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Groom Mehndi Design: 25+ Latest Dulha Mehndi Designs Ideas

Did you know that groom mehndi was also a tradition? Can you imagine how funky the millennial grooms have made it? Read on to know more.

Grooms mehndi

Grooms mehndi

Image Credits - Shadirush

Are you a groom-to-be? Did you know that it's part of the tradition that even you have to apply some mehndi to your wedding? And you can make your mehndi designs as fun as you want them to be. We have collated some unique groom mehndi designs, just for you. Get inspired and don’t forget to share your outcome with us! Match with your wedding and engagement suit for grooms. 


Image Credits - Pinterest


In this Article - 

1. Latest Men Mehndi Designs

2. Simple Groom Mehndi Designs

3. Designer Mehndi For Grooms

Applying mehndi to the bride and the groom before the wedding is one of the oldest Indian traditions. This traditional ceremony entails an elaborate application of mehndi designs on a bride and groom’s hands and feet, as applying mehndi is a mark of a good omen. Mehndi is a medicinal plant that is considered extremely beneficial.


Image Credits - Mehndi By Riya

In general, mehndi has a cooling effect that helps in calming stress, headaches, and fever. It is ideally applied to relieve the bride and the groom of all the wedding stress.

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groom mehndi

Image Credits- Pinterest

And while we can sing pains around a bride's hennaed hands and feet, groom mehndi deserves its own fair space under the sun. Without further ado, check out some splendid groom mehndi designs and get inspired for your man's own set of hands and feet:

Latest Men Mehndi Designs

Intricate Mehndi For Grooms

groom mehndi

Image Credits - Krunal Tailor

Wow, us already! We love how a dark, chocolate brown colors the center of this man's palm. This groom mehndi design is extremely simple, and can even be applied all by yourself. Here is the latest mehndi design that you will surely shortlist! 

King & Queen Mehndi Design

groom mehndi

Image Credits - Mayur Mehndi

As far as designs are concerned, gamecards connations and geometric patterns have a very spectacular vibe. How about combining the two and adding lotus blooms for a set of dashing groom mehndi designs.

Heavy Groom Mehndi Design

groom mehndi

Image Credits - Mehndi Design By Ritu

If you are a traditional groom and would like to apply traditional designs then You can opt for a  design with a few designer strokes on your fingers for a stylish yet minimal look. The Kalash design on the center of your palm, along with some designs on your fingers is just perfect! This groom's mehndi stands out bright against his ivory Sherwani giving a traditional and dapper look.

Bespoke Mehndi Design

Groom mehndi

Image Credits - Henna By Nishant

There is nothing as special as personalization for your better half. Make your wife special whilst getting henna done lie this above mehndi design for grooms. He has hashtags, personalized notes, and special dates on them too.

Etch The Name Mehndi Design For Groom

groom mehndi

Image Credits - Stephanie Velez

A simple name on your mehndi can do wonders! And when you get henna done on the ring finger - then you will see how your bride gets smitten with your beautiful mehndi design. 

Simple Groom Mehndi Designs

Squared Approach Bridegroom Mehndi Design


Image courtesy: Capturing Emotions Productions

There's something so raw and masculine about tribal-inspired and geometric patterns as far as designs are concerned. How about combining the two along with open, linear spaces - all for a set of dashing groom mehndi designs. 

Round Mehndi Design For Groom


Image courtesy: Mehndi Magic by Haneen

Do you feel a burning need to ink the symbols that you live by onto your skin? Then motivate yourself to do so, albeit with henna inks. For a hand of groom mehndi designs, these could be religious, or even marks from your favorite comic characters (a Superman S anyone?)

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Dulha Duhan Groom Mehndi Design


Move over brides! This man can give you serious competition with his swag in awesome #mehndishots. The groom does just that with a traditional set of hands. And OMG his groom mehndi design (and palms) can shame any dainty bride's set of hennaed hands into submission. Now that's what we mean by mehndi itself being a great equalizer.

 Bride’s Caricature Groom Mehndi Design


You can request your mehndi artist to make a bride on your hand, it will be the perfect bridal gift for her. She will be happy to find a version of her on your hand.

Mandala Groom Mehndi Design


If you are not comfortable with too much Mehndi coverage on your hand, a Mandala design is perfect in the center of your palm. You can choose a bold design so that it looks good on your strong hands. The Mandala design is applied by all mehndi artists, especially at weddings.

Mandala and Fingers Groom Mehndi Design


You can opt for a Mandala design with a few designer strokes on your fingers for a stylish yet minimal look. A Mandala design on the center of your palm, along with some designs on your fingers is just perfect! This groom's mehndi stands out bright against his ivory Sherwani giving a traditional and dapper look.

 Mojri style Groom Mehndi Design


Want to give the whole idea your spin? Try some of the most amazing and minimal grooms mehndi designs on the feet. If you aren’t comfortable showing off the mehndi design, foot mehndi is perfect as your shoe will end up covering the design.

Designer Mehndi For Grooms 

Pure love, all heart Groom Mehndi Design


Image courtesy: Khwaish Weddings

This groom mehndi design is extremely simple, and can even be applied all by yourself. While the bride flaunts her elaborate bridal mehndi design, you can flaunt your artwork too. This heart design will not only help you steal the show with your charm but also makes the bride feel special. Let your bride know that her name is etched in your heart and your hand.

Filled hand-design Groom Mehndi Design


Remember Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Channa Mereya’? You can try to follow suit and match your bride’s mehndi. While the bride’s mehndi will have a lot of intricate details, pick the main design and make it the key element of yours. For this idea to be a success, try booking the same mehndi artist.

The name game Dulha Mehndi Design


Give prime space to her name, be it in initials, in Hindi, English (or Sanskrit like Nick Jonas), or just with the wedding hashtags. Moreover, if you aren’t too keen on getting an elaborate mehndi design, you can always get just her name or your wedding hashtag printed on your hand! It’s fun, it’s cool.

 Amateur Attempts Dulha Mehndi Design


Weddings are all about flowers and hearts. Why not imitate the thought onto your mehndi design? This simple and cute groom mehndi design will steal your bride’s heart, once again. Add your bride’s name on the side, and you’re done! Since there are so many groom mehndi design choices - minimal ones, designer ones - it can be challenging to pick the right one. The henna design will stay on your hands for more than a couple of days, so choose carefully.

With words by Kriti Gulati

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