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Curate your playlist

The selection of songs for the ceremony will go a long way in ensuring your party is a hit. Choose songs that evoke a sense of nostalgia and are easy to sing along to. You want your party to be a celebration of sorts, a happy colourful event. If you’re confused about the selection of songs, ask your friends and family to help out.

Ask around

While choosing mehendi designers, make sure you get solid recommendations. You want to avoid feeling disappointed later. Ask for a few work samples if that will help you reach your final decision. Make sure you spend a little time on this because you want your guests to feel very pleased with their designs as well.

Opt for comfortable clothes

You can experiment with your outfit choices for the ceremony and perhaps even choose your favourite color since there are no rules you absolutely must adhere to. However, make sure you choose clothing you’ll feel very comfortable in because the process is time-consuming. You don’t want to feel flustered because of a heavy outfit and too much jewellery.

Call your loved ones

For this ceremony, you must ensure that you invite those you are closest to. Your childhood friends, best girlfriends, favourite cousins, happy aunts – you want to feel secure before your wedding day and need plenty of good vibes during the ceremony. You need great company to keep stress at bay and it’s essential you bond over beautiful designs and happy songs.

Have a little fun

Arrange for fun games such as Antakshari and Dumb Charades. You can also arrange for a nice rapid fire session with a list of quirky questions and lots of gift hampers. Or you could place a giant screen in the room and play popular Bollywood wedding videos to keep your guests entertained. The idea is to relax and enjoy yourself.

Experiment, experiment!

Organize for a fun menu and lots of light refreshments. You don’t need to opt for boring and conventional food choices if you’d rather choose your personal favorite cuisine. Mix it up, ask a professional for tips. Don’t feel restricted at all, get your caterer to personalise your food options. You can even have fun with a mini-cake which has an intricate mehendi design. Get creative!