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20 Wedding Anniversary Songs for a Memorable Celebration

Celebrating your wedding anniversary soon? If you are trying to curate a wedding anniversary songs playlist with evergreen romantic numbers, we have sorted it out for you! Check out our list of 20 anniversary songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Mallayalam.

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A long-lasting love is worth celebrating and you need the perfect wedding anniversary song for that. We have curated a list of heartwarming songs that fill the room with love and joy. Celebrate your special day in an unforgettable way. This is the perfect way to remind your loved one what they mean to you. Be it a few years or a decade together, your romantic journey deserves a celebration. 

Let us explore the wedding anniversary song list and set the perfect mood for romance.

Top 5 wedding anniversary songs in Hindi

Below are the top 5 best wedding anniversary songs in Hindi to celebrate between you and your partner:

The soulful song is composed of beautiful lyrics and rhythmic tunes. It will ignite the eternal bond and love between a couple. And of course, who can resist Shahrukh Khan’s magical essence on screen? Play the romantic video in the background and let his charm take over.

This is a romantic song that celebrates the union of two souls connecting with each other. Celebrate your years of togetherness with this beautiful song. The melodious rhythms make this song ideal for an anniversary celebration. Make it part of your wedding anniversary wishes playlist and watch the party turn into a ballroom.

The rush of strong feelings for someone can only be conveyed with a B-town track. This one tops the chart for wedding anniversary songs in Hindi. It is a touching choice for wedding anniversary celebrations. We promise you, you’ll feel complete as you dance to the tune of Bollywood romance.

The romantic track should make it to the top of the playlist for 25th wedding anniversary songs. It beautifully captures the sense of completeness that both partners experience. Express yourself through this filmy song and let the whole world witness your love for each other

This lively song will fill the room with a feeling of heartless romance. Take this day as an opportunity to fall in love with your partner all over again. 

Top 5 wedding anniversary songs in Tamil

Explore the top wedding anniversary Tamil songs list for your special day. Let this be the playlist for Hindi music lovers. We have also curated a list of wedding anniversary songs in Tamil.

This romantic track has a beautiful melody that represents love and togetherness. The lyrics can evoke nostalgic feelings of memorable moments spent together. Believe in the magic of love once again!

En Iniya Pon Nilave from "Moodu Pani"

This soulful song is perfect to express deep emotions of love and admiration for your partner. It is also perfect as a wedding anniversary song in Tamil as a WhatsApp status. Make a promise to love each other through thick and thin.

Endure love and companionship between you and your partner as you dance to this track. The beautiful song depicts a feeling of unconditional love and a celebration of togetherness. Enjoy this melody by A.R. Rahman and let your true feelings out!

Add this number to your playlist for wedding anniversary Tami songs mp3 download. Its melodious beats will create an intimate atmosphere in the room. The lyrics convey feelings of happiness and cherished love.

Enjoy the wedding anniversary songs in Tamil, download the playlist and dance the night away! Let there be an essence of joy and happiness in the room as you celebrate the deep connection between you and Bae. 

Top 5 wedding anniversary songs in Telugu

While we have enjoyed the melodious songs in Tamil, it is now time to explore the beautiful wedding anniversary songs in Telugu. The below-mentioned Telugu songs are perfect for celebrating years of togetherness as they capture love, joy, and emotions.

The heartfelt music and soulful lyrics create a melodious tune for the couple. Cherish the bond between you and your partner. We assure you that this one is an ideal choice for celebrating your wedding anniversary. 

Experience a feeling of nostalgia and remember the first time you met. This heartwarming song will bring your hearts closer than ever. It is one of the best wedding anniversary Telugu songs for free download.

This romantic song is one of the best tracks to cherish a long-lasting love. The soothing tunes will bring a feeling of euphoria to the room. Your spouse will love dancing to this song, which celebrates the intense love between you both.

This enchanting song is for those who wish to revive beautiful old memories. Express the depth of your love and devotion for your beloved. And celebrate your anniversary in the most romantic way!

No matter if you are celebrating your silver jubilee or are a young couple, this masterpiece deserves a spot in your playlist. You can also add it to wedding anniversary wishes songs mp3 download list to wish your friends on their special day.

Top 5 wedding anniversary songs Malayalam

If you have still not found your “happy wedding anniversary song,” fret not! Now that we have discovered the beautiful wedding anniversary songs in Telugu, let us move on to Malayalam songs. Here is the playlist for wedding anniversary songs in Malayalam:

Celebrate the beautiful bond between you and your beloved. This trendy song must be on your anniversary playlist. The soothing music and poetic lyrics make it a big hit!

This Malayalam hit speaks of love and longing. Feel a sense of nostalgia as you dance to this classic. Let your beloved know how much you adore them after years of being married.

Let the catchy and upbeat song fill the room with excitement. Celebrate friendship, love and joy with the rhythmic tunes of this song. Make this wedding anniversary song your priority and make your dearest one feel special.

The metaphorical lyrics of this song will take you and your partner to cloud 9. Its touching and emotional feel will serve as a proposal to renew the love. Let this soul-stirring song be at the top of your playlist.

Steal your partner’s heart, as you did for the first time. Let this song be your muse to express your love for someone special. This is definitely the perfect soundtrack for your special day.

Whether you are looking for a wedding anniversary song for husband or wife, this playlist will be your go-to saviour. Save this for your next wedding anniversary party.

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