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Tune in to These 5 Stunning Mehndi Decoration Ideas That Inspire the Best Setups for Your Mehndi Ceremony

Need ideas for a splendid Mehndi decoration setup? We talk about the small and big elements which can help you create the perfect setup for your fun day!

Abhinav Bhagat

Think fun, glamour and a day with your lovely, lovely ladies? While the Shaadi experience remains a hectic rollercoaster, the Mehndi ceremony is this one day of fun for you. Picture it beneath colourful sunlit canopies with flowers and other beautiful Mehndi decoration elements and you know it will a gorgeous day set-up indeed. The music that plays in the venue with the sound of dhol in the air is an ecstatic feeling and you will just know that the day is a glorious one that will bring you ecstatic happiness. It is one of the most enjoyable pre-wedding function and you get to eat out of your best friend's plate or get fed by your mother or aunt because your palms will be covered in the dark paste of mehndi. 

Apart from the intricate designs that often tell your story in your palms and come off with rich colours of your love, to make you look stunning, you also look forward to the gorgeous mehndi decoration that is a treat to the eyes and creates a beautiful ambience that is not only soothing but also sets the stage for the celebrations.

We explore all of these details with inspirational mehndi decoration ideas that would match your dreams and have your wedding photographer's approval too. Bookmark these pictures and start planning about your Mehndi decoration from today!

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

The colours exhibited in a mehndi decoration is impeccable and the precision in setting up a venue decor that will fit the flow of your ceremonies while upholding the themes that you have decided - be it the colours or be it the props used to set it up, is commendable.

1. Traditional Mehndi colour themes? Keep exploring the palette

The Wedding Designers

Repeat after us, a mehndi event does not have to be orange! Over the years, we’ve seen an overdose of orange and yellow mehndi decoration themes. These events are pretty, no doubt, but leave little to the imagination. To stand out, we suggest adding the usually ignored shades of blues, greens, and pinks to your mehndi colour palette. Take inspiration from these fresh mehndi setups created by The Wedding Designers.

The Wedding Designers

The hanging white garlands with the pink bouquets of roses are not only aesthetically on point, but they also make sure that the backdrop of the photographs is a treat to watch even years later. This is giving us Phoolon Ki Chadar vibes but in a different way. What about you?

2. Think about your bridal seat

Mahima Bhatia Photography

This season, we’ve seen some truly stunning bridal corners created for brides who are not restricted to the dulhaniya jhoolas of 2016. Don’t ignore comfort or style, especially because you’ll spend a few hours in this space. If yours is a low-key home mehndi, this is the one area you should focus on. Experiment with Gotas, ribbons, tassels and mirrors to create a gorgeous photo backdrop for all your bridal mehndi pictures.  


The look of this seat is almost like a jhoola but the seat is firmly placed on the ground. It covers both the aspects of mehndi decoration and comfort for the bride's seat.

3. Think beyond flowers for decor accessories

Bougain Villa Design

This year, wedding decorators are moving away from flowers and towards quirky décor props, the favourites being tasels, ethnic dreamcatchers, and Gota hangings. The furniture can be planned to set up in such a way where you can leave space for the mehndi artists to sit next to each one of yoru ladies and paint their palms beautifully. While you cannot completely remove flowers from an Indian wedding, we suggest creating a balanced décor plan, which has a bit of both. Beautiful yet affordable! You can opt for something quirky as this decor as well to step it up a notch. 

Abhinav Bhagat

This colourful wall stacked with bottles is just a sight for sore eyes. We have never seen something so simple yet absolutely magnificent. This wall will add a colourful story to your candid shots as well. This can be beautifully designed and places in the mehndi decoration of the venue and this can also work as the place for a photo booth where your friends and family members can click pictures with cool props and make memories of a lifetime for everyone.

4. Create the perfect print story

Abhinav Bhagat

This season, we’ve seen mehndi setups where prints do all the talking. Think Ikat cushions, Aztec bar tops, and floral dance floors! This wedding decoration trend is here to stay as it simplifies work for both the decorators and the bride. Find a print that works for you and include it in different aspects of your mehndi, right from your invitation to your outfit and finally, your décor. Who would have thought that dreams catchers, when used as a decoration inspiration, could look so stunning! The classic indigo and white combination is to die for.

5. Match Mehndi decoration theme to yourself

Abhinav Bhagat

Remember, Mehndi is one wedding event where you, the bride, get to do all the decision making. Don’t follow trends blindly. Boho chic, filmi, Parisian, carnival - find a theme that screams 'you' and stick to it throughout. Talk to your closest friends and come up with a concept you’ll love ten years later also. That will be the mehndi of your dreams. Also, a lot depends upon the time of your function as well.

If you are planning to go for a mehndi ceremony for evening or late at night then perhaps adding some glow ups, fairy lights, Diyas would be the apt thing to do to amp up your decoration. Also, to make your Mehndi function even more fun find out some interesting mehndi games that you can arrange to ensure that your friends and family are having a gala time as well. Turn your function into an endless party full of fun, frolic and never-ending laughter.

DId we inspire you enough with these Mehndi Decoration Ideas? If yes, book a wedding decorator who will do justice to your Mehndi daydreams, right away!