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Romantic comedies have popularised the bride as the centre of the wedding ceremony. It is not surprising then that the wife-to-be is spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding and pre-wedding ensembles. The groom, on the other hand, is almost left by the wayside by the matrimonial fashion industry. What does the modern metrosexual man with a predilection for style to do, when faced by lean pickings in engagement dresses for men? How does he choose the right attire for his special day? Must the sparkling bride strut and preen in varied styles, cuts and fabrics while the groom makes do with the usual tux? Thus, in the age of Ranveer Singh’s eccentric and individualistic fashion statements and Anand Ahuja’s understated sophistication, a revamping of men’s wedding wardrobe is the need of the hour. 

Listed here are engagement dresses for men that would elicit a nod from the modern fashion-conscious man.

1. Nehru Jacket

Studio Finesse

Add a dash of sunshine to your engagement ceremony in this bright orange Nehru jacket that evokes the cheery marigold or ‘Gende Ka Phool’-a symbol of traditional Indian marriages. Dial down the bright orange with grey pants to avoid looking over the top. This outfit is perfect for the happy go lucky groom-to-be who wants to stand out in his engagement ceremony.

Approximate budget for the ensemble would be around ₹15-20k.

2. Coordinated Outfits


Which guy doesn’t dream of attending his Yaar’s wedding in style? Let your Veeras have their moments in coordinated eye-catching engagement dresses for men. You cannot go wrong with the classic sherwani. Pair cream colour silk Sherwani with pearl detailing on the collar and wrists with white Churidar. Add a splash of colour with monochrome Pagdis to complete this subtle yet dapper look. Your buddies can suit up in white sherwanis to complement the ethnic set.

You will need to shell out around ₹70-80k for this attire.

3. Bright Blue Multicoloured Jacket

Knotting Bells

This is another engagement dress for men who love their buddies and brothers. Coordinating with loved ones can be fun and it answers the oft-asked question in weddings: whose side are you from? This bright blue multicoloured jacket with white sherwani has Squad Goals written all over it.

You will need a budget of 30-40k for this piece.

4. Kurta and Churidar

The Lightsmiths

Another cream-coloured number that is easy on the eyes and very classy. Pair a cream-coloured Kurta and Churidar with an embroidered ivory coloured jacket to complete the look. This engagement dress for men is perfect for pastel themed weddings as it exudes a subtle elegance.

Estimated price is ₹30-40k.

5. Indo-Western

Knotting Bells

A bright, funky and flamboyant Indo Western number, this electric blue Kurta comes with a blue floral patterned jacket and light blue pants. This is suitable for the groom who has oodles of confidence and can wear bright colours with quiet self-assurance.

Estimated price of the outfit is ₹20-30k.

6. Diamond-Design Pattern Olive Jacket

White Frog Productions

For events happening in the day, a diamond-design pattern olive jacket can be matched with a yellow striped Kurta. With detailing on the neck, the colour combination alone radiates good vibes.

The estimated budget for the garment would be ₹20-30k.

7. Indo-Western Bandhgala

Knotting Bells

If you like to do things differently try this unconventional coloured dark peacock-green Indo-Western Bandhgala silk jacket and pants. The solid monochrome colour has a certain oomph factor that will turn many heads.

The estimated cost is ₹30-40k.

8. Deep Purple Silk Kurta and Churidar 

The Lightsmiths

If you are going for the perfect blend of simple and elaborate, then, a deep purple silk Kurta and churidar with a jacket having ornate and intricate beige design would be the right choice for an engagement dress. The open front of the jacket gives Indo Western garment, a more relaxed look that is certainly appealing. Perhaps, a look at some of these Kurtas for a wedding to bring your fashion game to the front. 

The budget for this look is approximately ₹30k. 

9. Floral Prints

White Frog Productions

Who says men can’t wear florals? If your style is quirky and playful, opt for a floral jacket. Team it with a light pink kurta and white churidar for a distinctive style statement. This Indo Western look is suitable for outdoor events happening during the day and is one of the most eye-catching engagement dresses for men.

Approximate budget for the ensemble is ₹20k.

10. Ivory Jacket with a Bandhgala

Infinite Memories

If you want a flamboyant look, don an ivory jacket with a Bandhgala, embellished with a pink-hued branched floral design. Pair it with deep red pants for an Indo Western look. The dark shade lends an aura of maturity.

Estimated price of the outfit is ₹20-25k.

If you like to play around with your style and are not afraid to experiment with your outfits, give these engagement dresses for men a try. Stand out in your pre-wedding ceremonies and show your lady love the fashion-forward side of yours that she adores. If you liked these engagement dresses for men, like and share with your friends. Check out some more Indian outfits for men to look like a dapper groom. 

If you think we missed something, add it in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!