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Planning your wedding ceremony? Sweat it now, think it through and we ensure you that it will closely resemble the dream you're chasing after! The Wedding planning process is a biggie - with scales and coordination which can shame any Delhi or Mumbai exec to another plane. Officewalahs - this is hard work. It has it all - budgeting, financing, lead generation, calls on calls, recce trips, fitting sessions, seating, remembering gifts and guests with deft ease. And still managing to look ten million bucks after it all!

Your wedding is going to be the biggest day of your life! Work with efficient Wedding checklists and softwares. But before you get into the midst of it all, take it in. Breathe and take out some time, effort and patience to deal with these Wedding Planning Do's and Don'ts. And we assure you that your wedding would be a roaring success.

Wedding Planning Do's:

Here are the top 5 Wedding Planning Do's which can make your D-Day a roaring success!

1. Discuss and decide

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What: Scale of Marriage, Type of Ceremonies, Wedding Festivities, Photoshoots

How: Stay Connected

With Whom: Your Partner!

You decided on an 'I Do' with him/her. Gear up for your first test. Your partner is your balance wheel when it comes to planning for your wedding. They have their own dreams, aspirations and expectations on what they want their Wedding Day to be. Listen up! This also lets you get an insight into their ideas and personality. And that's helpful in getting the kind of memories both of you would cherish in the years to come!

It might be a case of perfect synchronisation! Or a case of opposites colliding! You may be the Band Baaja Bride, talking to a person who wants a Court Shaadi. Or vice versa. Talk it through and move around these pieces deftly. Who knows - it could also end up becoming a classic idea behind your pre-wedding photo shoot!

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What: Religious Traditions, Ceremonies, Gifts 

How: Open-table discussions, cross-talks and repeat discussions

With Whom: Bride's Family and Groom's Family (Parents, Siblings and Respected Elders)

Hi Chalk - Meet Cheese! Khandaan meets Parivaar can go in different directions, even for families coming from the same city, town, economic setting, class and social background. Why? Because each family has their own set of traditions, beliefs, religious and regional sentimentalities, which emerge at the time of an Indian Wedding. And these can be things to build foundations on. Or cause discomforts.

So, how do you marry religious traditions and the list of wedding ceremonies you intend to hold for your nupitals? Discuss and Decide which preferences can be included at what time to create this perfect ceremony, where no one would feel left out, disappointed or complain. And match these with your partner's wants too.

2. Do Your Research:

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What: Everything You Need: Caterers, Wedding Invitations, Entertainment, Decor, Florists, Wedding Outfits, Mehendi Artists, Salons, Wedding Photographers

How: Online, Offline, Apps Which Offer Vendor Reviews, Recommendations

With Whom: Break it up with your partner, Family and Friends

Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding but no one realises the effort and research that is actually needed to plan it piece-by-piece. (In fact, even organising a Mehndi ceremony is huge!) Go through all the recent weddings that you were totally impressed by, collect all the names and details of the services: photographers, florists, wedding planners... Get as much information as you can to find the ones most suited for your wedding budget and style.

3. Choose The Right Venue

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What: Decide Venues for All Functions

How: Research and Fact Check Against Budget, Season, No. of Guests, Food and Your Own Ideas for Ideal Wedding

With Whom: Partner, Family, Friends, Wedding Planner

After deciding the wedding date, the next step is to decide a venue. In India, during the wedding season there is a mad rush to get the best location. If you want a specific location for your event don’t drag your feet, think quickly and decide. If you are planning a destination wedding, then convey that to your wedding planner to get the best deals and to make sure the season and weather is suitable for your grand event.

4. Select Wedding Services Essentials:

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Who: Wedding Photographer, Catering, Decor

How: Recommendations (Online + Offline), Research

With Whom: Photographer (With Partner), Caterer (With Family and Wedding Planner), Decor (Family, Friends, Wedding Planner)

The most memorable aspects in a wedding are going to be photography, catering and décor. Remember to include all your fantasies but don’t let your imagination run wild! No one wants a royal themed wedding with Mexican cuisine!

5. Have a plan B


What: Back-up for all services, venue

How: Research fall-back options in your wedding budget, check availability

With Whom: Your Partner, Friends

Even though you plan everything to perfection, anything could go wrong. Be prepared for any last minute surprise, just in case, but always be optimistic. Getting involved in the planning process will give you immense confidence and the strength to overcome anything.

Wedding Planning Don´ts:

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Now that we've handled the Do's, let's move to the things you shouldn't do. It's your day, but don't let it leave a bad taste (literally and proverbially) in anyone's mouth. Here's how you don't jar others with planning noise:

1. Don’t procrastinate


What: Planning Your Wedding, Checking Vendor Availability, Finalising Vendors, Cross-checking, Verifying and Payments

How: Keep a Wedding To-Do Checklist and work accordingly

With Whom: Vendors, Family, Friends, Wedding Planner, Partner

Dreaming that your wedding hassles would magically resolve on their own? It’s your wedding; there is no point in thinking that something or someone will make everything perfect for you. Don’t make your wedding planning a chaotic experience; the faster you set your house in order, the better.

2. Don't Fly Off Your Budget

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In Indian weddings, at the beginning, there is always this watertight budget; then by the end of it, money flows like water. Don’t spend a fortune and run into debt, it’s your dream wedding not your financial nightmare.

3. Don't Be A Bridezilla / Groomzilla

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To Whom: Your Family, Friends, Partner

How: Keep Calm, Plan Ahead

Planning your wedding can be a nightmare at times, but that doesn't mean that you need to add to the pressure by taking up everything yourself, or running around with a baton. Share the load and let everyone remember your nupitals in a happy way.

4. Don't Hold It In

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What: Extreme Tensions, Stress, Depression, Fears

How: Discuss them with your partner, confidants

You're allowed to stress about things, but it's better to let them spill to a confidant, rather than to bottle it in. By bottling those in, you're not helping anyone and neither are you enjoying your own wedding experience.

Keep calm - Planning Your Wedding is Huge, but Doable, if you work with the right strategy, army of loved ones, attitude and planning tools. We hope this checklist of Wedding Do's and Don'ts help you through the exercise. And for the rest? Hop on to The WeddingWire Wedding Planning Checklist!