Your wedding invitation is an announcement about your beautiful decision of turning your romance into an eternal love story. So, you want to choose your wedding invitation wordings harmonized with your story, your wedding style and most importantly your personal styles. Be it a traditional Hindu wedding, a Christian wedding in a church or maybe just an informal wedding among close friends and family, your guests should get the essence of your wedding and your story in all aspects including the invitation, the wedding decoration and all the rest. Here are a few kinds of wedding invitation wordings that could be helpful:

Religious Invitation Wording:

1. Hindu Wedding Invitation Wording

Apart from the invitation card design, the other important factor in every Hindu wedding invitation is the invitation wording. Hindu marriage invitation wording should have a touch of personal warmth that your relatives and friends can connect to while being traditional. Here are some Hindu wedding invitation wording tips you can follow when creating your own:

  • You can add some Vedic phrases like “Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu Mangalam Karunadhwaja...” This would retain the traditional flavour of your marriage invitation wording.
  • If the bride's parents are hosting, it’s customary to leave off the bride's last name.
  • Names, dates, venues and numbers should be spelt out. The only abbreviations to be used are Mr. and Mrs.
  • The different events of a traditional Hindu Wedding e.g. Mehndi, Haldi, Sagai etc.  should be clearly mentioned with dates, time and venues.
  • Since traditional Hindu weddings involve worship, the request line wording reads “request the honour”.
  • The letter should end with an RSVP at the corner bottom with names of the family members who are inviting.

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2. Christian Wedding Invitation Wording

A traditional card from any religion should reflect what is important in their culture. Keeping that in mind for a Christian wedding, here are some tips for framing a Christian wedding invitation wording:

  • The host line - This is where you list who are hosting the wedding. One set of parents might be listed as hosts. If you’re hosting it yourself, the lines are reversed “Gia and Bob invite you to…”
  • The invitation line - “The honour of your presence” for religious service while “The pleasure of your company” to denote a little less formal ceremony.
  • The names - The names of the bride and the groom
  • The action line -  Traditionally, with the bride’s parent hosting the ceremony, this line reads something like “At the marriage of their daughter…”, you can also write “At the celebration of their marriage…”
  • The information - Time, date, and location should all be listed.
  • The party line - Give information about the reception, dinner, the cake, music, dancing and all the party details.

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Informal Invitation Wording:

Unique & Creative Wedding Invitation Wording

Whether you are a fun loving or a deeply romantic couple, your wedding invitation wording should reflect your personalities, just as your pre-wedding photoshoot does. If you're planning to have more than one set of invitation cards, a quirky one for your friends and a formal one for other guests, the wording will also need to be different. Here are a few unique and creative wedding invitation wording for friends:

  • Music-loving couples may use musical references as wedding quotes like, “the rhythm of my heart met the melody of your soul...let’s make our eternal song together” before adding the “please join us on our musical journey...”
  • Tell your story using the most romantic words: How you met, where you proposed, what made her say yes and then add “we invite you all to join us celebrate life...”
  • Couples with a funny bone could use comical references like, “when two psychopaths are in love, God save the world...join us in the most insane wedding ever..."
  • Friends turned lovers could use phrases like “unbelievable fantasies came true” or “Please join us in our own little fairytale”

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You can add pictures of your engagement rings or the bridal Lehengas and groom’s Sherwani to the invitation to make it look more personal. Create your wedding invitation in such a manner that every guest can’t help but attend your wedding.

Leave a word of advice for couples or your own experiences while selecting the wedding invitation wording, in the comments below.