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Romantic Wedding Ideas Straight Out of a Fairytale for Inspiration

If you believe in fairytales & have spent your childhood dreaming about a wedding that is written in the clouds, then this is the perfect list of romantic wedding ideas for you!

Image Courtesy: That First Moment

How to turn a regular Indian wedding into something mesmerising and memorable? By wishing for a magical wand to transform it into a dream sequence! We have fallen in love with some wedding setups of Indian weddings that felt straight out of a fairytale. These wedding themes were spectacular and deserved to be a part of our romantic wedding ideas list.

So if you are getting married anytime soon and wish to leave no stone unturned when it comes to making the decor mystic perfection, then you need to soak in inspiration from this list.

Some of the romantic wedding ideas have been designed around different elements of nature, some have incorporated architectural marvels of the past and the present as part of their dreamy themes and some have adapted cinematic segments to ante up their wedding theme. Take a look!

Lotus On The Beach

Image Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Florals and beach waves are an aesthetic match made in heavens. Since the use of marigold and rose flowers for weddings is something we all get to witness in almost all of the weddings, it is a great idea to shift towards the flowers of the water. To be precise, we are talking about the pond flower, lotus. As seen here, this wedding decor has scaled out the beautiful petals of Lotus flower to create a beautiful Mandap for the wedding Pheras.

The hues of Lotus pink against a backdrop of the setting sun, salty air and coolness of the sand beneath, this beach wedding style is unique and one of the freshest add-ons to our list of romantic wedding ideas.

Disneyland Wedding

Image Courtesy: Vivaah Weddings

Can anything be more romantic and cuter than such romantic wedding ideas? Disneyland is that one destination which children and adults look forward to visiting. Not to forget, that we all have grown up watching cartoons and we do have our own personal favourite cartoon characters as well.

There is nothing more romantic than blocking an entire Disneyland to hold wedding ceremonies and get clicked in this wonderland for all the wedding photoshoot poses.

Cinderella Wedding

Image Courtesy: White Rabbit Photo Boutique

Some romantic wedding ideas are not just about the wedding decor but can also be about grand gestures such as this one where the entrance of bride-to-be appears to be that of a real-life Cinderella. White beautiful horses drawing a glass pumpkin carriage, with white rose bouquets beautifying the seating further and the ‘Prince Charming’ by her side; it is a picture-perfect moment worth capturing in memories forever.

Such romantic wedding ideas go very well with all styles of Indian weddings.

Under The Enchanted Tree

Image Courtesy: Lauren Mihae Photography

Old and giant forest trees have always been a part of fairytale aesthetics and something that can make up for a great theme among other romantic wedding ideas to consider. If you manage to find a location which has a wide and huge forest tree, then holding the wedding ceremony under it will be nothing less of a goosebumps-worthy experience for all.

Simply get the tree decorated with fairy-lights and schedule the wedding time to be around the sunset. Golden hues of the setting sun with the vibrant shine of the yellow fairy lights will convert the wedding into something magical almost instantly. Bonus point, the time and setup will make up for some majestic wedding photographs too!

Magic Of The Old Times

Image Courtesy: Art Capture Productions

There is something magical about old architecture. The mysterious setup of age-old ruins and inhabited architecture turn out to be a beautiful backdrop and a great historical theme to add onto our list of romantic wedding ideas. India is blessed with many historical monuments, palaces and Havelis that are available to hold wedding ceremonies.

Find the one that you can instantly fall in love with and plan the decor and celebrations of your wedding around it completely. Don’t miss out on sealing space and choosing an angle that will position a major part of the architecture as the backdrop for your essential couple’s wedding photographs.

Romance Amidst The Valley

Image Courtesy: Mazda Studios

For couples who plan on holding a destination wedding but are not too keen on taking up the beach wedding, you can consider taking the Saath Pheras against a backdrop of beautiful mountains and a valley. Hill station weddings are becoming a favourite of couples for destination wedding celebrations nowadays.

Romantic wedding ideas which are themed around the marvels of nature come with a captivating experience that all the guests get to experience first-hand. Look for a wedding location that gives a beautiful backdrop of the mountains and opt for a season where sunlight bathes the entire valley in crystal clear yellow hues.

Aren’t you pumped up already witnessing the beauty of these romantic wedding ideas? There is always a window to alter themes and add in your dreamy elements to plan out your version of a fairytale wedding. Remember to go all-in with not just the decor but letting the fairytale theme influence your wedding ensembles as well as the dress code of your guests too!

Since Indian weddings are all about being extravagant and exclusive in nature, you can even tap on food menus that match your mystic wedding theme perfectly.

Tell us which among these romantic wedding ideas are your personal favourite in the comments section below.