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We have rounded up some of the best and overtly gorgeous looking floral jewellery for Haldi ceremony which are legit like a feast for sore eyes no more and bookmark this floral jewellery for Haldi designs piece as they are legit #BridalJewelleryGoals. To all the brides who are tying the knot & the Sakhiyaans of the bride-to-be, this treasure trove of floral jewellery for Haldi designs inspiration is for you only you!

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Jewellery is a girl's best friend and especially when it is made from fresh, fragrant flowers to say the least. Flowers since the very beginning have been given a special kind of privilege in our culture as they are known to spread fragrance, add colour to the life of its bearer, known for spreading positivity and goodness in the vicinity they are kept in.


They are a bundle of joy, beautifully crafted to add aroma to the sweetest day of your life. Haldi jewellery is a once in a lifetime purchase a bride makes. So, it is obvious that you would want to devote ample time in finding the perfect design which gels well with your personal style and Haldi outfit.

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This article will narrow down for you 5 potential floral bridal jewellery options especially curated for the bride who wishes to make a style statement by being a showstopper.

1. Floral Maang Tikkas and Passa


Obsessed with the Passa that Deepika Padukone wore in Bajirao Mastani? You can too wear a floral Passa or Maang Tikka as an alternative piece of jewellery for your Haldi ceremony ensemble.


If you wish to feel like a legacy, then go for a floral ornament with your hair cascading sideways, befitting the fashion icon that you already are! Floral jewellery and Maang Tikkas make for an exquisite choice in terms of floral jewellery for Haldi ceremony.

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2. Haath Phool


Haath Phool is the pop culture replacement of gold and silver bracelets that brides usually wear as jewellery pieces. Imagine, a bride dressed in a pastel colour outfit with soulful strokes of Haldi across her cheeks and arms. What is missing? Flowers as a piece of ornament. From boho chic to traditional ethnic tones, this jewellery is a front-runner in all aspects.

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From customised bracelets of lilies, rose, carnations, orchids, and Mogras, tied around your wrist or worn as a ‘Bajuband’ around your arms, this floral jewellery for Haldi ceremony will add the right amount of pop to your overall bridal look. Floral jewellery for Haldi ceremony is a trend that is here to stay given to its magnum opus popularity amongst the brides and bridesmaids.

3. Floral Kalire


Kalire is an important part of a bride’s journey. They are a symbol of the love, care and affection of the maternal side of the bride. A token of love and goodwill. A bridal look is incomplete without a statement Kalire jewellery piece.

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Brides are replacing traditional Kalire which were crafted using dried coconuts, lotus seeds, and nuts with some trendier and out-of-the-box designs. You can get Kalire made out of fresh flowers. Light in weight and available in a plethora of colours and varieties, floral Kalire are trending in the category of floral jewellery for Haldi ceremonies.

4. Floral Jewellery Set


From floral Maang Tikkas to floral Bajuband, you can never go wrong with floral jewellery. You can customise the designs as per the colour scheme of your outfit.

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You can also contrast it with your outfit so that your jewellery is the only thing that stands out. Floral jewellery for Haldi ceremony features all the necessary accessories you can possibly need to become chic and a fashionable bride.

5. Floral Hair Tiaras

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Floral hair tiaras are all the rage this wedding season. This ornament makes for one of the most trending floral jewellery trends when it comes to Haldi ceremonies. For a breezy and chic look, you can adorn a tiara that fits perfectly well with your gorgeous hair.

Pair your look with reflectors and be ready to strike a pose for your onlookers. These floral jewellery pieces will ring sweet nothings into your blissful life and add fragrance to the most important day of your life.

6. Floral Jewellery Inspiration


Floral jewellery for Haldi ceremonies has endless possibilities and range to offer. From Haldi to Mehndi or the wedding itself, the bride can mix and match her outfit with endless floral jewellery designs and slay them all like a boss.

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It’s about time you ditch the traditional and go for something out-of-the-box this season for your ceremony.


A timeless piece of jewellery will remind you of your wedding and also be a symbol of a life well lived. The gen-next bride is seeking newer trends in terms of jewellery. One such optimum trendsetters of the era are of wearing floral jewellery instead of real gold. All you need to do is follow your instincts and go for a design that brings out your bridal beauty in the best way possible.


Floral jewellery for Haldi has become raging trends and the millennial brides cannot seem to get enough of these baubles made from flower petals and strings. With a plethora of colours that are available in the market, the bride-to-be gets introduced to an overwhelming variety of jewellery to choose from for their Haldi and Mehndi ceremony. Opt for flower jewellery for at least one of your wedding functions and we’re sure you’ll fetch more compliments than you can count.

Make us a part of your styling journey by writing to us about which floral jewellery for Haldi you loved best. Find some more inspiring bridal jewellery options to go well with your Haldi outfit from our list of jewellery vendors.