Girl shying
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Weddings are special and so are those life-changing pre-wedding and post-wedding moments. Each moment of your wedding deserves to be captured and preserved in a splendid way. These memories will last you a lifetime and this is where photographs come into play. No matter the occasion - pre-wedding shoot, Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi, wedding or reception - each affair is filled with lots of beautiful photographs. Even for a post wedding occasion you should be perfectly ready with trendy photo poses for girls. 

Girl posing in tika
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Besides being photo-ready, especially for pre-wedding post wedding moments-it is important for you to click some unique pictures that would later remind you of those lovely moments. For that, you would need to know some exemplary photoshoot poses for girls. Therefore, to make your photo poses for girls an easy sail, we are listing 50 best photo poses for girls looking forward to stealing the limelight with enough charm and poise.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Poses for Girls

Dancing Pose.

Image Credits - Shutter Down Photography

Millennial brides prefer to adorn dainty dresses in their pre-wedding ceremonies. They love to adorn something that make them look graceful and beautiful. They deliberately plan the wedding outfits which are light and classy.  Thereby, we suggest the brides out there to pose in a right way. Yes, for the pre-wedding functions. These brides should pose in a subtle yet elegant manner. Photo poses for girls can be classy, elegant and charismatic in such occasions. These poses for girls exhibit the bride's persona which reflects her chirpiness and grace. Here we have some best photo poses for girl that can incorporated in all the pre-wedding functions. However, WWI recommends you to be your own self- as there is a different kind of beauty in the real and candid pictures.

Image Credits - Wedding Bells

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Natural Photo Poses for Girls in Dress

Lady posing in a dress
Light Bucket Productions

Natural Pose by a bride

Image Credits - The Wedding Story

Image Credits - Dia Mirza

Here Diya Mirza conveys it quite elegantly that beauty lies in the simplicity as we can see her posing in a natural way. This picture can be an inspiration for the brides who are looking for single photo poses for girl. It is her innate happiness that is reflecting here. So, brides-to-be, ask your photographer to restrain from the filters  as nothing can be compared to those natural yet elegant photo poses. See how little bit poise, charm and grace can be one of the best photo poses for girl. This single photo pose is already doing rounds on the internet, so why not to take inspiration from this pose too. In the next two pictures -the brides are looking ethereal in a basic pose for girls here. So you can take her elegance as an inspiration - if you  bookmarking  these photo poses for girl in a long dress - then do notice their eyes expressions too. 

New Stylish Photo Poses for Girl 

Stylish pose from a bride
Tarun Tahiliani

Stylish pose for girls
Kalki Fashions

Image Credits - Kalki Fashion

Trendsetting poses are taking the momentum now. Likewise, here we bring these two new stylish photo poses for girls for some inspirations! These are for the brides who restrain from the convention and look forward for some trailblazing poses for their pre-wedding festivities.  Here we models who posing in an unconventional way! You can try these for your cocktail function or even in your bachelorette party.

Photo Poses For Girls in the Traditional Pre-Wedding Attire

Lady in a traditional pose
Abhinav Mishra

Anita Dongre
Anita Dongre

Image Credits - Pinterest

A bride in her green outfit
Badal Raja Company

Bookmark these Photo Poses For Girls in the traditional pre-wedding gown or attire. These are raw, natural and simple photo poses ideas for girls. Yes, this poses are idea for pre-wedding functions. You can also try flaunting your back, smile and love handles as these three things can never go wrong! So plan your photo poses for girls poses in advance and the shoot done as per your own whim and fancies. These brides are definitely making heads turn with such elegance and beauty! These photo poses for girls are further adding more glam here. Take a look on these brides and decide the pose that you would like to try! In fact, you can try all these poses altogether! 

Group photo poses for girl

Group Photo poses for girl
Abhinav Mishra

Gang of girls posing happily

Image Credits - The Wedding Story

Bridesmaid posing with the bride
Divine Mantra

Kissing the bride
Light Bucket Production

Who doesn't love candid's? Well, we do! But for those times when you think you might not be too good for the camera, you can fake a candid. And the best part is that it is hard to tell the difference between an actual and fake candid! This bride’s troupe pictures here are candid. These poses are naturally taken and is taking cuteness to another level already. The last picture is also pure depiction of love! So, if you’re looking for cute candid shots for group poses for girls then this is it! These group poses for girls are best for bachelorette part or a Sangeet/mehndi function. 

Quirky Different Photo Poses for Girls

Israni Photography
Israni Photography

Bugzy Photo
Bugzy Photo


If you are a chirpy bride who is brimming with cuteness then these cool photo poses for girls are for you. Just keep your grin there and then see how beautifully your picture comes out.  See how her lovely smile is adding a dash of sweetness and gentleness to the pose. So if you’re a chirpy and outgoing girl, then this pose is worth giving a try! These different photo poses for girls are raw, sweet and cute- it can be tried in the festive days too. 

