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Aastha Sirohi

Aastha Sirohi

A writer by profession and a romantic at heart, I am always full of curiosity. Playing with words and weaving stories is what keeps me young!

Articles published by Aastha Sirohi

The Perfect Lehenga Makeup Guide For Your D-day Look
Beauty for brides
The right bridal lehenga makeup combination will help you accentuate your overall wedding look, but the key is to know how to strike the perfect balance. Here’s how you can do that.
Discover the A-Z of Wedding Management with This Handy Guide
The Bride
The wedding management industry is flourishing in India. More and more couples prefer the effortless, yet exclusive, services provided by wedding planners. Here’s what you can expect when working with the professionals.
Is Black the New Red? Decoding the Bridal Black Lehenga Trend
The Bride
The black lehenga trend is spreading like wildfire, with more and more brides opting for a new-age version of the traditional red lehenga. So is black really the new red? We’ve answered all and more! Read on.
7 New Trends in Rajputi Sherwani for the Modern Groom
The Groom
A Rajputi sherwani is a royal attire that speaks of a magnanimous style. The traditional attire has been given a new-age spin to suit the style and personalities of modern-day grooms. Here are different ways this kingly wedding attire can be made tre
10 Game-Changing Wedding Entry Ideas That Will Continue To Rock This Year
Planning your wedding
If you are still wondering how to make that grand wedding entry, take cues from these 10 ideas that reigned over 2018. As they say, it’s all about first impressions!
The Bridal Purses Glossary to Complete Your Wedding Trousseau
The Bride
Bridal purses come in all shapes, colours and sizes- literally! If you have started shopping for your wedding trousseau here’s a glossary of all the kinds of bags and purses, you need to add to your collection.
6 Kinds of Saree Wearing Styles to Look Slim N’ Stunning
The Bride
Looking for different saree wearing styles to look slim? It’s all about knowing the correct style to drape, the kind of blouse and materials to make you look slim and stunning. Here are different ways to nail the look.
5 Floral Wedding Arrangements That Make a Décor Statement
Wedding decoration
Floral wedding arrangements breathe freshness, beauty and elegance. The key is to know what kind of arrangements work best for your wedding. Here are 5 floral arrangement ideas that make a statement and work beautifully with all kinds of wedding them
7 Reasons Why Bridal Jewellery on Rent Makes Absolute Sense Now
The Bride
Wondering whether you should opt for bridal jewellery on rent? Here’s why this makes sense for smart rides and a list of where you can rent your bling from.
Want Stunning Sabyasachi Lehengas on Rent? Head To These 5 Stores
The Bride
Want the original at bare minimum costs? Then picking up Sabyasachi lehengas on rent could be the way out for you. Here's a list of places where you can rent one from.
7 Must-Have Hand Accessories for Every Bride-to-Be
The Bride
Hand accessories are a great addition to any bridal attire. From rings to bangles, Kadas to Haath Phools; brides today have many options. Here is a list of 7 hand accessories that every bride needs to add to her look.
12 Sangeet Dance Decisions To Really Rock The Music Night
Wedding music
Putting together Sangeet dance sequences needs a proper plan, practices and decisions. So, let's make a checklist of all the things that need your attention right now.
How to Make Your White Chikankari Kurta Wedding Worthy?
The Bride
A white Chikankari Kurta makes for an effortless yet elegant choice of attire. Here's how you can style, combine and make it wedding-worthy.
Panetar Saree: Traditional Artwork Reinvented by Modern Day Brides
The Bride
A Panetar saree is what a Gujarati bride wears to her wedding. The beautiful white and red Bandhej saree can be worn in many ways. Here's how you can make a statement with it.
9 Kite Decoration Ideas to Add Colour To Your Mehndi Function
Wedding decoration
Looking for quirky and creative décor ideas for your wedding events? We’ve got some kite decoration ideas that can make any event bright and colourful. Take a look.
An Insight into the Exotic and Unique Style of Coorg Jewellery
The Bride
Traditional Coorg jewellery is inspired by nature. Weddings, festivals and important days see women dressed in finery that is unique to Coorg. If you are a traditional jewellery ‘connoisseur’, add this one to your collection. Here’s what makes it so