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Dreamy Wedding Decor Trends of 2019 That Left Us Lovestruck

Wedding decorations have been on fleek in 2019. From celebrity weddings to some OTT weddings with absolute quirk, here are our favourite picks of wedding decor from 2019!

Rani Pink

A dream to walk down the aisle is every girl's favourite memory and your D-day should be nothing short of that dream come true. To make this fairytale come true, everything involved in the wedding - from the planning to decor, to the venue, all play a crucial role and the stage is set right for you to take the princess walk down to your vows of a happily ever after.

The wedding decor is that one thing that sets the right backdrop for your big day, to make it look absolutely stunning and unforgettable and the wedding albums are proof! 2019 has witnessed some stunning and unforgettable wedding decoration that have set goals for 2020 right! Time for a throwback yet? 

Here are our best picks of wedding decor from 2019 that have set major goals for us and are a true inspiration.

Phoolon wali Mehndi


Image Courtesy: Aura Affaire

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Image Courtesy: Planet Jashn


Image Courtesy: Weddings by Ishwar

The Mehndi ceremony decorations in 2019 have strikingly flaunted gorgeous animal-shaped floral centrepieces. Be it elephants for their auspicious value or be it peacocks for cultural significance or simply flamingos for the oomph factor, the flora and fauna affect on wedding decor is impeccable and we are simply loving it!

The vibrancy just adds to the traditional quirk at weddings and we want more of them!

DIY wali Haldi

The Cheesecake Project

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

Dilli Wale Weddings by Vardaan Malhotra

Bougainvilla Design Pvt Ltd.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The Wedding Design Company

Though the wedding decor for the past few (almost a 100) years has evidently advertised yellow as the colour of the decor, we have seen some variety to it in 2019 and the minimal yet rustic and quirky decorations have stolen our hearts. The variation and inclusion of a variety of shades in the Haldi ceremony have made the ceremonies all the more interesting to look forward to!

Did we mention the number of people who have opted for DIY decor ideas for the Haldi decor is sky-high and most of these decorations can be done at home too? Thank us later when you and your cousins are throwing streamers at each other followed by giggles!

Lights wali Sangeet

The Wedding Design Company

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The Wedding Design Company

Image Courtesy: Tanvi & Co.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It's almost obvious that the Sangeet ceremony and the Cocktail happen in the evening and 2019 has been the year of chandeliers. Did you just look up?

The evening decorations have showcased mindblowing and dramatic lights all over. The wedding hashtags that have become such a rage this year, have also decked up major spaces in the weddings in stunning lights.

To all the lights that lead us to beautiful memories and make our photographs glamourous, here are our best picks! 

Mohabbat wala Mandap

The Wedding Design Company

Image Courtesy: Button Up Photography

Reels & Frames

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Image Courtesy: Shaunak Puri

Nikhil Kapur Photography

Image Courtesy: Third Element Photography & Cinema

With all fun and fervour that the pre-wedding ceremonies had set for the final showdown, the final wedding ceremony decorations in 2019 have set the bars really high for all weddings to come in the year 2020. If we look back at what the talented wedding planners and wedding decorators and in fact the florists have brought into life from the strands of the couples' idea of the dream wedding, it is impeccable!

The themes, the colours, the subtle yet royal representation of the mandap was everything love looked like. From floating mandaps to absolutely rustic ones, to the ones that had the vows printed beautifully on the aisle.

These were the handful of impeccable and wow-worthy decorations that took our breath away among everything else that a wedding is about in 2019. Table decorations and quirky props like photobooths have slowly become an inevitable part of the wedding decor, but let us keep that for 2020!

They stole the show in 2019, and they are sure to set some great trends in 2020 for the upcoming weddings and celebrations too!

If you found any of these helpful to plan yours, or if you have a favourite yet, our vendors can help you find the right execution!