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Photoshoot Poses for Men to Sort Your D-day Album Photos

While posing for the camera comes naturally to women, men mustn’t stop trying. Do your research on photoshoot poses for men and beat them at their own game.


Weddings are all about capturing the perfect moments in the camera so that they can be re-lived by the bride, groom and their families for the years to come. While women do not need much training to make sure they get their perfect shots, men on the other hand sometimes lack the knack of cracking poses.

So we thought why not help them with photoshoot poses for men and make sure they don’t regret their pictures after the wedding is over. With some detailed research we’ve put together a list of photoshoot poses for men that will help every groom perfect his posing game.

The Getting Ready Pose

Manan Photography

While the brides go for adjusting the nathni pose or doing the makeup pose, men keep it rather simple. Wearing their sherwani or being assisted to wear their sherwani is one of our favourite photoshoot poses for men that look natural and candid while also being extremely easy to crack. 

Show Your Tattoo Off

CineLove Productions

Grooms that have a tattoo get the advantage of showing it off while also having an extra idea of photoshoot poses for men than the others. And if it is the name of your bride-to-be that you have tattooed, this pose can be one of the most memorable pictures in your wedding album. Just like this photo where the groom is flaunting the name of the woman he loves with a Kirpan in the other hand that signifies it is his wedding day.  

Flaunt the Mehndi

Nitin Arora Photography

While brides often flaunt their mehndi designs, there is something about grooms doing the same that feels very cool and urban. Also, what we love about this photoshoot pose for men is how the photographer has blurred the entire picture and the face of the groom to focus on the mehndi and what it says. 

With the Wedding Outfit

Candid Shutters Photography

Almost every wedding album has a picture of the bride and groom’s outfit as a compulsion. However, it is not always necessary to do it the clichéd way. On our list of photoshoot poses for men, we have a picture of a groom carrying his own wedding suit on his back that we think is really cool and real. 

The Dancing in the Baarat Pose

Candid Shutters Photography

Every groom must have one epic picture of his baarat in the wedding album that showcases how much fun he had. Our list of photoshoot poses for men has one such fun picture with the groom being carried by his friends on their shoulder. Everything about that picture is perfect as it depicts all the fun and dancing while also being one of the most appropriate photoshoot poses for men. 

The Haldi Madness

CineLove Productions

While Haldi is always a fun function at the wedding, it is said to be even crazier for the grooms with his friends and family making sure that no part of his body remains without Haldi. Therefore, the Haldi pictures also turn out to be the most fascinating ones in a wedding album. Just like our groom’s pose while he is fully covered in Haldi and flower petals wondering what everybody is up to. 

The Celebratory Dab

CoolBluez Photography

This is an ultimate idea for grooms that wish to crack some epic photoshoot poses for men that include his groomsmen as well. With the groom sitting in the middle doing the celebratory dab and his groomsmen pointing at him with excitement, this sure is a one of a kind idea that will be fun to execute as well.

Show your Moves

Recall Pictures

 When it comes to candid wedding photography there are very few photoshoot poses for men that actually pass off as a candid click and this picture is one of them. It is a photoshoot pose for man that allows you to flaunt your dance moves unapologetically. In this picture, we love how the groom uses undressing of his coat as a part of his candid dance move to make for a perfect Sangeet night picture.

Caught by the Nose

Recall Pictures

In a Hindu wedding, one of the most interesting ceremonies that happen before the baarat makes an entry is when the mother in law playfully holds the groom’s nose to remind him that he’s come to their door to marry their daughter and therefore must be humble and grateful for the same. While this sounds like a fun ceremony, it is also one of the most fun photoshoot poses for men at their wedding. Apart from making for a cool picture it also makes for a super cool memory to cherish many years later. 

The Proposal Pose

Dipak Studios

Last but not least, no groom’s wedding album is complete without the memory of him going down on his knees to propose his wife-to-be. Therefore this photoshoot poses for men being one of the most common ones is still considered a must-have in every wedding album. However, it is up to the grooms how they ace this pose with their unique touch to make it one of a kind. 

For grooms that have been rather clueless about the photoshoot poses for men that they must ace for their wedding album, this is a detailed list of ideas that will help you get through it all. While they are all extremely easy to crack, make sure you choose the ones that you’re comfortable with or add your own touch or style to ace it. After all, your wedding album must be a reflection of your wedding day and you.

Tell us in comments which of these photoshoot poses for men do you think are a must in a wedding album.