The Glittery Glimpse

The Big Engagement

Lots of couples opt for a formal ceremony announcing their engagement before the wedding and exchanging rings at the get-together. This is totally your call and you can choose to host it a few months after the proposal. It’s okay to keep it slightly casual and not go all out with your engagement ceremony. Invite your closest friends and family members only.

The Mehendi Ceremony

You must seek advice from your older relatives for this one, and hire artists to apply henna on your hands and feet. Don’t forget to send formal invitations to all your close family members and friends. This is a usually relaxed affair with casual singing and dancing followed by waiting for the henna to dry together, exchanging stories for long hours and enjoying good food. You don’t need to invite too many people, make it an intimate gathering with more room for you to enjoy yourself.

The Sangeet

This one is bound to be a grand affair with choreographed performances, elaborate outfits, popular wedding songs, perhaps a DJ, great food, and more. You can invite more guests for the ceremony and refer to popular resources for ideas. Plan well in advance with your family members and organize regular rehearsals to ensure everyone is prepared on the day of the sangeet. Pay special attention to the music arrangements and cuisine.

Haldi Rituals

This will see those closest to you applying turmeric on you in line with traditions and it can be a lot of fun. Get your wedding photographer to take lots of candid shots, and let yourself turn up in comfortable clothes since you’ll be spending quite a few hours getting teased and pampered at the ceremony. Get your parents to pitch in with ideas and plans for the haldi ceremony.

The Main Wedding

Generally a relatively long affair, this will require you take care of the finer details and ensure everything is in place. Confirm all your bookings and also call your wedding vendors a couple of weeks in advance to avoid any unwanted last-minute changes. You’ll also want to ask your family for extra hands because there will be a lot of work to tackle, especially hard if you’re the bride or groom, trying to handle several things at once.

The Reception

You’ll get many wedding guests at the reception. Expect a heavy turnout and get a fair estimate for the seating arrangements as well food options. Finalize the décor months earlier and try ensuring that all your bookings are taken care of as early as possible. You’ll also want to look into entertainment options and special arrangements especially if you plan on inviting kids to your wedding.