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Once in a Lifetime Worthy Wedding Album Makers Who Will Add Magic to Your Memories

Weddings are memorable and beautiful, so ae the wedding albums. Then, why not invest in a qualitative wedding album maker and cherish long-term memories in a bundle of a glossy book? Read more to know

Image Courtesy: Rahul Saharan Photography

Isn’t it beautiful to cherish your golden memories and priceless moments with your partner long after you have been married? Turning those glossy pages in a wedding album featuring the best avatar of you both as a couple. The magic woven by a wedding album maker will truly encapsulate you into a formidable world of nostalgia.

Whiff a fresh air of romance as you flip the bygone wedding album with your significant other. Such is the subtle charm of any talented wedding album maker, who thoughtfully crafts the essence of your chemistry and love portraying it beautifully on the formidable pages of a wedding album.

There are umpteen number of wedding photographers who offer exclusive services pertaining to curating wedding albums for you while there are some professional wedding album makers too at the same time, so do your research well before you assign the project to a certain vendor. Here are some of the jaw-dropping wedding album maker portfolios that will give you an idea of what to look and how to book:

1. ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Just a look at this captivating night shot reminds us of the Great Gatsby, La La Land or any rom-com starring two beautiful protagonists under the clear moonlight sky. Swaying in each other’s arms and romancing in a heritage fort, ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla are professional wedding photographers based out of Delhi/NCR with a specialisation of curating spell-binding wedding album.

This wedding album maker will ensure to provide you with long-lasting memories embossed in gold that will stay with you forever. Imagine tossing such pretty posy pages post 20 or 30 years of your holy marriage, you will fall in love with your partner all over again, we promise.

2. Knot Just Pictures

Knot Just Pictures

As the name says, this team of uber-professional and photographer experts hack the trick to click some of the best candid pictures. There’s something about candids that we all love, they are natural, warm and reflect the true you. Don’t you agree with us here? Knot Just Pictures are known for their brilliant cinematography and eye to detail, their feed will surely give you goals.

This wedding album maker will make you laugh somewhere when you would least expect it over a cup of coffee with your partner a decade down and yet shares the same anomalies. It’s always special to find a partner who’s as crazy as you are and candids are proof, we bet you.

3. Photosynthesis

Studio Kelly Photography

If you’re a classic connoisseur who prefers to go with the age-old photo-sessions, then Photosynthesis Photography will certainly not disappoint you in this regard. Make sure you brief your photographer well-in-advance as to what are your pre-requisites, share a couple of inspired photography with them and be mindful of the lightning. Some of the important questions you must ask before finalizing a wedding album maker are concerned with charges, different types of wedding albums, resolution of photos and whether the cost will be included in the photography package or not. Mind you, don’t be trapped by the fancy glossy images, make sure you ask them for a demo/trial if not, understand about their projects, team, and specialisation to get a better idea of their pros and cons.

4. The Photography Paradise

The Photography Paradise

Every bride has a squad brimming with drama queens or tantrum throwers or just the sweet next-girl-door types that we all heart and cherish for their unique individualities. Your wedding album is incomplete without a personal touch of your squad in them, The Photography Paradise has a record of snapping the best bride pictures with her bridesmaids, no wonder why the brides would book them up for their special D-Day. What’s your take on that, girls?

5. Albummed


Talking of bridesmaids and chirpy vibes, how can we leave the dapper groom and his oh-so-cool squad behind? Albummed is one such team of professional photographers who call themselves as Millenial-Kinda wedding album maker and we know why. Their unconventional shots, non-conformist ideas, and contemporary edits will make you go gaga for their artistic work. Don’t give a second thought and book Albummed for your next destination wedding as the official wedding album maker and photographers, we bet you won’t regret it.

6. 123 Wedding Album

123 Wedding Album

Do you fancy being photographed as a lovely bride in the shadows or somewhere in the middle of chaos admiring your sheer beauty? Well, 123 Wedding Album will surely turn your dreamy bridal fable into reality with their stunning candid shots. The lead photographer has been awarded by the official authorities and featured in several fashion and wedding magazines including the likes of Vogue India, Elle India, Harpers Bazaar Bridal issue etc. So, be assured that individual or couple candid images will come out to be flamboyant and dazzling if that’s what you are looking for.

Having covered the ecstatic and enigmatic wedding album maker, we understand it’s a task and the most important to-do thing to cover for your wedding, after all, what’s a wedding without an album, right? Be mindful of the profile, charges, additional requirements etc. and make sure you meet the team personally to strike a one-on-one chord with them. This way you will feel more connected and the photographers will feel more comfortable around you.

Tell us more of which wedding album maker touched you and how would you like to plan this for yourself? Use the Comments section and let us know.