March, Monday
  • 5th March, Tuesday
  • 6th March, Wednesday
  • 10th March, Sunday
  • 11th March, Monday
  • 12th March, Tuesday

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

  • 8th March, Friday - Shiv Ratri 
  • 9th March, Saturday
  • 23rd March, Saturday - Holi weekend 
  • 24th March, Sunday - Holi weekend 
  • 25th March, Monday - Holi
  • 29th March, Friday - Good Friday
  • 30th March, Saturday - Good Friday weekend
  • 31st March, Sunday - Good Friday weekend

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April 2024 Marriage Dates 

april marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

Wedding Photography: The VS Productions

Yet another favourite month for spring-summer lovers, the April season allows brides, grooms, and their families from many parts of India to ace their wedding look with flowy pastel lehengas and wedding decoration with summer vibes. Find the best wedding dates in April 2024 here as per astrology and convenient long weekend dates recommended by the WWI team, especially for couples from different religions looking for non-saya dates.

Saya Dates in April 2024

  • 18th April, Thursday
  • 20th April, Saturday
  • 22nd April, Monday
  • 24th April, Wednesday
  • 26th April, Thursday

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

  • 10th April, Wednesday - Id-ul-Fitr
  • 13th April, Saturday - Vaisakhi
  • 14th April, Sunday - Vaisakhi
  • 17th April, Wednesday - Ram Navami
  • 21st April, Sunday - Mahavir Jayanti
  • 23rd April,Tuesday - Full Moon

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May 2024 Marriage Dates 

may marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

Wedding Photography: Silon Talkies

May 2024 is not one of the most popular wedding months in India. With zero saaya dates in 2024, as suggested by astrologers, couples and families tend to avoid this month for weddings. However, the occasion of Buddha Purnima is considered pious for all Hindu weddings and sacred rituals in India. Even if you don’t go by the books, you can opt for this date because it can become an exciting long weekend wedding party.

Wedding Date to Explore in May 

  • 23rd May, Thursday - Buddha Purnima

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June 2024 Marriage Dates 

june marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

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June turns out to be another slow wedding season, with not more than two best marriage dates in 2024, according to astrology. WWI found two more marriage dates that can be convenient if you want a beautiful wedding ceremony under the blessed full moonlight or want to plan a Friday wedding party.

Saya Marriage Dates in June 2024

  • 28th June, Friday
  • 29th June, Saturday

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

  • 21st June, Friday - Summer Solstice
  • 22nd June, Saturday - Full Moon

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July 2024 Marriage Dates 

july marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

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July 2024 indeed has more marriage dates than May and June. If planning a monsoon wedding intrigues you, choose from one of the saya marriage dates in 2024 or a full moon wedding date recommended by WeddingWire.

Saya Dates in July 2024

  • 9th July, Tuesday
  • 11th July, Thursday
  • 13th July, Saturday
  • 14th July, Sunday
  • 15th July, Monday

Unique Wedding Date to Explore

  • 21st July, Sunday - Full Moon 

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August 2024 Wedding Dates 

august marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

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August might not have a marriage date in 2024, but don’t eliminate the month from your planning calendar yet. For millennial couples and various other religions in India, August 2024 could be one of the best months to plan a gala wedding celebration because of the innumerable weekend events and festivals. Check out all WeddingWire India recommendations for marriage dates in August 2024 here:

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

  • 4th August, Sunday - Friendship Day 
  • 15th August, Thursday - Independence Day
  • 16th August, Friday - Rakhi weekend
  • 17th August, Saturday - Rakhi weekend
  • 18th August, Sunday - Rakhi weekend
  • 19th August, Monday - Rakhi
  • 24th August, Saturday - Janmashthami Weekend
  • 25th August, Sunday -  Janmashthami Weekend
  • 26th August, Monday - Janmashthami Weekend

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September 2024 Wedding Dates 

september marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

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According to the Hindu Panchang, September 2024 does not have wedding dates. However, if you are keen to tie the knot in September, WeddingWire recommends checking out auspicious muhurats on the 7th of September, the pious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Unique Wedding Date to Explore

  • 7th September, Saturday - Ganesh Chaturthi

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October 2024 Saaya Wedding Dates 

october marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

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October doesn’t have vivah muhurats, but it indeed marks multiple pious festivals in different regions of India. The month widely known as a month of festivals in India, can also turn into a perfect wedding month for couples who don’t go by the books or don’t have to follow the Hindu Panchang 2024 marriage calendar because of different religious beliefs. You can choose from one of the many weekend dates recommended by WeddingWire India below -

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

  • 11th October, Friday - Nav Durga Blessings
  • 12th October, Saturday - Nav Durga Blessings
  • 13th October, Sunday - Nav Durga Blessings
  • 16th October, Wednesday - World Food Day
  • 17th October, Thursday - Full Moon
  • 31st October, Thursday - Festive Feels

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November 2024 Wedding Dates 

november marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

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Like every year, November 2024 marks the onset of the peak wedding season in India. You can choose from multiple saya/auspicious marriage dates in 2024, starting mid-November. Couples can also plan their spiritual weddings on full moon dates, as WeddingWire India recommends.

Saya Dates in November 2024

  • 13th November, Wednesday
  • 17th November, Sunday
  • 22nd November, Friday
  • 23rd November, Saturday
  • 25th November, Monday
  • 26th November, Tuesday
  • 28th November, Thursday

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

  • 3rd November, Sunday - Bhai Dooj 
  • 15th November, Friday - Full Moon
  • 16th November, Saturday - Full Moon

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December 2024 Saaya Wedding Dates 

december marriage dates in 2024 hindu panchang

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Mid-November to mid-December marks the peak season of weddings in India. December 2024 is no exception and offers multiple saya marriage dates in the first 2 weeks of the month for auspicious wedding ceremonies. The WWI-recommended wedding dates in December are some of our favourite dates for inter-cultural wedding celebrations.

Saya Dates in December 2024

  • 4th December, Wednesday
  • 5th December, Thursday
  • 9th December, Monday
  • 10th December, Tuesday
  • 14th December, Saturday

Unique Wedding Dates to Explore

  • 15th December, Sunday - Full Moon
  • 21st December, Saturday - Winter Solstice
  • 25th December, Wednesday - Christmas
  • 31st December, Tuesday - New Year’s Eve

Our forecast says 2024 will be a year full of love and celebrations, and we can’t wait to be a part of your wedding planning journey. Download the WeddingWire India app from App/Play store or head to the wedding venues and wedding vendors section on our website and start planning your wedding today. 

For more guided assistance, start a discussion with your query on the WeddingWire India Community page.