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50+ Wedding Poses to Capture the Most Special Moments of Your Big Day

These wedding photography poses that have made the wedding albums an impeccable affair. Here's a throwback to all the fun moments on camera, say cheese!

wedding photography poses

Photographer: Israni Photography

Did you notice that the idea of wedding photography has been a lot about candid pictures - emotions caught in the moment, raw and undoctored, in all honesty? We did too, but despite the raging candid pictures, it has to be about poses at a wedding! From pre-wedding shoots to the bidaai moments, it's all captured right in the reels.

wedding poses shutter clicks

Photographer: Shutter Clicks by Ganesh Umari

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Wedding albums are a treat and to go back to the moments through the pictures is a beautiful drive through the memory lane. Here we have some wedding photography poses that are sure to set the right trends. We have cherry-picked our favourites and we hope that you love these too!

About Pre-Wedding Poses

wedding poses cloudart photography

Photographer: Cloudart Photography

Pre-wedding photoshoot poses generally depict the quirky, jovial façade of the bride and groom. Generally, pre-wedding poses are quirky, chirpy and fun, unlike wedding photography poses which are serious, mature and traditional. Here we bring some pre-wedding poses that will add spark to your pre-wedding photoshoot poses. You will get lured to see how these pre-photography poses will exhibit emotions and love in a creative way. These pictures will narrate your story in a beautiful manner. Also, we have deliberately picked pictures that are gleeful, vibrant and match well with the taste of trendy millennials.  These pictures are a perfect inspiration for you if you are looking for the couple portrait images along with some traditional ideas too.

The Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses

wedding poses life moments photography

Photographer: Life Moments Productions

Starting from the #followmeto pose to the one where the couple is decked up, to the one that captures moments like popping the champagne bottle to the candid one, these pre-wedding poses are warm and cute moments captured right. The subtle blushes and winks of love blooming between the two are adorable and the scenic beauty has kept us wanting for more! Check these pre-wedding poses and bookmark them for your own special day. If you are confused pertaining to the outfit, then also you will get a fair idea from these pre-wedding photo poses.  

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The #followmeto Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Poses

wedding photography poses for couple

Photographer: Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla

This follow me photo pose is one of the most popular pre-wedding photo pose for all good reasons. This pose clearly narrates the deep bonding of the couple. In other words, the pre-wedding photo pose suggests that "I will never let you go." Hence, these poses for pre-wedding photo poses will help you to narrate your love story in a surreal way. Don't forget to compile these as wonderful throwback memories.

The Piggyback Ride Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Poses

Foto Palace Photography

Photographer: Foto Palace Photography

There is nothing as cute as a piggyback ride picture. Bookmark this pose for a fun pre-wedding photoshoot with your partner.   

The Classic One Pre-Wedding Poses

wedding photography poses for couple

Photographer: Hitched & Clicked

Walking hand in hand is an evergreen wedding pose for married as well unmarried couples. Time to take a cue from this brilliant photo pose and start prepping for your upcoming pre-wedding photoshoot.  This is a classic pose where a couple is walking hand-hand. 

The Head To Head Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Poses

The Pixelrum Studios

Photographer: The Pixelrum Studios

This classy head-to-head pose works perfectly for an intimate pre-wedding photoshoot. If you're looking to do a cozy pre-wedding photoshoot with your partner-to-be, bookmark this pose idea!

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Romantic Wedding Couple Poses

There is no way you won't be getting romantic wedding pictures with your partner on your big day. This is the perfect time to get all mushy in love and do all the poses you want with your partner. If you're looking for some amazingly romantic wedding couple poses, we've curated just the right list for you. 

Proposal Wedding Couple Poses

This classic pose is a must-have photo at your wedding. Take this opportunity to make your dreams come true and capture the moment while you're at it. 

HM Wedding Production

Photographer: HM Wedding Production

Head To Head Wedding Pose

This intimate pose is a must-do pose at your wedding. Ask the photographer to take a close up as your stand head to head with each other. 

