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#WWIRecommends: Top 20 Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Getting married soon in Delhi? Here are 20 of the top luxury and budget-friendly photographers in Delhi you should check out right away!



Image Courtesy: Weddings by Lifeworks

So you're all set to get married and are now looking for top wedding photographers in Delhi who can capture your most special moments on the biggest day of your life? If yes, you've come to the right place! Once you start researching, you'll find tons of amazing wedding photographers in Delhi on every type of budget. And to find the perfect wedding photographer who falls under your wedding cost and budget and ticks all your boxes for wedding photography from this huge lit surely going to be a task. That's why, we've shortlisted some of our best wedding photographers in Delhi for you. All you need to do is scroll, explore and book directly by clicking on the big red button! 

In this article:

1. Luxury Wedding Photographers in Delhi

2. Best Budget Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Luxury Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Delhi is one city where you'll find India's best luxury wedding photographers. We understand how important booking a good wedding photographer is- after all your wedding pictures stay with your whole life! That's why, you shouldn't be compromising on the photography and should definitely check out these amazing luxury wedding photographers we've curated for you! 

 1. Picture Visual India


When it comes to doing editorial shoots with minimal distractions, Picture Visual India does it best. If you want your wedding to look like a dream in pictures and want your photographer to capture your family's and your and your partner's real emotions, you can rely on the Picture Visual India team for the pictures of your dreams!

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹97,200 onwards

Contact Picture Visual India

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2. My Visual Artistry


If you're someone who believes that wedding photographers should not be disrupting the wedding and instead should blend in as wedding guests and click candid pictures of everyone, you're in luck. Because My Visual Artistry team does exactly that and ensures you get candid-style pictures that capture your emotions on the big day!

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹2,00,000 onwards

Contact My Visual Artistry

3. Naman Verma


If you're someone who loves dramatic shots, Naman Verma and the team are who you should be contacting. Think dreamy solo bridal shots, grand couple pictures and the most royal-looking wedding pictures. With years of experience, Naman Verma has a wide portfolio and is sure to deliver the pictures just like you want them on your special day. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹2,00,000 onwards

Contact Naman Verma

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4. The Wedding Conteurs


Do you want the most Insta-perfect wedding pictures with your partner? If yes, you'll love the photography style of The Wedding Conteurs team. This photography team is focused on capturing the real emotions of the bride and groom and can give you the most gorgeous pictures of your big day that you will surely cherish your whole life!

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹2,16,000 onwards

Contact The Wedding Conteurs

5. Omega Productions


Before we say anything about the Omega Productions team, take a look at the picture above! Pictures speak a thousand words and we think this one has said it all. Omega Productions is one such team of photographers that will give you dreamy couple shots like this one capturing your happiness eternally. If you love this picture, check out their work and contact them for your big day!

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹2,40,000 onwards

Contact Omega Productions

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6. Rimghim Photography


Clicking artful pictures like this one that capture the couples' real emotions is a talent and the Rimghim photography team is surely gifted with it. If you want your wedding pictures to look as dreamy, ethereal and candid as this one, you should be clicking on the red button below right away to contact the super-talented team at Rimghim Photography. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹2,45,000 onwards

Contact Rimghim Photography

7. Shutterink


The Shutterink team is one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi. The team has years of experience and has catered to various different couples of different backgrounds and cultures. And have come up with brilliant pictures every time without fail. You can rely on them for the most beautiful and dreamy pictures of your wedding day. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹2,45,000 onwards

Contact Shutterink

8. Chocolate Box Photography


When it comes to capturing the true bond of the bride and groom using different props, and locations and utilizing candid-style photography, you can rely on the Chocolate Box Photography team. With the most scenic pictures giving a perspective to the viewer, the most gorgeous editorial solo shots and the best candid photography, Chocolate Box Photography is easily one of the top wedding photographers in Delhi. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹3,00,000 onwards

Contact Chocolate Box Photography

9. CineLove Productions


You can rely on the CineLove team for the most gorgeous candid pictures of your wedding- from the flower shower and rain dance fun at the Haldi ceremony to the loving gazes of the couple at the wedding ceremony, the team will make sure to capture the best of you, your partner and the whole family at every wedding function. With them, you are sure to have your most precious memories captured to be cherished for a lifetime. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹3,00,000 onwards

Contact CineLove Productions

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10. Colorblind Production


We'd be lying if we said this white wedding picture wasn't our favourite picture in this whole blog. What makes Colorblind Production one of the top wedding photographers in Delhi is the team's skills to capture the expressions of everyone at the wedding in the most simple ways. They also ensure they're encapsulating the whole place in their pictures by capturing the expressions of the guests in the background, the decor and the surroundings. This really helps to bind the whole picture together and perfectly captures the vibe of the moment to be remembered forever. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹3,40,000 onwards

Contact Colorblind Production

Best Budget Wedding Photographers in Delhi

If you're on a tight budget and are looking for top wedding photographers in Delhi, we've got your back. In this list, you'll find the best wedding photographers in Delhi who click amazing pictures and will give you what you need in their packages in your decided budget. So scroll on, explore and contact them right away before they're all sold out on your wedding dates!

