Lights and Stories

Make a list of your top picks

If there’s a dream destination you’ve waited to visit forever, write it down. Make a list of your dream destinations and discuss ideas with your partner. Remember you just need a starting point with a list initially. Worry about the logistics after you have a few options ready. This is a great opportunity to really go to one getaway both of have longed to see for yourselves.

Research well

The internet will be your best friend in this situation. Start looking early and you’ll be surprised by how many discounts and smart ideas to cut down your costs will be available. Look for advice from other couples and travellers; take the peak season costs into account and any offers that may be floating around at that point. Remember that there’ll be a way out; you’ll just need to work a little extra for it.

Consider your finances

You’ll understandably be stressed because of the wedding costs and all your budget worries. It’s completely okay to take all this into account while discussing honeymoon options. Ask yourselves a few questions. What is doable in terms of logistics? What are you looking for—adventure, a quiet romantic getaway, or a mix of everything? Choose your location accordingly and check prices while discussing how to pay for the trip.

Don’t forget time constraints

Chances are you’ll be taking quite some time off work to get all the wedding preparations done and enjoy the festivities. You’ll have to figure out when you want to take off your honeymoon and how you’ll be balancing work responsibilities while ensuring a truly relaxing vacation with your better half. Discuss your work constraints with each other, speak to your bosses and get it all figured out in advance to ensure there’s no confusion later when you actually get down to making the bookings.

Do something unconventional

If you’re not able to make up your mind and aren’t satisfied with what’s on offer, consider hopping on a cruise and covering more than one destination together. It’ll be a truly unique experience that will allow you to get away in the best possible sense. Plus you’ll get plenty of opportunities to relax together while taking in all the sights and sounds and ticking off items from your list.