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Plan & Maintain Your Wedding Budget Online With WeddingWire India

Here is how the WeddingWire India Budget tool can guide you through your wedding budget planning, seamlessly. Read to know more.

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Anyone who has been to an Indian wedding will agree that the families always try to go above and beyond their means to ensure that their kids have a grand wedding. These weddings are fun and lavish but if not planned properly, it can wreck your financial stability. So, let's keep that from happening by planning wisely, considering every aspect of budgeting and even using online tools to suit the best interests. 

Dive right in. First and foremost for a couple to host their wedding, they need to set a budget by following which they will keep tabs on how much they spend on which aspect of their wedding planning. So, once the budget is in place, it gets super comfortable for you to keep a track of the wedding expenses checklist. 

The WeddingWire.IN’s Budget tool under planning tools is a blessing for all the couples. Here are the wedding budget calculator and segregator that will give clarity on where to save and where to splurge.

In this blog:

1. Planning the Budget

2. The WeddingWire India Budget Tool

3. How to Use the Budget Tool

4. Categories Under Budget Tool

5. Pros of Using the Budget Tool

Planning The Budget

There are a lot of factors that need to be in place before you can actually start planning the wedding budget. If you and your partner along with your families are planning to do this together, you need to figure out the budget together. In many millennial weddings, the bride's family and the groom's family take care of the ceremonies separately. For instance, if the bride's side is taking care of the wedding, the groom's family will only look after the reception planning and requirements. In some ways, this is easier to be done because it is easier and more convenient to get one family on board with an idea without much back and forth. Even if you and your partner decide to go ahead with the wedding with your own dividends, the wedding budget needs to be estimated before the planning starts.

The WeddingWire India Budget Tool

Allotting a certain amount to each of the zillion requirements, major and small, is not that easy. The wedding planner might help you with the budget fixing, but you need to calculate an expected expenses list before you hire the planner - that includes the wedding planner's charges as well. This is when the WeddingWire India's Budget tool under the Organise with Ease option comes as your saviour. 

The Budget tool is a genie in a bottle. It is not only easy to use but also boasts of some automated estimation that helps you segregate a certain percentage of your wedding budget to each of the required sections from your checklist. The Budget tool will provide you with a clear idea of how much money from your budget needs to be invested in certain areas of requirements once you provide your estimated budget amount here.

How To Use The Budget Tool

Here is the step by step guide to assist you with the uses of the Budget Tool.

Step 1 - Download the App

You need to register on the WeddingWire, India App - Wedding Planner by, from the Play Store or App Store (for Apple) with your email or Facebook or Google account. You can also avail the benefits of the Budget Tool on the WeddingWire India website.

Step 2 - Create Your Account

Provide the details of your wedding including the wedding date, name of the groom and so on. This will also be required for you to register for a free Wedding Website.

Step 3 & 4 - Click on "More" & 'Organise with Ease' on your Home Screen 

You can either see it on your home screen under your wedding website or you can select Organise with Ease from the More option on the extreme down-right corner on your screen.

Step 5 - Select the Budget Option

Select the Budget option from the drop-down list under Organise with Ease.

Step 6 - Add Estimated Budget for all Categories 

When the budget page opens for you, edit the Estimated Cost column with your expected budget for the wedding. Under each of the slots dedicated to particular requirements, you can click on the subcategories and further edit your Estimated Cost for each. You can later add the Final Cost of the same categories when you have hired a vendor or finalised the services already.

Step 7 - Add New Expense

Apart from the expenses that are already mentioned on the budget calculator list, you can also add additional expenses as per your requirement to the budget list. Click on 'Add Expense' and fill in the required details. 

Step 8 - Fill New Expense Details 

You can Add Expense at the end of each category to customise it further according to your needs for the wedding to be a dream-come-true event.

Pro Tip: You can use this budget tool to calculate and keep a tab of the status of the payment too. You can update the amount that you have already paid and let the Budget tool calculate the amount left to be paid for you.

Categories Under Budget Tool

The WeddingWire India app's free budget calculator enlists all the important categories of wedding planning. The list helps you analyse your estimated budget under each important wedding planning category. The primary categories under this list includes - 

  • Events, Catering, Photography & Video, Planning, Jewellery, Transportation, Wedding Cards, Flower & Decoration, Groom's Accessories, Health & Beauty, Entertainment, Guests, Honeymoon, Ceremony & Other. 

There are 16 categories listed under the Budget tool and each of them leads to a list of sub-categories. This is an exhaustive tool that will ensure that your wedding budget is tailor-made and that the budget checklist does not miss out on even minute factors. 


The various expenses that you need to plan under the Events category include - 

1. Venue rentals for each of your pre-wedding/wedding and post wedding ceremony 

2. Tent house rentals if you have outdoor spaces in the venue

3. Chairs, linens, etc 

The Events category covers all the venue related expenses. It is one of the major chunks of expenses where your budget gets accommodated. Indian weddings include various wedding ceremonies - both pre and post-wedding. For each of these ceremonies, if you have a separate venue in mind, you can allot the estimated or agreeable amounts to each.  


The app helps you plan your budget for the following catering related expenses - 

1. Meal costs for various wedding events

2. Cost of tea/snacks during baraat

3. Wedding cake 

4. Mithaai and other desserts 

The Catering section in the Budget tool takes care of the meal budget throughout the wedding. The wedding ceremonies will include guests and their meal costs and beverage expenses need to be kept in mind. The catering costs are generally calculated per plate according to the number of guests. You can also spare some amount of your budget for some customised plates and so on. The wedding cake is also counted under this section.

