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The Ultimate Guide to Photo Booth Ideas for a Dreamy Beach Wedding

How to make your beach wedding an absolute ball game for your guests? This blueprint on photo booth ideas will bring memories, laughter and merriment to the wedding party! Take notes people!

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A beach wedding can be slated as one of the finest destination wedding experiences of all time. The romance in the air breezes in the ambience naturally with the whiff of sea salt and the warmth of the tropical landscape. But truth be told, a beach wedding in today's times has become quite a common destination wedding affair, demanding something new and out-of-the-box experiences. Having a photo booth has become a notable trend now and given all the selfies and fine photo-capturing portable technology (smartphones), a photo booth can be considered as the perfect engagement for your guests.

Sourcing some unique photo booth ideas from real weddings, we have listed down all the elements that make for the most happening photo booth experience that your guests get to experience. So mark these ideas and get ready to receive all the praises by your friends and family for curating unique photo booth ideas like a pro!

1. Giant Hashtag

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The first thing all the guests should witness when they enter the venue should be a giant hashtag(this is how you can create one) that combines both the bride and the groom’s names. Take help of your wedding decorators or find a spot at the venue which is a perfect natural photo-booth backdrop and embed the giant hashtag right in the centre of the frame. Such photo booth ideas, derived from the modern trends of the millennial, are quite a big hit with guests of all ages. But using the natural landscape as a photo booth backdrop and having the giant hashtag as the main element demands the right light settings so as to lit up throughout the day and the night as well.

The idea is to set such photo booth spots up parallel to the movement of the sun, i.e. the north or the west side, so as to avoid getting a frame dark and against the light. For the hashtag to get lit up at the light, install a couple of spotlights that will create a dramatic effect as well as light up space for those perfect night hashtag selfies!

2. The Quote Props

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Make sure that you have a table set up right next to the photo booth for easy access to the props. For beach wedding photo booth ideas, you will find a variety of accessories that can be used as props, but what is unique and stands out as the most picked up props are the quote props. Pre-plan all the fun quotes like ‘Beach Bride’ or ‘Drunk On The Beach’ and get them printed in neat fonts in advance.

Right from the bride, the groom, the friends and family, make sure that you have ample quote props that match the relationship or personality of every guest in a fun manner. Since weddings are a family gathering, avoid getting the bachelorette quote props to the party, maintaining the family decorum of the wedding while still having fun with these fun photo booth ideas.

3. Infinity Photo Booth

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The beach wedding photo booth ideas are incomplete without the use of the beautiful coastal line. If your venue is nearer to the beach with an undisturbed view of the sea, do make use of this frame for your photo booth setup. Before setting up the photo booth right in front of the beach, make sure that the technicians have figured out the movement of the sun and the light right and that the whole setup doesn’t go against the light at any given point of the wedding function’s timeline. Once you have the light sorted, go ahead and set up a levelled stage with a framed photo booth that compliments the beauty of the sea in the background and gives the photo taker the perfect frame for all the photos.

4. Floral Decor

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A beach is a rare destination for flowers, but floral setup photo booth ideas for beach wedding functions truly amplify the colour scheme of the frame. By decorating a wired frame with flowers or simply setting up trails of flowers in the forefront blend in well with the high spirited atmosphere of the function. Such photo booth ideas can be achieved with both faux flowers as well the real flowers, which can be decided on depending on the length of the hours you want the setup to stay intact. If you want to keep such photo booth ideas purely coastal, minimise the usage of flowers and amplify the usage of coastal leaves instead for a more greener and beachy look. Make use of planks of wood and other colourful decorative crafts to amplify the look of the setup manifolds.

5. Hanging Decor

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Photo booth ideas that are unique, stand out instantly as the crowd-pleaser, with the guests unstoppable from clicking multiple selfies throughout the wedding function. Instead of a frame, creating a thickly decorated roof has emerged as quite a trend for photo booth ideas as wedding decorations. If you have a beach view that witnesses passers-by and population, a roof decorated photo booth idea will give a defined frame size for all your photographs. This will ensure that the limited frame-line won’t capture unwanted elements of the beach while getting clicked.

This setup also comes into play when the beach is too warm or the sun is way too against your beach view. Installing a shade or a couple of spotlights (on the ground) will turn out to be the perfect fix. What will truly become the highlight of this setup though, will be the roof. Hence, decorating the roof with intense hanging elements like pin-wheels and bamboo shoots will be the perfect amalgamation of nature and frolic that your guests will get to experience at your wedding function.

The swirling pin-wheel hangings will also add beauty to the video and boomerang videos that are also popular activities during the wedding functions.

The key to achieving perfect photo booth ideas is to incorporate lots of colours, easy-to-access decorative elements, the right light settings and props which are beach appropriate with the natural beauty of the beach. Photo booths have become a necessity at all wedding functions and something that all the guests look forward to. Having unique photo booth ideas for your wedding functions surely declare your love for fun and making a statement. So make sure that you spend ample time with your wedding decorators to achieve the photo booth ideas that work for you perfectly.

What beach wedding photo booth ideas are your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.