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The wedding entry is such an important moment for the bride and the groom. All eyes are on you, so are the cameras; emotions are running high and its kind of the last solo entry you make. For decades, the wedding entry of the groom is on a horseback with friends and family dancing around him, while the bride enters walking slowly, under a canopy of flowers, along with her brothers and sisters. Well, that’s a classic and will never go out of style, but that’s not the only way you can make your wedding entry.

The year 2018 saw some amazing wedding entry ideas, that are both memorable, impressive and downright brilliant. With more and more couples wanting to personalise their weddings, with special moments and experiences; choosing an out-of-the-box wedding entry is a great way to make this moment memorable for life. Want to make a super cool wedding entry? Read on.

10 Game-Changing Wedding Entry Ideas

Let’s start with the beautiful brides.

1. Pretty on a palanquin

Roma Ganesh Photography

It’s common for a groom to make a kingly wedding entry on a chariot, but it’s time to make your queen-bee entry on a palanquin. Usually, the brothers of the bride hold the canopy of flowers as she walks in, but you could make your brothers work a little harder by carrying you on a palanquin decorated with flowers. It’s traditional, elegant and such a royal wedding entry.

2. Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

Twogether Studios

Let’s go back to traditions and make a trendy wedding entry? In olden times, the bride was always carried on a Doli, usually across villages, to veil her from the public eye. The modern day bride can twist this tradition and make an elegant entry on a Doli, with all eyes on her. It looks beautiful and breathtaking!

3. Darling Daughter


For your wedding entry, ditch the whole bride squad and walk in with those who matter the most - your parents. It’s common for a Christian bride to walk in with her father, but no matter what community or religion you are from, entering your wedding with your parents by your side has got to be a special moment that you’ll always look back on and cherish.

4. Special announcements

Plush Affairs

2018 was all about chalkboard and printed signs, be it the décor or the wedding entry. Leading the wedding entry, with kids or the bride squad carrying signs like 'here comes the bride', or 'just wait till you see her' are great ways to announce the bride’s entry.

5. The Solo Stunner

DotDusk Studios

Now that’s a wedding entry that speaks of confidence and panache. Make a solo entry, and be the centre of attention. You could have a line of your bridesmaids marking the path you walk, showering flowers or holding firecracker sticks. This is a really unique wedding entry style that definitely made heads turn in 2018.

6. Not Without My Pooch!

Weddings by Colourblind

With so many couples choosing pet-friendly weddings to include their furballs in the celebrations, it’s not surprising that the wedding entry saw the pets posing too. Walk in with your pet, dressed for the occasion and you are soon to catch everyone’s attention. After all, isn’t the wedding entry all about entering with those who mean the world to you?

7. Vintage Feels


Brides entering in a vintage car was the highlight of 2018. The year started with the grooms opting for this cool wedding entry, but the brides soon caught up. There’s something super charming about a vintage car dressed in flowers, and of course a stunning bride in it. Who could miss that?

It’s time for the dapper grooms now.

8. Biker Boys

Gautam Khullar Photography

Sports bikes, cruisers, Harley’s and Honda’s - grooms on bikes was definitely a raging trend all through 2018. There’s an intrinsic love between men and their machines and this love transcended to their weddings.

9. Colourful Confetti


More and more grooms are opting for a quieter wedding entry, allowing the joy and emotions to make some noise. A great way to do that is walking along a pathway made by the groom squad showering him with confetti to make a colourful display.

10. Vintage Boy Band

The Lightsmiths

Yes, this groom in a hired vintage car is not new, but what’s new is the groom and groomsmen having a party atop the vintage car. It’s a cool wedding entry with the boys, well-being boys! Get your boys in matching outfits and atop the vintage car and make a wedding entry that speaks of swag and suave. You thought the wedding entry was drab and clichéd?

Well, these brides and grooms prove that the wedding entry can be just as stunning and memorable as the wedding ceremonies itself. It is your debut at your own wedding, why not go the extra mile in making it unforgettable?

How will you make your grand wedding entry?