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The Groom

Discover all the many suits and sherwanis at your disposal. We will help you choose the outfit that best suits you and that makes you feel handsome and look elegant; your wife-to-be will be thrilled when she sees you.

The Groom

Jaw Dropping White Sherwani Styles for the Grooms

White has been ruling the charts not just for women but also for men. Here are some of the latest white sherwani designs for grooms to choose for their D-day!

By Meha Khera, 21/07/21

The Groom

15 Royal Jodhpuri Dress Ideas for Indian Wedding

You don't know what a well-fitted Jodhpuri suit for wedding can do to your personality until you wear one! Here is all the Jodhpuri suit-ology you need!

By Shikha Sharma, 16/07/21

The Groom

Groom Mehndi Design: 25+ Latest Dulha Mehndi Designs Ideas

Did you know that groom mehndi was also a tradition? Can you imagine how funky the millennial grooms have made it? Read on to know more.

By Kriti Gulati, 26/06/21

The Groom

Indian Wedding Dress for Grooms in Summer Ideas 2021

It’s time to play catch-up with your bride and look just as fashion-forward as she does at the wedding! Step into an amazing Indian wedding dress for grooms in summer to look like the stunner you are!

By Surbhi Sachdeva, 06/04/21

The Groom

Simple Indian Wedding Hairstyle for Men: Trending Hairstyles for Groom 2021

Your hairstyle can make a huge difference to your wedding look. We have curated this list of wedding hairstyle for men that you can help you look sharp on your wedding day.

By Meha Khera, 24/02/21

The Groom

Experts Reveal- Trailblazing and Top Menswear Trends 2021

Are you a groom-to-be and looking for the latest groom wear trends? WeddingWire India speaks to the connoisseurs of the grooms’ wear industry to underscore the changing menswear trends for weddings in 2021.

By Meha Khera, 22/02/21

The Groom

Suave Shades of Blue Sherwani for the Dapper Grooms-to-be

Blue is an ingenious colour and a groom can never go wrong with it for his D-day. Check out some stunning blue sherwani options in different hues of blue to choose for your special day.

By Bhavika Vallecha, 05/02/21

The Groom

Bandhgala Suit for a Royal Look

Guys, nothing beats the poise and charm of a bandhgala suit when it comes to smartening up for a wedding. Whether you're the groom or a very special man of honour, here are some bandgala suit designs for a super royal look!

By Shikha Sharma, 19/01/21

The Groom

13 Trendy Velvet Outfit Ideas for the Grooms

Here are some of the most stylish & trending velvet outfit ideas for the grooms this season for inspiration. Pick your favourite now!

By Anwesha Das, 17/01/21

The Groom

12 Sherwani Shoes That Every Indian Groom Should Own!

Have you found the ultimate sherwani shoes to go with your wedding attire? If not, then this list is for you. These designer shoes are surely going to make you look all dapper! Read to know more.

By Apurva Saxena, 18/12/20

The Groom

7 Trailblazing Reception Dresses for Men That Can Never Go Wrong

If you are stressing over what to wear at your reception, here is a list of top reception dress for men ideas to help you out to choose your outfit.

By, 15/11/20

The Groom

Dashing Engagement Suits For Groom To Seal The Deal in Style

Glam up grooms, because it's time to suit up! Check out some dapper Engagement Suits For Groom by ace designers that would totally steal the show.

By Alakananda Bhattacharya, 02/11/20

The Groom

Take a Look at the Trending Groom Outfits With Metallic Accents for Inspo

To complement the brides in their beautiful metallic lehengas, we are here to help the grooms find their perfect outfit with metallic accents. Read on for inspo.

By Anwesha Das, 20/10/20

The Groom

Groom Outfit Ideas To Complement a Bridal Red Lehenga

If you are the groom who wants to complement your bride's red lehenga in the best way ever, we have curated a list of outfit ideas for you to make it happen. Read to know.

By Anwesha Das, 05/10/20

The Groom

Groom Up! Dashing Sherwani Dress Images You Must Check Now

Grooms buck up! It's your time to put a spin on your wedding fashion. Check out these super stylish sherwani dress images to get inspired for the big day!

By Alakananda Bhattacharya, 12/08/20

The Groom

9 Latest Hairstyle for Men to Help the Groom & His Buddies

Who says the groom and his groomsmen have nothing to worry about before the big day? Well, here is a list of latest hairstyle for men that takes care of their biggest problem

By Chinar Ghorawat, 01/04/20