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The Right Footwear for Kurta Pajama? Check These Options Now!

Are you looking for the right footwear for kurta pajama to make the boldest fashion statement? Then, this is the right article for you.


On his wedding, every guy has to make responsible fashion choices as all eyes are on him and the bride. Even if you are not someone who is into fashion, for the wedding festivities, even the 'I don't follow the latest fashion trends' kinda grooms try to make responsible choices that would make them look good on their big day.

A kurta pajama is one of the quintessential choices of outfits that you can never go wrong with. If you are confused about what footwear to pair the kurta pajama, we have curated this article with a bunch of different footwear for kurta pajama that you can wear on your wedding functions.

1. These sleek Loafers


If you want to go for something safe, comfortable and goes with all kinds of outfits. You can invest in a fine pair of loafers for your wedding as it is something that you can wear for all sorts of parties and meetings in the future as well as being a good choice as footwear for kurta pajama that you can wear on a wedding celebration.

2. These stylish brown Juttis


In this picture, the groom is wearing an elegant pair of brown Juttis that you can wear with almost all kinds of traditional outfits for wedding festivities. The design of this footwear for kurta pajama is super elegant and works especially well with light colours. You can pair your kurta pajama with such Juttis if you want to embrace your traditional side.

3. These comfortable leather sandals


The wedding celebrations call for some crazy parties that require you to do a lot of walking and dancing, so you would want to go for footwear for kurta pajama that is decently comfortable while being stylish to look at. These brown leather sandals are a perfect option if you want something comfortable and stylish at the same time.

4. These hefty black boots


This picture has former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan wearing these stylish black boots with a kurta pajama. You may generally associate these big and supportive high ankled-shoes with western outfits, however, they work surprisingly well as footwear for kurta pajama adding a sense of heft to the entire look and are sure to help you make a strong fashion statement.

5. These traditional Kolhapuri Chappals


For your pre-wedding functions, you can choose to go for something that is more on the traditional side like these Kolhapuri Chappals that are fairly comfortable to wear especially during the summers and can be an ideal choice for a daytime function. As you can see in the picture, these chappals go very well with this bright orange kurta pajama making it an ideal choice when considering footwear for kurta pajama.

6. These pastel blue shoes


Pastel shades have become all the rage in recent times and we can’t get enough of them. We see everything from the wedding décor to wedding outfits in light pastel shades that look so understatedly elegant and regal. If you want to join the bandwagon, you can go something like these pastel blue shoes as a footwear for kurta pajama for your wedding functions. These shoes will look particularly good at a beach wedding or an outdoor day-wedding.

7. Regal Off-White Juttis


Nothing can match the minimalistic elegance of different shades of white. In this picture, we see the groom wearing an all-white outfit that is paired with this beautifully designed off-white Juttis that complete the entire look.  You can also go for such footwear for kurta pajama if you want to play safe on your wedding day and wear something that looks effortlessly stylish.

8. These subtle brown slip-on shoes

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For the last entry on this list of footwear for kurta pajama, we have these light brown slip-on shoes that you can pair with different shades and styles. A great perk of going with such footwear is that they make for a practical choice as they are very comfortable and can be worn on a number of occasions after the wedding as well.

Your footwear can make a drastic difference to your complete look and can make for a great style statement. We suggest that you go for something that you are comfortable wearing for a long time and something that compliments your outfit very well. You should pay some attention to the footwear for kurta pajama that you choose as a pair of shabby shoes can spoil the charm of the best of designer outfits. We hope that this list of footwear for kurta pajama helps you choose the right pair for you!

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