1. CelebLuk Weddings


As the name suggests, the CelebLuk weddings team will give you wedding pictures just like your favourite celebrity wedding. From dreamy couple pictures to beautiful portraits and candid photography of all wedding guests, the team is well-equipped with skills for all kinds of photography styles. The best part? They're well within your budget!

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹50,000 onwards

Contact CelebLuk Weddings

2. Wedpro Photography


We love how the photographer captured the real emotions of the couple in this picture. And when it comes to encapsulating the real feelings of the bride and groom, there's no one who does it better than the Wedpro team at such a budget. If you want minimalistic pictures that will truly capture your big day in the most special way that you will cherish forever, the Wedpro team is who you should be contacting. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹50,000 onwards

Contact Wedpro Photography

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3. Aperture Gear


When you think of Aperture Gear, think about the happiest candid clicks, bright and happy pictures and the dreamiest couple photos. If this is what you're looking for in your wedding pictures and in your pre-wedding photoshoots, you should definitely be contacting the Aperture gear team. The team has years of experience and has catered to couples of various cultures and regions and is sure to deliver exactly what you need. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹60,000 onwards

Contact Aperture Gear

4. Raghav Production


This is easily one of our favourite photos on this list! What makes Raghav Productions one of the top wedding photographers in Delhi is their photography style that captures the best moments of couples' wedding day. Their pictures truly capture the big moments and the truest of emotions of the couple, their friends, families and other wedding guests and this ensures that you get to relive the most special day of your life with their pictures forever. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹60,000 onwards

Contact Raghav Production

5. We Filmmakers


If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Delhi who can click phenomenal pictures and capture you and your partner's bond in the true sense, the We Filmmakers team is who you should be contacting. The We Filmmakers team specializes in candid photography and is sure to deliver exactly what you need. The team is great at modifying their styles as per the couples' needs and will ensure that you get nothing but the best.  

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹60,000 onwards

Contact We Filmmakers

6. Seven Shades Production


Seven Shades Production is one of the top wedding photographers in Delhi all thanks to their highly skilled and talented team that has always delivered the most beautiful pictures just like this one. You can rely on the team for delivering the most beautiful candid shots that encapsulate your real feelings of your wedding day. And we're sure you'll be cherishing the candid pictures with your partner forever!

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹65,000 onwards

Contact Seven Shades Production

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7. Portfolio Studio


The Portfolio Studio team has time and again proven to be one of the top wedding photographers in Delhi with their candid style photography and their amazing photography style. If you're on a budget and want your wedding pictures to look as amazing as the ones above, there's no better team in Delhi to contact than the Portfolio Studio team. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹70,000 onwards

Contact Portfolio Studio

8. Wedin Tales


When it comes to capturing plandids like this one and utilizing the space and natural light in the best way possible, you can rely on Wedin Tales team. What makes the Wedin Tales team one of the best budget-friendly wedding photographers in Delhi is their experience which allows them to deliver exactly what the couple demands. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹70,000 onwards

Contact Wedin Tales

9. Knotty Expressions


If you're on a tight budget for wedding photographers for your big day and are looking for a team that will give you editorial shots like this one, you're in luck. The Knotty Expressions team has years of experience in this style of photography and has never failed to deliver amazing pictures of weddings. Contact them before they're sold out for all the wedding slots!

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹71,000 onwards

Contact Knotty Expressions

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10. Foto Palace Photography


What makes Foto Palace Photography one of the top wedding photographers in Delhi is their super talented team who is able to modify and deliver as per the couples' needs. The team always takes the time to sit and understand what the couple needs and accordingly customizes their style and plans to deliver the most gorgeous wedding pictures like this one. 

1-Day Wedding Package: ₹80,000 onwards

Contact Foto Palace Photography

Now that you know about the best luxury wedding photographers in Delhi and the best budget-friendly wedding photographers in Delhi, we hope you were able to contact your favourite ones and enquire.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message on any of our social media profiles and we'll get back to you in no time.