The Wedding Scenario

Photographer: The Wedding Scenario

Under The Covers Wedding Poses

This is quite an innovative picture that perfectly captures your romance with your partner. This pose in black and white looks even more ethereal. 

Sheldon Rodrigues Photo & Films

Photographer: Sheldon Rodrigues Photo & Films

The Blushing Bride Couple Poses Wedding

Make sure you take lots of mushy pictures of yourself and your partner blushing as your wedding will be probably be the only time you'll be taking such pictures!

Utkarsh Kelkar Photography

Photographer: Utkarsh Kelkar Photography

The About To Kiss Wedding Poses

Get a little romantic with your partner and get such pictures clicked and we swear-you'll be going aww on these pictures later!


Photographer: Katha

Marriage Wedding Couple Poses

Not sure what kind of wedding couple poses you would like to get clicked? We have just the right list for you. Take a look at these wedding couple poses we've gathered for you!

The Hand-On-Hand Romantic Wedding Couple Poses

Keep a hand on hand and strike a romantic wedding couple pose while you have a good laugh and your photographer will surely capture this beuatiful moment. 

Himalayan Bonfire Films

Photographer: Himalayan Bonfire Films

Having a Conversation Wedding Couple Poses

If you want a candid wedding pose, this is what you should be looking at. Just have a fun little conversation and let the photographer capture your little laughs and adorable expressions. 

Amit Dullu Photography

Photographer: Amit Dullu Photography

Groom Adoring The Bride Wedding Couple Pose

The groom adores the bride and the bride blushes- there's no way this scenario won't result in an awe-filled picture!

First Look Photography

Photographer: First Look Photography

The Back Hug Wedding Couple Poses

If you're looking to get an intimate picture clicked, this is one of the best romantic wedding couple poses you can go for. 

Picture Visual

Photographer: Picture Visual

The Titanic Wedding Couple Pose

This is one of the best romantic wedding couple poses you can try. You don't have to be perfect, just get in front of the camera and have some fun!

Evoque Wedding Company

Photographer: Evoque Wedding Company

The Lift Me Up Wedding Couple Pose

Have some fun with your partner with these kinds of romantic wedding couple poses. Strike a dance pose and smile at each other for a perfect shot!

Impresio Studio

Photographer: Impresio Studio

Fun Wedding Couple Poses

From getting your hair done to fixing your attire to the fun grooming sessions, the squad has got your back. These poses will be the certificate of absolute fun! These photoshoot poses will help you to visualize your own story with your favourite gang. Take a look and start pinning some creative options. 

Wedding Poses For Haldi

Multiverse Wedding

Photographer: Multiverse Wedding

Fun pre-wedding photoshoot poses reflects your inner happy state so that is why we recommend you to exhibit your true inner happiness to get that perfect picture moment. Look at these captures- how naturally they are posing for this photo pose here. 

Wedding Poses For The Cool Groomsmen

wedding photography poses for groomsmen

Photographer: Lumiere Wedding Company

Boys can be big-time posers too. Here, we have this dapper groom squad who is posing in a trailblazing way. If you are a groom, then you can bookmark this in the pre-wedding photoshoot poses checklist. You can show it to your photographer and ask him to capture these fun moments in his creative way. 

Wedding Poses For The Bride Squad

Memoreels by Navrav

Photographer: Memoreels by Navrav

This is one of the best pre-wedding poses for all the bridesmaids. Make the bride squad stand behind you uniformly and we swear the picture that comes out will long be the group's favourite! 

Romantic Wedding Couple Poses With the Gang

The Bigg Day

Photographer: The Bigg Day

This one is great to bring the whole squad together. Ask the photographer to take the squad in focus and capture their expressions perfectly.  

