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Healthy diets, workouts, fitness tips, hair and makeup, aesthetics... We have just the right tricks you will need to look more beautiful than ever and feel like a during your wedding. You are going to look great!

Beauty for brides

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Brides to Don This Wedding Season

Flaunt those tresses, long or short, with these mind-blowing wedding hairstyles of the year 2020. D.I.Y. or call an expert to get these & ante up your wedding looks to the T!

By Apurva Saxena, 24/02/20

Beauty for brides

Unique Jhoomar Designs of This Wedding Season to Complete the Look

Stunning Jhoomar designs that are in vogue right now, are here! From traditional, quirky, contemporary to unique; we have handpicked them all. Take a look!

By Apurva Saxena, 24/02/20

Beauty for brides

6 Hep Beauty Tools Every to-be Bride Must Have in Her Trousseau

If you're wanting to amp up your basic bridal beauty routine, you have to get your hands on these modern-day beauty tools!

By Bhavika Vallecha, 22/02/20

Beauty for brides

Easy Hairstyles to Do at Home for The Bridesmaids-to-be

Bookmark this list of easy hairstyles to do at home if you are a bridesmaid-to-be & look your absolute best while ticking off all the things-to-do from the list of bridesmaids duties!

By Apurva Saxena, 04/02/20

Beauty for brides

10 Peacock Mehndi Designs to Grace Your Hands & Feet in Weddings

Peacocks are birds with flattering stature that make for a beautiful mehndi design. So here's our list of stunning peacock mehndi designs for your love for nature!

By Bhawna Rawat, 27/01/20

Beauty for brides

16 Dainty Baby's Breath Hairstyle Ideas for Brides & Bridesmaids

Digging the internet for fresh new hairstyle ideas this wedding season? Check out these baby's breath hairstyles to end your hunt right here.

By Bhavika Vallecha, 19/01/20

Beauty for brides

Ambada Hairstyle Designs as Adorned by Real Maharashtrian Brides

Find your match among these 10 unique Ambada hairstyle designs, which were adorned by real Marathi brides for their wedding ceremony.

By Apurva Saxena, 15/01/20

Beauty for brides

The Best Bindi Design Styles to Check Out This Year & Why!

Get acquainted with different kinds of Bindi design styles that Indian women wear across different cultures of India and learn why some of these unique designs are worn in that manner.

By Apurva Saxena, 14/01/20

Beauty for brides

8 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair Perfect for Every Bride & Bridesmaid

From double braids to tight curls, here are some easy hairstyles for long hair that you can rock on your big day!

By Divya Premkumar, 05/01/20

Beauty for brides

8 Popular & Fool-proof Tricks on How to Get a Glowing Face in No Time

These radiant skincare tips on how to get a glowing face are all you need to take your skincare regiment to the next level.

By Divya Premkumar, 30/12/19

Beauty for brides

How to Remove Dark Circles With Easy Home Remedies Right Before D-Day

Taking stress about everything right before your wedding will definitely not helps those dark circles. So here are ways on how to remove dark circles with easy home remedies!

By Chinar Ghorawat, 15/12/19

Beauty for brides

These 7 Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes to Make You Look Bomb

Hairstyles are perfectly done when it is in sync with your face shape to give you the perfect edge. We have curated a list of hairstyle for face shape to inspire!

By Ashwin Nair, 09/12/19

Beauty for brides

Pretty & Doable Hairstyles for Thin Hair for Brides & Bridesmaids

Are you scared to try a new hairstyle because you feel you have scanty or thin hair? Here are some hairstyles for thin hair that is unique as well as a smart choice for your hair type.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 06/12/19

Beauty for brides

Simplest Ever Guide to Do a Smokey Eye Look for Wedding Functions

Nailing smokey eyes may be an art, but with this detailed tutorial, it may not seem so difficult even for the beginners. Don’t believe us? Well then try it for yourself.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 27/11/19

Beauty for brides

Scroll Through These New Hairstyle Images to Know What's in Vogue

Wedding hairstyles can get repetitive after a point of time & it becomes imperative for millennial brides to try something new. So let’s find a new hairstyle image that suits you!

By Chinar Ghorawat, 26/11/19

Beauty for brides

10 Modern Hairstyles  for Men Perfect for the Big Day!

Looking for short or medium hairstyles that are practical and will still ensure that you look stylish? With our selection of 10 modern hairstyles, picking your favourite couldn't get any easier!

By Ashwin Nair, 24/11/19