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Winter weddings bring with them the opportunity to host stunning day-mehndi events. As a bride, think of sunny afternoons under colourful canopies, with your closest friends and family for company. Wedding decorators love planning this bride-focussed event. Logistically also, hosting your mehndi during the day makes sense as it gives you a free evening to host the cocktail/ sangeet night with your partner and his family. Most importantly, day-mehndis are just gorgeous! We’ve shortlisted some of the best day-mehndi décor setups of this season to inspire you to move your mehndi session to noon – a decision that’ll get you a nod of approval from your photographers too. Bookmark these pictures and our simple planning guide to start planning your mehndi decorations today!


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Don’t be restricted to traditional mehndi colours

Repeat after us, a mehndi event does not have to be orange! Over the years, we’ve seen an overdose of orange and yellow mehndis. These events are pretty, no doubt, but leave little to the imagination. To stand out, we suggest adding the usually ignored shades of blues, greens, and pinks to your mehndi colour palette. Take inspiration from these fresh mehndi setups created by The Wedding Designers.

The Wedding Designers


The Wedding Designers

Spend time and effort in conceptualising your bridal seat

This season, we’ve seen some truly stunning bridal corners created for brides who are not restricted to the dulhaniya jhoolas of 2016. Don’t ignore comfort or style, especially because you’ll spend a few hours in this space. If yours is a low-key home mehndi, this is the one area you should focus on. Experiment with gotas, ribbons, tassles and mirrors to create a gorgeous photobackdrop for all your bridal mehndi pictures.  

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Complement your mehndi flowers with other quirky accessories

This year, wedding decorators are moving away from flowers and towards quirky décor props, the favourites being tassles, ethnic dreamcatchers, and gota hangings. While you cannot completely remove flowers from an Indian wedding, we suggest creating a balanced décor plan, which has a bit of both. Beautiful yet affordable!

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Create the perfect print story

This season, we’ve seen mehndi setups where prints do all the talking. Think ikat cushions, Aztec bar tops, and floral dance floors! This wedding decoration trend is here to stay as it simplifies work for both the decorators and the bride. Find a print that works for you and include it in different aspects of your mehndi, right from your invitation to your outfit and finally, your décor.

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Boho chic or desi mela, pick a theme that suits your personality

Remember, Mehndi is one wedding event where you, the bride, get to do all the decision making. Don’t follow trends blindly. Boho chic, filmi, Parisian, carnival - find a theme that screams 'you' and stick to that throughout. Talk to your closest friends and come up with a concept you’ll love ten years later also. That will be the mehndi of your dreams.


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