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Choosing a Perfect Venue for Haldi Ceremony

The type of venue matters a lot for this generation. So here we bring some spectacular venues for the haldi ceremony. Be it a venue near a pool or a venue near a beach. Here we will help you to choose a perfect haldi venue.

haldi ceremony for a bride in TV SOAPS

haldi ceremony for a bride in TV SOAPS
Image Credits - Debattama Saha

Apart from the pious rituals of smearing the bride and groom’s face and body with turmeric, rose water and other herbs, what else makes the haldi ceremony special these days? Millennial couples love to plan a party of a kind during their haldi ceremony. With props, colours or beautiful orange flowers, and a hip and happening playlist curated by the wedding DJ, the venue of your haldi ceremony is brought to life for a memorable occasion. Apart from these props, colours and the backdrop of the venue matters a lot. The fad of celebrating the haldi ceremony amid scenic views and natural bounty is stirring for all good reasons. Here’s a list of the kind of venues that you can explore for your haldi ceremony party. 

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In this article - 

  • Pool Side Venue For Haldi
  • Haldi Venue Near Hills
  • Haldi Venue With a Royal Backdrop
  • Lake Side/River Side Haldi Venue
  • Haldi Venue in Wilderness

Pool Side Venue for Haldi


Image Credits - abhinavkanyal_akclicks

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The Haldi ceremony is eagerly awaited by the couple’s friends and cousins and which is why here we bring forth some stellar ideas and take your function up a notch. Trust us, this poolside venue will give you a riot of haldi ceremonies with your close friends and family. Organise fun Haldi games or a rocking Cocktail night with romantic songs playing in the background to make the most of your beautiful haldi venue. Mehendi – A day time haldi event is a perfect opportunity to use a poolside venue. Thematic Cabana tents, props and other creative props will elevate the ambience further. 

Things to Remember - 

  • Check with your shortlisted wedding venue for a pool side space that can be especially booked for your haldi ceremony. Various 4 or 5 star hotels have breathtaking poolside setups within the venue where the haldi ceremony can be hosted during the day.
  • Discuss the guest list for your haldi ceremony to ensure that the pool side venue has the required guest capacity.
  • If you have already booked your wedding venue and need a separate space for your Haldi ceremony, you can explore open air venues like - Taj Santa Cruz, MumbaiMetropolitan Hotel-CP Delhi,  Clarks Amer, Jaipur etc.

Haldi Venue Near Hills 

decor for haldi

haldi ceremony

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The Haldi ceremony has got to be one of the most  happening pre-wedding ceremonies of all. It is extremely popular among all generations who are to be present for the wedding. It is a roller coaster ride of fun-filled moments for the couple's family and friends, because who wouldn't like the little giggles with loved ones and  crazy fun before the wedding. So if you are a fun loving person but love the serenity of nature then this haldi venue near hills is perfect for you. 

Things to Remember - 

  • If you are planning a destination wedding with the hills as a wedding backdrop, Check with your shortlisted wedding venue/decorator if they can place the cabana near the hill view. The pictures will come out good if the serenity of the /hills will be in the backdrop.
  •  Discuss the guest list for your haldi ceremony to ensure that the Hillside venue has the required guest capacity.
  • You can explore open air venues like - Cloud 9 hills and Resorts  Hills Retreat Resort , Fern Hillside Resort, Bhimtal. These venues are  surrounded by serenity and breath-taking hillside views which will give your big day a splendid and picturesque feel. 

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Haldi Venue with a Royal Backdrop

royal haldi venue

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We recommend some amazing places where you will submerge in royalty, heritage and twinkling lights. Further, the wedding planning can help you to exhibit rustic elements across the indoor venue, from straw scarecrows to paper spinning wheels, yellow Bandhej spreads on tables, chairs and available surfaces to stalls. These venues with palatial backdrops are generally  surrounded by serenity and breath-taking views which will give your big day a splendid and picturesque feel. 

Things to Remember - 

  • Check with your shortlisted wedding venue/decorator if they can place the sitting arrangement near the royal fort, backdrop
  •  Discuss the guest list for your haldi ceremony to ensure that venue has the required guest capacity.
  • These venues are royal and are in sync with India's rich culture and heritage, so decide dress code, gifts  as per the theme. 

Lakeside/River Venue for Haldi

Lake side wedding haldi venue

Image Credits - Karma Lakelands, Gurgaon

Ever thought about how you can make an occasion something you could remember, yes the only way to make it memorable is - calling your loved ones in a mesmerising venue. A lake-side venue is definitely a breathtaking decision. The winning factor remains that even if you arrange a small set for a haldi ceremony- anything near the beach would look beautiful near the beach. Also, Who wouldn't love to get married with the water as their wedding backdrop? Lakes, oceans and rivers are some of the most sought after open-air venues. Book aLakeside resort and host your Haldi, Mehndi, and wedding right by the sea for some stellar outdoor photoshoot!

Things to Remember -

  • Check if the planner can arrange the setup in the close proximity to the lake. Make sure to arrange proper fans as it is generally really hot nowadays.
  • Venues like Karma Lakelands, Aloha on the Ganges are perfect for the ceremony as well as for the guests.

Haldi Venue Amid Wilderness

Haldi venue in a five star

If you are looking for a venue surrounded by lush green vibes then you should go for a rustic or green theme. A forest venue for haldi is ideal for a theme wedding with a nature inspired touch. There is nothing like being surrounded with open air, natural environs and open areas.. In such a venue, you can deck up the setting with flowers, matkas etc. Also having green carpet under your feet is something breathtaking. If you are looking for something eye-catching then pick a forest for your wedding. Further planners will help you to arrange chic seating with neoclassical lamps and other decor masterpieces for that tropical paradise look.

Things to Remember

  • Check if the planner can arrange propellants, pesticides to keep mosquitos at bay.
  • Make sure your planner has everything ready beforehand as these venues generally don’t have much facilities in the nearby areas. Venues like Jim Corbett Resort and Spa, Rambagh Palace, Mallu Farms Chattarpur are perfect for the guests too.

Haldi Venue in a Courtyard

haldi venue

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Every hotel, every beautiful place has a courtyard. Some luxe hotels have courtyards with merry meadow flowers blooming in every corner and some have illustrated artworks. Some are thematic as per the setting of the hotel and some are customised as per the occasion. The open air-setting is perfect for a haldi ceremony as one can rejoice in the beauty of glistening sunshine, breeze and greenery around.

Things to Remember -

  • If you have booked a hotel for your wedding, then book a courtyard in the same hotel only as it will be a convenient option.
  • Do let your planner know in advance about your dream theme, if it is a summer wedding try for a creative shady seating
  • If it is a day wedding, then try to incorporate more mocktails than snacks in the menu list.
  • If it is a winter wedding, then let your guests bask away in the glory of the sun - avoid shady seating arrangements. Rather play with colours, props and other aesthetics. .Venues like - The Trident Gurgaon, the Rooftop of majestic Tijara Fort palace will add life to your haldi ceremony.

Further, we recommend you to speak to your wedding decorator before choosing the venues. Haven't hired a wedding planner yet? If you are looking for the best venues that the country has to offer, book the perfect wedding venue here. Let our experts help you enjoy a beautiful experience. 

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