Wedding Photo Shoot Poses for Girls

Image Credits - Light Bucket Productions

There are ample styles to pose for the picture. But certain poses just look a lot better while you flip the pages of your wedding album. This thoughtfully picked photoshoot poses for girls are sure to be the perfect picks for you.  Scroll down for breathtaking collection- of bridal traditional photo poses for girls. Then we have photo poses for girls in suit. Off course, we have cherry picked the best photo poses for girls too. Here are some ways to pose right in traditional lehengas - Do try.

Bridal traditional photo poses for Girl

Image Credits - Cupcake Productions



Image Credits - Safar Saga


These are some simple photo poses for girls who like to stick to conventions and adhere to the traditional norms of shying, keeping her eyes down and trying to veil herself. These photo poses for girls are famous in North India where the traditions are followed. We hope you like the above above posses where brides are proud to hold conventions and traditions. Aren't they all really beautiful? Yes, there is certain sanctity in old traditions and  there is nothing like it if this sanctity comes in the photo poses for girls. 

Photo Pose for Girl in Suit 

Image Credits - Kajal Aggarwal

Image Credits - Gauahar Khan

Image Credits - Sabyasachi

A lady in red suit


Girl posing with her hair
Abhinav Mishra

Photo Poses for girl in salwar suit is breaking the internet by storm. Yes, these photo poses for girls are some poses done by the celebrated names in the industry. They are posing it for all the right seasons and giving some inspiration to the trendsetting brides.  Here we are absolutely in love with these poses by girls. Here Kajal Aggarwal is posing a trendsetting way! She has all the confidence, and she is giving some serious goal to bride’s out there who are looking for photo poses for girls in Kurtis. Then we have Gauahar Khan who is stealing the limelight in her black outfit. She exudes charm and elegance here whilst posing in salwar suit. These are good examples for single photo pose for girls out here. Going further, we have photo poses for girls in salwar where SabyaSachi bride and Tarun Tahiliani are giving modern facet to otherwise traditional photo poses for girls in salwar suit.

Bridal best photo poses for girl

Image Credits - Pinterest

Image Credits - Falguni Shane Peacock

Red Lehenga

Image Credits - Gaurav Gupta

Image Credits - Pernia's Pop Up

 Here we have picked some best photo poses for girls in beautiful lehengas. These photo poses for girls are slaying the trend with unconventional poses that are blended well with modern sensibilities and ethos. The brides are unlike traditional brides – they follow their own rules and carry themselves with enough confidence. These stylish photo poses for girls are setting a trend amid the new-age brides by signifying that it is not important to shy on your wedding. Rather it is important to exude your innate confidence while posing it in Bridal wear! Thereby these photo poses for girls in bridal dresses are in sync with how contemporary fashion works! So, while you are planning for these poses try to reflect your innate charm and confidence and then see how beautifully you rise and shine.

Honeymoon Photo Shoot Poses for Girls

Image credits - Vibhor Bhardwaj

Image credits - Bhumi Surthar

Photo Poses for Girl in Jeans

Image Credits - Rumita

Image Credits - The Wedding Salad

Image Credits - Deeksha Khurana

These photo poses for girls in jeans top is on the radar for all the bubbly reason. These poses are honey inspiration as photo poses for jeans are all about living freely and enjoying the honeymoon phase. Here we have Deeksha Khurana posing in a carefree and independent way! Yes, apart from the cliché couple shoot that we always have- ask your husband to help you to click these photo poses for girls. Else, you can look for some inspiration in  selfie photo poses for girls. When you are happy from inside then you get best photo poses for girls. So be gleeful and et captured in a beautiful way! 

Cute Photo Poses for Girl

Image Credits - Stories by Joseph Radhik

Image Credits - Stories by Joseph Radhik

Image Credits - Wedding Bells Photography

If you want your bubbliness and chirpiness to be captured during your honeymoon phase, then there are some cute photo poses for girls. You can capture them at your stay in luxe hotel or amid scenic backdrops! Look at the first stylish photo pose for girl! Isn’t it extremely cute? Also, look at the second picture where the girl is surrounded by some scenic backdrops – isn’t it jaw-dropping? We are drooling over these views and stylish photo pose forgirls. Are you too?

Instagram photo poses for girls

Image Credits -Masoom Minawala Mehta

Image Credits - Anju Modi

Image Credits - Gluttony Goddess

Image Credits - Simar Walia

Image Credits- The Iffy Explorer

Image Credits - Jade

Here are varied poses picked from our Instagram for some honeymoon poses inspiration for the millennial brides. These stylish poses for girl are more about the depiction of her outspoken, independence and fierce persona. Yes, these poses are worth trying amid the scenic views and panoramas. Also, if you are isolating then also you can try these inside your home with a beautiful décor behind.  

So these were our favourite photoshoot poses for girls. Did you like any of these? Which one will you try out?