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10 Best Destination Wedding Themes to Create a Star-Lit Event

Choosing a theme is a must for your wedding. But of course, you do not want to stick with boring old ideas, so try one of these unique themes which are suited for destination weddings.

Happy Flashbacks

Having a destination wedding but worried it will look dull? Don’t fret! You have so many wonderful themes to choose from and make your wedding so special. 

1. Retro

Set up a retro theme for your wedding using curtains, statues and tapestries. You can also incorporate Bollywood-inspired details on this theme, for an extra special touch.

2. Bollywood

Display quirky Bollywood signage in your venue. You can have the crockery imprinted in Bollywood theme as well. Have a photobooth that speaks volumes of your love for Bollywood.

3. Rajasthani

Having a Rajasthani wedding is actually a wonderful idea. Well, of course, you can have the wedding at Rajasthan itself, but if you do not want that, convert your whole venue to give it a Rajasthani feel. Have the elephants for the Barat or your reception and that wonderful Rajasthani food. The caterers are to be dressed in Rajasthani outfits and have those classic Rajasthani dances to set the whole ambience.

4. Foodie Wedding

If you and your future spouse love food, a foodie-themed wedding will be perfect. Have all the different cuisines you can think of and all those tasty desserts that get you excited. Have a wonderful drinks menu as well with all the cocktails and mocktails for your guests. Make it all about food.

5. Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are actually quite pretty and amazing. Have a party hosted on the beach and the whole area lit up. Have a classy wedding and let your guests enjoy the beautiful beach evenings.

6. Garden Wedding

It’s such a pleasure even just to think about weddings surrounded by nature. Getting married in the garden allows you to celebrate the venue’s natural beauty.

7. Celebrate the Destination

Create an event that features the customs and traditions of the city or country where you’re getting married. From Mexico to Italy, you can include decor, food, and more that are native to those areas.

8. Royal

Want to feel like a king or a queen? Book a wonderful royal palace in Rajasthan and feel like a royal couple. The most exquisite of the palace hotels will make your experience a memorable one. Just do not forget to book a professional photographer as well.

9. Island

If you want to make your wedding the finest of experiences, start by booking up a private island. Enjoy the privacy and the never-ending services these islands hold. You have the beautiful Maldives, the breathtaking Caribbean islands and the list can actually go on.

10. Cruise

What’s more luxurious than to have your wedding hosted on a cruise itself? Book a whole cruise beforehand and let your guests enjoy in the lap of luxury. You can have everything you want on the cruise itself, from photo booths to other stalls. Have a wonderful wedding overlooking the beautiful waters.