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10+ Ceiling Decor for Wedding Ceremonies to Bookmark Right Away

Indian weddings are all about grand decors and attention-to-detail. While it consists of too many things put together, the cue to nail it is by picking an extraordinary ceiling décor for a wedding.


While there are gazillion elements that put together a beautiful wedding décor, one that draws the most attention is the look and feel of the ceiling of the venue. Now with themes being the focus, everybody is looking for quirky elements that make the ceiling décor for a wedding stand out in the most unique way possible. But with the pressure of doing something new, comes the pressure of looking for innovative ideas.

So, to help you with some fresh elements, here’s a list of ceiling décor for wedding ideas for different functions that are sure to inspire you. Scroll through to witness the magic of ceiling décor for wedding ideas that are cutting-edge and imaginative.

Hanging Lemons and Green Leaves 


Sunflowers, lemon, and green leaves are not just a symbol of happiness or loyalty but undying and passionate love. The hanging lemons in the flower shower and mehndi ceremony will make you feel like a princess in wonderland. 

Dreamy High Chandeliers


Who wouldn't want a dreamlike set up with high chandeliers and a hint of color with pastel flowers? ⁣We are sure every bride must have envisioned a surreal wedding where the decor would have such dreamy vibes. 

Mulmul Pankhis & Kaliras for Haldi


On the top of our list is this one-of-a-kind ceiling décor for Haldi that uses the color combination yellow and gold to keep the theme blingy and yet very day-like. The minimal pankhis hanging from the ceiling make for an unusual wedding decor element while the golden kalire hangings give it the glitz and glam that it requires. 

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Colourful Fringed Paper Streamers for Pool Party


Have a summer wedding? Well, the ceiling décor for your pool party must be summery and colorful to please the eyes. These colorful fringed paper streamers are put across in a criss-cross pattern as the ceiling décor is sure to look cool under the sun and also block the sunlight to make it pleasant and fun just like the vibe of the party. 

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Block Print Fabric Jhallars & Marigold for Roka Ceremony


A Roka ceremony is a close-knitted function for friends and family; its décor should be sweet and simple too. Therefore, this beautiful light yellow block print fabric jhallers make for the perfect ceiling décor for the Roka ceremony while the strings of marigolds hanging over the bride and groom’s bench perfectly highlight where the ceremony will take place. 

Thread Tassels Hanging for Mehndi Ceremony


While we all know that the mehndi ceremony is always the most colorful wedding ceremony, it can sometimes get difficult to figure out what its décor will be like. This striking combination of orange and pink seems perfect for the occasion. The thread tassels hanging all over the colorful fabric tent make for ideal ceiling décor for a buoyant Mehndi ceremony. 

A Cloudy Sky for the Engagement


Image Courtesy: Tanvi & Co.

Engagements are hands down the dreamiest function at any wedding. With everything being a little extra about that night, the décor must be OTT too. Therefore, this cloudy ceiling décor for weddings made with net fabric and executed with lights and shimmery hangings creates exactly the kind of drama that a ‘dream come true’ engagement ceremony needs. 

Eye-catching Chandeliers for Sangeet


Image Courtesy: Tanvi & Co.

The Sangeet night is all about dancing and singing and therefore the lighting and the décor matter the most to create an unforgettable vibe for the night. The bold geometric golden chandeliers make for an experimental ceiling décor for Sangeet, ensuring that your guests are bedazzled by the charisma of the space.

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Bells & Shlokas for the Wedding


While the wedding ceremony is known to be extremely traditional and auspicious, its décor must evoke the same kind of energy. This one-of-a-kind ceiling décor for weddings has used the concept of mandir bells combined with hanging fabrics that have the Sanskrit shlokas written on them for a more traditional feel. 

Lush Floral Ceiling for Anand Karaj


Image Courtesy: Candid Wedding Stories

Anand Karaj is the Sikh wedding ceremony that happens during the daytime and is one of the most joyous and peaceful wedding ceremonies. Therefore, the ceiling decor for it must also be very calm and soothing, just like this lush floral dome-shaped ceiling with an overload of subtle-hued florals. What stands out the most is the canopy of drapes which is a beautiful amalgamation of pastel solid colors and subtle floral prints. 

While every wedding ceremony has a charm of its own, ceiling decor for each one must be special too. So pick the ideas that you like from this list and make your ceiling decor for wedding functions exclusive.

Which of these ceiling décor for wedding ideas would you love to pen down for your wedding? Tell us in the comments below.  

With words by Meha Khera