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A Complete Guide To Help You Choose Your Wedding Theme

Are you wondering what your wedding theme should be? Find the wedding style that is perfect for you, as per your and your partner's style and preferences.

(L-R) Wedding Decoration: The A-Cube Project, With Love Nilma

What is a wedding theme?

Every wedding has a distinctive style, look, and feel that personify the couple’s personality. In your first meeting with a wedding decorator, the experts want to know your vision for the wedding. 

Some common questions include:

  • What kind of wedding venue have you chosen? (beach/pool-side/boutique/indoor banquet/fort, etc)
  • Can you show us photos of previous weddings you love on Instagram and Pinterest?
  • Do you have any specific colour choices for your wedding decorations?
  • Do you want a heavy decor look or something more simple and intimate?

Once you answer these questions, your wedding decorator will identify your preferred style and theme. For example, a poolside Haldi ceremony can have a bright yellow and pink theme. A day wedding can have a white or pastel theme. An indoor reception can have a disco-night theme or a more traditional Sufi night theme, depending on your colour and ambience preferences as a couple.

In this article:

1. Romantic Wedding Theme

2. Royal Indian Wedding Theme 

3. Close-to-Nature Wedding Theme

4. Minimal and Modern Wedding Theme 

5. Traditional Indian Wedding Theme 

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What are the most popular wedding themes for Indian weddings?

Romantic Wedding Theme

Wedding Designer: The A-Cube Project

If you believe in all things romantic and dreamy and have a fairytale vision for your overall wedding theme, the romantic wedding theme is perfect for you.

How to plan for a romantic wedding theme:

  • Look for wedding venues with dreamy garden spaces, lawns, or grand entrances for a romantic wedding.
  • Ask your wedding decorator to create al-fresco wedding decor ideas for you.
  • Add flowers to your wedding decorations to make your venue look dreamy.
  • Take inspiration from unique Bollywood moments or fairytale stories to plan themes for your pre-wedding events. (For example, an Alice in Wonderland-inspired mehndi ceremony or a ball night as your sangeet or cocktail party.)

Romantic Wedding Theme Colors:

Wedding Photography: Epic Stories

Wedding Photography: Inav Photo

  • Your Instagram and Pinterest mood boards must be brimming with floral wedding decor. Opt for pastel shades like lavender, baby pink, or blue, or choose an all-white fairytale set-up to add subtle hints of romance to your day with lots of romantic flowers.

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Royal Indian Wedding Theme 

Wedding Venue: Suryagarh Palace, Jaisalmer

Your wedding events are one of the most memorable events of your life. If you envision a royal wedding in a fort or palace in India with Indian ceremonies that can give your guests an unmatched grand experience, this wedding theme should be your choice.

How to plan for a royal Indian wedding theme:

  • Book a palace, a palatial hotel, or a heritage wedding venue for your wedding events.
  • Opt for the traditional red or golden colours for your wedding wardrobe. Draw inspiration from kings and queens and style your wedding outfits accordingly. 
  • You could opt for a royal bridal entry with graceful artists dancing around with diyas.
  • Plan a royal wedding menu with specially curated food from Mughlai or Nawabi cuisine.
  • Let Sufi performers dancing amidst glistening chandeliers, Mughal fountains, and the fragrance of tuberose and mogra do the talking!

Royal Indian Wedding Theme Colors:

Wedding Photography: Hitched & Clicked

Wedding Designer: Weddings by Bhawna Charan

Think like the royals when you plan a royal wedding theme. The regal red, exquisite and timeless gold, rich in heritage emerald, as its name suggests, the 'royal' blue, the Rajput favourite orange, extravagant purple, and not to miss, the opulent black.

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Close-to-Nature Wedding Theme

Wedding Designer: With Love Nilma 

Is your wedding vision best defined as a green wedding in an open-air venue closer to nature? A close-to-nature wedding theme is relatively new in terms of inspiration, but thanks to nature’s bounty, there's much to explore.

How to plan a close-to-nature wedding theme:

  • Find a nature resort in your preferred destination, such as one in the heart of greenery, a vineyard, a farmhouse, a hilltop venue, or a backwater resort.
  • Instead of creating a fancy mandap from scratch, opt for a wedding mandap underneath a decorated tree.
  • Host your mehndi or Haldi ceremony in an open garden and decorate the place with plenty of fresh flowers.
  • Opt for a farm-to-table catering service if the venue allows.

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Minimal and Modern Wedding Theme 

Wedding Designer: To the Aisle

Do you like unconventional designs that are more artistic than traditional? If understated, simple, and elegant is your preferred style, then worry not! The minimal and modern wedding theme is perfect for you. This is also one of the most popular wedding themes at the moment, so make sure you do your research well to find your dream wedding ideas.

How to plan a minimal and modern wedding theme:

  • Choose monotone shades for your entire wedding mood board. Opt for lighter palette shades and earthy tones to make your wedding simple and beautiful.
  • If you want a modern aesthetic, opt for pillarless mandaps or ditch the stage and create stunning couple seating spaces.
  • Experiment with shades like lavender, mint green, or sage blue to create a unique wedding theme.
  • Add greenery or foliage to your wedding decor and brighten the space with exciting flower combinations. Don’t go for the maximal approach. Remember, less is more for your wedding theme.

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Traditional Indian Wedding Theme 

Wedding Planner: Motwane Entertainment & Weddings

Your wedding soiree can be a beautiful conventional tale if you are traditional and like to draw inspiration from your cultural heritage and roots. Planning a traditional wedding is easy; you must dive into your culture's roots and bring that to life in your ceremonies.

How to plan a traditional Indian wedding theme:

  • Keep your wedding events traditional at their core. Local flowers like genda phool, lal gulaab, mogra, and more adorn your wedding venue with an old-school but traditional Indian charm.
  • Adorn bright and beautiful colours for your wedding day, and don’t forget to add heirloom jewellery designs to your wedding wardrobe.
  • Look for wedding venues with a heritage or traditional vibe. You could also opt for temple resorts.

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Now that you have enough information on the types of wedding themes and your ideal style check out our free wedding planning tools and start your wedding planning journey with ease.

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