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This Hairstyle on Lehenga Choli Combination Guide Is All You Need to Bring out the Diva in You

Deciding the perfect outfits for all your wedding functions is a task. Then there is also the matter of deciding the hairstyles you want to pair them with. Hence we've come up with some hairstyle on lehenga choli combinations you can try.

Richa Nag Photography

Now that you have finalised outfits for all your wedding function, it’s also crucial that you decide the hairstyles in time. Imagining the perfect updo can be a really tough task though. Moreover, your hairstyle can really affect your whole look. So you have to weigh what you go for. Thus, we have a bit of inspiration for you, to help make the task much easier.

So get your hairstylist on board and pick from some of these lovely ideas for hairstyle on lehenga choli combinations.

1. A Balanced Look

CineLove Productions

A very eye-catching lehenga, we love the hairstyle on lehenga choli combination here. Having gone for such a heavy lehenga, it was surely a good call to opt for simple curls on the side.

The whole look is rather uniform with a matching lehenga choli and the uniform curls without too much done to them. We think this could go well for the cocktail. Another way to style this would have been leaving the curls at the back.

2. The Side Braid

Design Aqua

A very quintessential Mehndi look, this hairstyle on lehenga choli is super light and easy. With minimal work on the Mehndi outfit and a super simple braid, anyone can recreate this look. The little flowers in her fishtail and the Passa to the side are a brilliant way to complete the look.

3. All Bright Shades

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

The Yellow lehenga, the green neckpiece and the blue flowers in her hair make this a vibrant look. The heavy embroidery work and sequins on the lehenga make it such a pretty piece. Pairing it with elegant soft curls and braids is exactly what it needed to keep the lively look intact.

Go for this hairstyle on lehenga choli combination for the Mehndi or the Sagan.

4. All Floral

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

The floral rage doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and this bride is clearly all for it. She has gone all out on floral and we just love that! Not only is her outfit spread through with flowers but her extensive braid too. This hairstyle on lehenga choli has surely been amped up by the addition of flower jewellery.

Undoubtedly, flowers are the perfect way to bring out the natural beauty in you. Of course, this is the perfect Mehndi look.

5. Soft Curls Heavy Lehenga

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

The voluminous hair is such a perfect pairing with this heavy and vibrant lehenga. The best part is that the bright green really compliments her golden brown hair colour. The prettiest part is how the hair starts off with a light waterfall braid and end into very thick and dense curls. The little fishtail separated by beautiful flowers adds another pop of colour to the look which also works very well.

6. The Elegant Look

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Such a simple yet majestic look. This hairstyle on lehenga choli adds the touch of Indianness that the outfit as it is exhibited. Pairing up the bright yellow and pink shades with beautiful white and purple flowers is doing wonders to the look. The flowers in the hair perfectly match her floral jewellery too. What’s smarter is that all the hair have been tucked at the back so as to draw attention to that lovely gold choker.

7. The Subtle Ensemble

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Choosing a single colour like silver or gold anyway looks classy. Pairing that up with a neat messy bun adds that touch of elegance that was needed to complete the look. The bun allows for the off shoulder blouse to be highlighted and also draws enough attention to the dainty jewellery. If you have something as elegant as this then a messy bun will only amp it up. Try this hairstyle on lehenga choli look for the Sagan ceremony.

8. The Super Chic Look

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

This is an extremely trendy and chic look. The simple yet stylish look of the outfit has been amped up by the large curls and they look splendid! The rather visible hair accessory pairs up well with her all golden blouse. And the bright floral cape paired up with the whole ensemble makes it perfect for a simple beach wedding or the Mehndi function. The simplistic yet chic look is the highlight of the look for sure.

Having gone through some amazing combinations for hairstyle on lehenga choli, we are sure things have become easier. All of these are super in and super chic so you wouldn’t go wrong with any of them. While the usual approach is to go for a hairstyle on the basis of your outfit, you can also do it the other way round. Just have the image of the hairstyle saved and picture the outfit with it every time you like one.

What kind of combination would you go for?