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Stunning South Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas for the Authentic Feel

A south Indian style wedding is famous for its rustic décor ideas and vibrant flower arrangements so here are some stunning south Indian wedding decoration ideas to take inspiration from!

Image Courtesy: Vijayeesam

Have you ever had the chance to witness a south Indian style wedding? Well, you’re lucky if you have because there is something so magical about a south Indian wedding decoration that just melts our hearts.

While the marigold flower is the star of every south Indian wedding decoration, you’ll be surprised to see the unique ways people use it in to make it look like one of a kind and magical. While we could go on and on about how important marigold flowers are in south Indian wedding decoration, we think it’s better if we prove our stance and show you some pictures captured at a south Indian wedding that’ll blow your mind just like it blew ours.

Dainty allure with coconut trees

With Love, Nilma

Let’s start the list of South Indian wedding decorations with something that shouts authentic South Indian-ness–Coconut trees. How pretty is this dainty mandap made with the help of perfectly aligned coconut trees? The mogra strings suspended with roses make for the perfect roof for the mandap in an outdoor setting.

Flower Rangoli with Marigold


Flower rangolis have always been a crucial part of south Indian wedding decoration. However, what we love here is the use of different shades of the marigold flower to make the flower rangoli look elegant.

South Indian Mandap with Marigold

Next on the list is this beautifully decorated mandap that does not just look authentic but also gives out a positive vibe. While the mandap has been done up for a south Indian style wedding, the idea can be used to decorate any other mandap or gazebo as with marigold flowers and other flowers as well to make it look traditional and yet very eye-catching.

The Bride and Groom Jhoola

Weva Photography

After scrolling through a gazillion ideas on how to decorate the bride and groom’s stage or ideas to have unique seating space for them, what we loved the most about this south Indian wedding decoration idea is how simple it is. The use of a traditional style jhoola that has simple marigold decorations all around looks almost perfect for the bride and groom to be seated while enjoying the company of their guests.

The Marigold Jaal with Bells

Chirmi Weddings

Another beautiful idea to execute in a south Indian wedding is to mix the two most authentic items to make for a beautiful decoration example. The marigold flowers being every wedding planner’s favourite, when put together with the bells, make for a beautiful backdrop at the wedding venue.

Marigold Hangings

3 Productions Wedding Planning

Lastly on our list for the south Indian wedding decoration ideas using marigold are simple marigold hangings that can add a charm to anything at a wedding venue. From the trees to the stage, the marigold hangings look great wherever you decide to put them.

Now that we’ve proved you right about south Indian wedding decoration being incomplete with marigolds, let’s look at some of the other favourite decoration ideas for those of you that do not want marigold to be the centre of every decoration ideas.

Bamboo Hut Mandap or Backdrop

Image Courtesy: Wedlock Weddings by Vima

This bamboo hut decorated with lotus and mogra strings makes for a perfect setting to take the wedding vows. Set near the beach, it also makes for a stunning backdrop to get breath-taking wedding photos. The cherry on the cake is that the bamboo hut does not only look super authentic south Indian wedding decoration idea but also makes for a cool photo-booth.

The Fairy Lights and Chandeliers

3 Productions Wedding Planning

For brides and grooms that are planning a night under the sky for a sit-down dinner after the wedding are going to love this idea of using fairy lights as well as chandeliers hanging as a roof under the open sky. Apart from giving your guests a never before experience, this is an idea that they’re sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

The Décor with Mogra

3 Productions Wedding Planning

After marigold, the next preferred flowers for south Indian wedding decorations are the mogra flowers. While the dome-shaped mandap décor using mogra looks regal and beautiful, we love the little mogra stands wrapped up on the chairs of guests that completes the décor making the theme come alive.

The Original Light Bulbs

3 Productions Wedding Planning

While south Indian wedding decoration is all about the simpler and more authentic elements, the original light bulb makes for a perfect addition to the list. It doesn’t just add light to the venue but also gives it a unique yellow tone that makes the wedding pictures look gorgeous too.

While we love all these wedding decoration ideas, the simple reason behind it is the authenticity of the elements and the flawless execution of the same. With the wedding decoration becoming bigger and bigger day by day, there is a unique charm that these authentic south Indian wedding decoration elements have.

Which of these decoration ideas did you love? Tell us in comments.