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Floating Mandap Ideas for Your Pheras Straight Out of a Fairytale

Nothing is impossible when it’s your wedding day. So, we’re giving you a reason to go all out by showing you designs of floating mandaps. Check them out!

Floating Mandap with beautiful decor

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Designers

We’ve said it a thousand times, we’ll say it again, your wedding day is gonna be the most precious day of your life and there’s nothing that compares to the kind of thrill the D-day brings along. It is that moment when your wedding Pinterest board comes to life and you see everything come together like it was all meant to be—it will be magical.

Mandap Inside the Pool

Image Credits- Bombay 12 Events

The only thing that tops off that feeling is a gorgeously laid wedding decor. The decor of the wedding plays such an important role in the entire look and feel of the day that it’s almost safe to say, wedding decor mustn’t be compromised with; especially the wedding mandap decoration. Be it for an intimate home wedding or a full-blown destination wedding, the mandap decor must stand out, to say the least. Since it is pretty much THE place where all the important rituals take place, the mandap has to be nothing but the best.

Royal Floating Mandap

Talking about the best mandaps, floating mandaps definitely tops the list. They’re all sorts of dreamy and can make any wedding look like a million bucks. The mandaps might not actually be afloat since they’re just strategically placed around waters to give a floating illusion, but they’re definitely an experience to savour for a lifetime.

Whether or not you love the waters, these floating mandap designs will swamp you off your feet, making you wanna get married this very minute. Scroll below to get thrilled!

Pristine white & gold

White dreamy mandap setiing

Image Courtesy: Exquisite London

One can never go wrong with the pristine combination of white and gold. This floating mandap placed in a shallow river amidst a secluded forest makes for an ideal spot to have your intimate pheras. 

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Exquisite florals

Serene Mandap Setting

Image Courtesy: Shackirova Julia

Florals are never going out of trend because they’re so wholesome and exquisite. They instantly add so much drama and character to wherever they’re placed without having to put much effort into. This floating mandap decked up in real florals and floral prints are making us fall hard. 

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Rustic & chic

Rustic wedding setting

We can never get enough of the rustic-chic wedding decor trend. Sprouted with pampas grass stems in heaps, this floating mandap is so dimensional and futuristic. Tell us what's not to love about it?

Dome-shaped elegance

Dome shaped Mandap

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography India

Dome-shaped mandaps have been used in weddings for as long as we can remember and even in the 21st century, they don’t seem to get outdated. We’re rooting hard for this dome-shaped floating mandap set among fountains and candelabras. 

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Amidst a lotus pond

Lotus decor

We love how strategically this floating mandap is placed, amidst the natural gorgeousness of the lotus pond. Laden with ferns and blooms, this mandap is straight out of our dreams. 

Immaculately subtle

Pink Wedding Decor

Image Courtesy: Wizkim Wedding Official

The beauty of simplicity is unmatched and so is of this utterly simple yet noteworthy floating mandap. Covered in pastel drapes and beautifully lit with in-water flame lights, this simple mandap design has definitely caught our attention. 

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Laden with cherry-blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Talk about a Fairytale-like mandap and we’ll show you an inspiration to remember. Lavishly decked up with cherry blossoms and drapes, this pink floral mandap is giving us the chills, the happy kinda chills, of course.

Seashore bliss

Ganesha and water inside the  mandap

Image Courtesy: Indian Weddings Italy

Beach weddings have our heart and this floating mandap placed on the seashore deepens our love for beach weddings so much more. Imagine the continual sound of waves crashing on the shore while you take your pheras and recite your vows. Celestial, isn’t it?

Cosily constructed

Pink floating mandap

Image Courtesy: Afreen Weddings

Cosy wedding setups brim our hearts with happiness and so did this floating mandap placed secludedly on the rooftop. Decorated deftly with a few bunches of pink blooms and a big floral chandelier, we’re totally eyeing this mandap. Are you too? 

Pure traditional vibes

Phool Mandap

Image Courtesy: Elan Events

With all the new trends going around, there’s comfort in the old-worldly traditional Indian wedding vibe. Strings of genda phool cascading across the mandap and decor colour palette dominated with yellows and oranges; classic Indian wedding setup for the win!

Poolside perfection

Poolside mandap

Image Courtesy: Its Dwne

Getting married in a resort? Capture the pool already. You may have only thought of hosting a pool party but what’s the harm in getting your mandap placed in the pool too? We say, go ahead!

Effortlessly beautiful

Vibrant Mandap

Don’t we adore everything that exudes an effortless charm? So is the case with this stunning floating mandap built like a little hut, decked up with strings of genda phool and other fragrant blooms.

Minimal Sophistication

Classy wedding decor

Image Courtesy: Pandorama Events

Our last, but not least floating mandap design is an epitome of sophistication. Cooped in a shack-side hut, beautified with drapes and floral strings, everything about this mandap on water is gawk-worthy. Calling out all the minimalists out there to give this simple mandap a try. What do you think?

So whether you’re choosing a minimalist mandap or a humongous one, you can have them placed in a floating setup to add that dreamy vibe to your pheras.

Floating Mandap near Pool

Would you take your pheras over a floating mandap? Book your dream decorator to bring your dream mandap to reality.