Wedding Poses For Mehendi Day

Girish Katkar Photography

Photographer: Girish Katkar Photography

Groom in mehndi

Photographer: ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Mehndi Day is all about fun, frolic and frenzy and it is the right time to unveil your quirky façade with these crazy photoshoot pre wedding photography poses. 

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Engagement Wedding Poses

Dipak Studios

Photographer: Dipak Studios

Indian engagement photography poses are basically mushy mushy brimming with romance and chirpiness. Take a look at these trending photography poses and then finalize some interesting poses. 

Couple Wedding Poses for Engagement

Team 1.8 Photography

Photographer: Team 1.8 Photography

For couple photoshoot poses for engagement, we advise you to get candid couple photography poses in your engagement ceremony. Such natural pictures help you to collect cheerful memories. 

Candid Wedding Couple Poses

The kissing scene

Photographer: Horizon Motion Picture

Kissing is the purest form of love and if this love gets encapsulated in the wedding pictures, then it can do wonders. Check this candid photography pose for some scintillating ideas for your engagement and reception photo stills.

Latest Wedding Couple Poses

candid kiss in an engagement ceremony

Photographer: Recall Pictures

This adorable pose can be used if you plan to only pose in a cute way. Kissing is an evergreen pose and this pose can never be monotonous. However, the candid kisses look more adorable than anything.

About Wedding Couple Poses

The wedding photoshoot poses are traditionally classy and encompass more Indian traditions. Here are some photoshoot poses from weddings that are doing the rounds on the internet. Take a look and pin or bookmark it for your own ceremonies. 

The Bride & Groom Have Some Fun

Filmy Romeo

Photographer: Filmy Romeo

There is so much to celebrate before you finally take the walk down the aisle and every ceremony, in fact, every moment until the wedding is worth capturing for the memories it holds. The pictures of brides and grooms were the trendsetters. These are a few poses that both the brides and the grooms have flaunted and the clicks will make you happy in the heart! 

Wedding Couple Poses With Swagger Shades

Photographer: The Candid Pictures

Be it a south Indian wedding or a north Indian wedding, having a photo shoot with sunglasses is always a good idea. So get your shades on and escape into the broad daylight for happy pictures like these!

Mind Twister Films

Photographer: Mind Twister Films

Day functions like Haldi ceremonies give you a great opportunity for candid and happy pictures like these. take it up a notch by rocking sunglasses with your family and partner and get your swag on!

The Getting-Ready Wedding Poses

Design Aqua

Photographer: Design Aqua

CineLove Productions

Photographer: CineLove Productions

The getting-ready wedding photoshoot images are taking the internet by storm due to their rawness. The outcome of the pictures comes exceptionally well. Look at this bride and groom. They are rocking in this photoshoot pose. Isn't it?

Wedding Poses For The Bathtub Shot

Infinite Memories

Photographer: Infinite Memories

Think Tank Studio

Photographer: Think Tank Studio

Sensational. contemporary and quirky - the bathtub marriage stills are trending amid the millennials. These millennials are posing with swag after getting ready for the ceremony. Check it out here. 

The Hairstyling Wedding Poses

One Eye Vision Photography

Photographer: One Eye Vision Photography

Varun Bhasin Photography

Photographer: Varun Bhasin Photography

Getting the hair game strong is nowadays taken as a chic photo pose for the couples. The couples prefer to capture every moment of this special day and thereby they prefer getting clicked whilst getting the hair done. The parlour couple photoshoot poses are also doing on rounds on the internet. Bookmark to get some reference for your own D-day.

Wedding Poses for the Mama-bear


Photographer: WeddingNama

Aaron Obed Photography

Photographer: Aaron Obed

Every mother plays an integral part in their child's wedding. So, make sure to get pictures with her done impeccably. After all, her hard work deserves the best pictures. You can take some traditional photoshoot ideas - like asking your mother to dress you and then you can ask your photographer to click a candid shot for the same. After all, there is no comparison to the natural poses. 

