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7 Questions You Must Ask Your Parents Before You Tie the Knot

Weddings bring together families and friends. Looking forward to celebrating your wedding together, these are the questions for your parents that you should keep in mind.

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You're old enough to get married. But, you're still your parent's little daughter or son. Now that you are taking a leap forward in life don't leave them behind completely. Make sure they are a part of your new journey as much as they were all these years. Sit with them and spend with them some quality time, before it's time for you to bid them adieu.

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Sit back, relax and curate! Take notes from this post with questions to ask your parents. Understand, step by step what needs to be done and how. From having a traditional Indian wedding so an amazing Sangeet ceremony, have it all with your doting parents by your side. 

1. Discuss finances

If there was an arrangement you’d spoken about with your parents earlier, talk to them now and see what works well for everyone. Is there a particular financial concern that you need to address together? Should you pitch in with your savings? What is a comfortable amount for them?

Money ranks first amid questions to ask your parents ahead of your pre-wedding festivities. You need to ask all these questions and have a long, honest discussion to avoid unnecessary stress and any kind of misunderstanding later. Even if the difficult questions feel like they’re too much, remember that these are your parents and they’ll be more than happy to help you out with useful advice and suggestions.

You can also make use of our budgeting tool to ensure you don't go overboard and stay within your set financial privileges. Take a look at our budgeting article to get things done.

2. Talk about wedding traditions

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Are there any particular traditions they’d love to see at the wedding? This is especially relevant amid questions to ask your parents, if you’re to give your celebrations a modern twist. Ask them about their preferences so that you know what to add and how to balance modern and traditional elements together.

Do get your doubts about certain traditions clarified too because they really will be able to tell you what’s necessary versus what isn’t important. It’s a good idea to ask about special things now such as a piece of jewellery that has been passed down over the years and across generations.

Perhaps your grandmother would love to see you wear it at the wedding and celebrate a priceless family gift.

3. Ask them about their concerns

Is there anything they’re worried about? Do they think the guest list is too huge and it’ll be difficult to handle so many people? Do they need to sort out the planning details with you to make sure everything goes exactly as imagined?

When compiling a list of questions to ask your parents, talk to them about things and see if there’s anything that’s causing them stress. Reassure them and offer solutions to ensure that they’re at ease and can proceed with the planning process without fear.

4. Don’t take their advice for granted

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While you absolutely must go ahead with your dream wedding and work on making it a reality, don’t underestimate the value of any kind of advice your parents may give you. Ask them for suggestions and major mistakes to avoid. Because they have experience and the benefit of hindsight, they’ll really able to offer solid advice that will guide you well during the planning process for your wedding.

While working through your list of questions to ask your parents, let them know that you cherish what they tell you.

5. Get their two cents on your guest list

Prepare your wedding guest list. Create a guest list using our guestlist tool. Include the names of guests as per their likes as well. It's your wedding but it is their function too. After all, you're their little one getting married off. Include your friends from childhood to their friends, invite them all for a wonderful function. 

For all segments, raise these questions to ask your parents -

* Who do they want to invite?

* Who do they want to remove from the list?

* How would they want to extend an invite to elders?

6. How many functions should we host?


Is it going to be a lavish wedding followed by an even more lavish reception or a daytime wedding followed by a sumptuous lunch? How many pre-wedding and post-wedding functions are you planning to host? These are often two questions that loom in the mind of every couple and their families. so, the wisest thing to do in a scenario such as this is to sit down with your parents and ask them for their opinion. If they think differently than you do, then try and find a common ground between the two suggestions. 

7. Ask Them If They Are Comfortable with the Planning Process

Considering you are the child they always raised with love and care, at the time of your wedding, chances are that they will feel overwhelmed. They will feel way too many emotions and it will get difficult for them to process that soon you will be moving to your new home. so, to make them feel more involved, do all it takes to not make them feel aloof and make them a part of your wedding planning as much as possible. We get you will be moving away soon, but at no point let your parents feel it just yet!

Spend some latest moments with your doting parents and family to make some new memories. Make sure there is a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer at all times to bring your precious memories to life. This way you'll be able to go back in time and revisit some glorious days of all life always with ease. 

Share your precious memories with us through comments and remember to bookmark these questions to ask your parents.