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Mehak Arora

Mehak Arora

A Netflix enthusiast, writer, makeup junkie who loves attending weddings (for the food, dance, and drinks). Some of my other weird talents include giving people a sun sign analysis and grooving to all kinds of songs; from la vie en rose to lakk 28 kudi da 47 weight kudi da. #sorrynotsorry.

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Wedding traditions 8 Beautiful Ganpati Decoration Ideas That Are Just Perfect For Your Wedding Functions.

Every auspicious task is usually started with the blessing of a deity. Weddings are no exception. Many people believe in starting by paying their respects to Lord Ganesha. Here are some ideas for Ganpati decoration that are just beautiful.

Wedding invitations Here’s a Comprehensive Guide on Curating and Sending Wedding Invitations Online for Your Big Day

People are increasingly moving to send their wedding invitations online. Not only is it environment-friendly, but cost-effective too. It’s efficient, offers complete control and saves up on a lot of hassle. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Before the wedding Here Are Some Really Beautiful Moments Shared by Real Couples That Made Them Decide on Forever

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide who the right person is for you. On the other hand, sometimes it's extremely easy. You just know once you find that person. Here are some really beautiful moments that help capture that.

Wedding invitations Here’s All You Need to Know About Making an E-wedding Invitation for Your Big Day

With the world going green, wedding invites are moving to the digital platform too. It’s much easier and less time-consuming. However, it can a little be confusing. Thus, here’s all you need to know about making and sending an e-wedding invitation.

Wedding invitations Need to Know About the Right Wedding Invitation Format? Then This Is the Only Guide You Need

Wedding invites require time. From the design to right colour palette and from the text to the font, everything matters. There’s also a structure to it and elements that you can’t miss. Here’s how to draft the perfect wedding invitation format.

Wedding decoration 8 Stage Decoration Ideas To Set Your Wedding Stage on Fire

One of the most important things, your wedding decor, really defines everything. The biggest element of that is, of course, the bride and groom’s stage. Thus, here are some beautiful stage decoration ideas for the wedding, that you can choose from.

Wedding gifts Here’s How to Draft a Good Wedding Congratulations Message to the Soon-To-Be Married Couple

Someone in your family or your close acquaintances is soon getting married. You’ve been invited, of course. So it’s only fair that you congratulate them in a meaningful manner. Here’s how to properly draft a wedding congratulations message.

The Bride Need Quick Wedding Reception Dress Ideas? Here Are Some Gorgeous Ones That Would Do Wonders to Your Bridal Look 

Your reception is super important. It is the first event you attend as a newly married couple. So the outfit you adorn for it is as important as any other. Here are a few amazing ideas to pick a wonderful wedding reception dress from. Go shine!

Wedding photography Here’s How to Click Wedding Dresses Pictures to Highlight Your Wedding Outfit Perfectly

Wedding outfits are totally the highlight of your big day. It thus becomes important that you have it captured the right way. Here are some brilliant ways to have your wedding dresses pictures clicked, so as to highlight your lovely outfit.

Planning your wedding These Indian Marriage Games for Girls Are Sure to Be the Highlight of Your Sangeet Function

Sangeet nights are a lot of fun. Of course, the music and the dancing make it super entertaining. But there’s one factor that adds to the fun and that is some fun games. Here are some Indian marriage games for girls, you can play on your Sangeet.

The Bride This Only Guide for the Indian Bridal Hairstyle Step by Step You Need to See Before Your D-Day

Hairstyling is an essential part of completing your beautiful bridal look. If you are doing it on your own then it's really important to know the right way to go about it. Here is a list explaining a number of Indian bridal hairstyle step by step.

Wedding fashion These Lovely Heavy Dupatta Suits Are Perfectly Suited for Both a Bride and the Guest

We all love ourselves some pretty lehengas and classy sarees. However, what works amazingly well for practically any occasion is a lovely suit. Be it an elegant Anarkali or a salwar kameez. Going for heavy dupatta suits is a great idea too.

The Bride Here’s How You Can Pair Lovely and Unique Flower Jewellery for Mehndi with Your Colourful and Chic Outfit

Wearing flower jewellery for Mehndi is all the rage these days. A rage we all are surely thankful for. It looks elegant and earthy. They are one reason that makes Mehndi an exciting event. Here’s how to pair your outfits with flower jewellery.

Wedding decoration These Red Theme Decor Ideas Would Look Beautiful for the Wedding Day

The decor of your wedding venue is a big thing. It sets the tone of the whole event. What better way to depict your love than to go for a red theme decor on your big day. It looks classy, elegant and romantic. Here are some ideas to choose from.

Beauty for brides Look out for These Professional Makeup Kits for an Effortless, Beautiful and Long Staying Bridal Look

Getting dolled up as a bride is one of the most exciting things. What is more exciting is the beautiful makeup that you get to put on. However, it can make or break you. Thus it’s essential to look at professional makeup kits that are long staying.

The Bride 7 Plain Saree With Heavy Work Blouse Designs That Work Perfectly If You're The Bride's BFF!

You are your best friend’s pillar through the wedding shenanigans. Thus, you are undoubtedly an important part of her wedding day. It’s important that you look lovely. Here are some ideas for plain saree with heavy work blouse to help you do that.

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