Romantic Wedding Couple Poses for the Ready Couple

Tasveer By The Framewala

Photographer: Tasveer by The Framewala

It is once in lifetime that you get decked up in your best attire. Just posing normally after getting ready will also be considered as one of the best wedding pic poses. You guise will itself speak volumes about your D-day, the happiness you carry in your heart, and excitement to get married to the love of your life. You can also get clicked like the couple in the above picture. They are slaying in this couple photo pose. 

Wedding Poses For The Sibling

Angel Eyes Photography

Photographer: Angel Eyes Photography

Immortal Arts Photography & Films

Photographer: Immortal Arts Photography & Films

Siblings are friends forever; they have been with you in every thick and thin So, why not get a memorable Shadi photoshoot with them? Look and grab some interesting traditional photoshoot ideas with a contemporary twist where you both are sharing some beautiful moments. Those moments talk about the bond that you both share with each other. This photoshoot poses talk about the reverence you hold for each other. Here are some inspirations for you, these photo poses are natural and candid.

Romantic Wedding Couple Poses for a Regal Entry 

Colors by Jerry

Photographer: Colors by Jerry

The Silver Clouds

Photographer: The Silver Clouds

Check these merry yet eye-pleasing photoshoots poses for your wedding. These entries are always memorable, fun and vivacious. After all, great entries have a lasting impression. 

The Big Day Romantic Wedding Couple Poses

Bindal's Studio

Photographer: Bindal's Studio

Couple poses are the mandatory clicks without which the wedding album is incomplete. There were a variety of poses that were taking the year by storm and the fun element in them won our hearts like "AWW"!

The Gorgeous Twirl Romantic Wedding Couple Poses

Rolling Canvas

Photographer: Rolling Canvas

Twirls are back in fashion with a contemporary twist. So, whether you plan for husband and wife poses or if you want to pose for a pre-wedding ceremony, this photo pose will surely drool everyone. The twirling girl in white wedding gown is setting some serious fashion goals.

The Sudden Kiss Romantic Wedding Couple Poses

Photo Vivah

Photographer: Photo Vivah

If you want to make sure that every pose that you choose, speaks of the impeccable romance that you and the love of your life share, then try this cute wedding couple image for a memorable experience.

Reception Wedding Couple Poses 

Reception Photoshoot poses are classier and daintier. Here we have picked some photoshoot poses for all of you that you can use as inspiration. These are some latest photo poses for boys and girls along with some snippets from the reception day. 

Wedding Couple Poses for Boys

Ministry Of Memories By Rahul

Photographer: Ministry Of Memories By Rahul

dancing pose

Photographer: Israni Photography

From candid captures, while you share a moment with your father or the one where you show off your mehndi designs, the wedding album is one of the most prized possessions that you will be the bearer of for years to come. Take note of these grooving moments and use them while you will be posing for unique poses.

Romantic Wedding Couple Poses for Reception

Aditya Jha Production

Photographer: Aditya Jha Production

KB Studio Productions

Photographer: KB Studio Productions

There are a million memories attached to the wedding and the ceremonies and the photographs are your tickets to relive these moments whenever you wish to! If these poses from 2019,2020 and 2021 inspired you or you have your favourites picked from above, get in touch with the stunning professionals to make your album look gorgeous!

It is your chance to make the fairytale come true and what better than choosing the best of places for dreamy backdrops and sets, with moments that look larger than life. Make sure every pose that you choose, speaks of the impeccable romance that you and the love of your life share. Last but not the least, get inventive, think outside the box, do a little drama or play totally candid- for your pre-wedding shoot poses. Ideally, these photo poses should reflect the chemistry between you and your partner. If you're planning a beach destination wedding, take advantage of the fact and get some amazing captures. Trust your photographer as he will know what is best for you. 

If these poses inspired you or you have your favourites picked from above, get in touch with the stunning professionals to make your album look gorgeous!

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