Photography and Video

Photography has turned out to be one of the most important expenses for wedding planning these days. Photography and video charges vary from vendor to vendor and the requisites you would like to add to your wedding package. Some basic expenses include - 

1. Engagement Shoot 

2. Photographer chargers for wedding events 

3. Videographer charges

4. Additional charges for Photobooth installation

The wedding ceremonies have different photography needs and to keep a tab on each the Photography and Video requirements for each day - pre-wedding, wedding, etc, this category has listed different sub-categories like Engagement, photographer for the wedding events, videographer for the wedding events, the number of hard copies/prints that you need and so on. You must consider the different packages depending on the candid photography, traditional photography and so on.


1. Expense of hiring a professional wedding planner 

It is an investment that needs to be accounted for when you plan your wedding budget. Apart from this if you are planning your wedding yourself, you can add other planning expenses that you expect from the wedding.


Bridal jewellery is one of the biggest expenses that the wedding involves. Apart from the ornaments that the bride flaunts to complement her look at the wedding, you also need to shop for the wedding rings.

The two major expenses that have been enlisted in the budget calculator include -

1. Bridal Jewellery (total amount)

2. Wedding Rings

The bride can pick the groom's ring and vice versa, but the budget has to be in one place to tally it right. You can even plan on experimenting with jewellery on rent that is a big hit these days.


Apart from the wedding car where the bride and groom drive away into the sunset after the Vidaai ceremony, couples might even want to hire a separate car for an epic groom entry at the wedding. The wedding also requires you to arrange for the guest transportation - airport pickup and drop, to and fro from the venue, or maybe a fun day around the city. The budget tool has taken into consideration these as well within the budget you have estimated and allocates about 2% of the budget to transportation.

Major expenses enlisted are - 

1. Wedding car 

2. Guest Transportation 

3. Baraat: Groom Transportation

Wedding Cards

Wedding cards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, ideas and concepts. From boxed wedding invitations to online invitations, they have different expenses. To help you bifurcate the budget that is allotted to wedding invitations, the Budget tool has separated the following - 

1. Save the Dates

2. Wedding invitations.

You can add more categories if you plan on sending a different invitation for different ceremonies.

Flowers and Decoration

Floral decor for weddings is an inevitable basic need. Be it floral or any other forms of decor using umbrellas, dream catcher decor, dupatta decoration and so on, the expenses of the decor needs to be accounted for as per the ceremony. The mehndi ceremony decor should be accounted for separately from the reception decor. This way it is easier to keep a tab on all the unprecedented expenses. The tool has segregated the decor expenses accordingly for your ease. The tool enlists - 

1. Wedding event decoration 

2. Lighting expense

3. Car decoration 

Bridal Accessories

After the investment you want for the jewellery is taken into consideration it is also very important for you to allot a certain amount for the bridal lehenga, dresses for different wedding events, footwear, hair accessories and even lingerie for that matter. 

Groom's Accessories

The groom's sherwani is a major expense when it comes to groom's accessories. But apart from that one sherwani for the D-day and a tuxedo for the reception, outfits for the pre and post-wedding functions with matching pairs of footwear and watches or other accessories also need to be accounted for. You will not miss out on even the lapel pins that the groom picks if you are planning and managing your wedding budget with the Budget tool.

Health and Beauty

One of the most important wedding expenses is the amount spent in taking care of health and planning your wedding looks. Expenses that the WWI budget tool helps you plan, include - 

1. Bridal hair 

2. Bridal makeup

3. Bridal beauty treatments 

4. Mehndi Artist

The preps for the wedding glow start way before everything else. The expenditures for the regular salon visits and the mehndi artist can also be easily accounted for under the Health and Beauty tab of the budget tool. Apart from these, the health and beauty category also includes the bridal makeup artist and the hairstylist too. 


Expenses you can calculate under this section include - 

1. DJ

2. Dholi 

3. Dance Choreography

4. Audio and Video equipment 

The DJ, the wedding band, the dholis in your Baraat are a part of the entertainment budget slot. You must also include the audio and video equipment and the professional choreographer's budget if you plan to hire them too. Apart from this if you want to hire musical bands, magicians, MCs and so on for live entertainment at your wedding you can add these under the entertainment slot of the budget.


When it comes to planning your budget, expenses around your making the wedding perfect for your guests play a very important role. This is why the WeddingWire India app's budget calculator tool has a dedicated category for 'guests'. You can enlist the following expenses below the tool -

1. Guest accommodations 

2. Wedding favours 

The budget tool plans the budget and the segregation is inclusive of the expenses for the guests. The guest accommodation is one of the major expenses set aside for the guests. Along with this there is also the list of wedding favours and return gifts that you need to consider under this header. If you plan on taking the guests for a tour around the city or for an extended post-wedding lunch, you can add these expected budgets here.


The free budget tool by WWI helps you plan your honeymoon budget with ease. The sections include - 

1. Flights 

2. Hotel

3. Excursions 

4. Visas 

Apart from the costs mentioned above, you can add other expenses to your honeymoon budget like your car rentals while travelling, food expenses and more. 

The budget tool also assists you to take into account the budget that you want to invest in a honeymoon. The honeymoon is often set aside from wedding planning. However late you may want to go for the honeymoon, if a honeymoon is on the books the budget tool makes sure to allot a certain amount of the budget to the honeymoon and divide it among the different requirements like the flights, hotel bookings, visa, etc.


On the day of the ceremony, there are many minor expenses that need to be taken care of in the budget and is beat accounted for while planning. Without you having to worry about the firewood, priest payments, donations, flowers and other miscellaneous expenses on the wedding day, the budget tool immediately sets aside 0.8% of the entire amount for the ceremony requirements. 


Budget lists you will find under the 'Other' section - 

1. Bride/groom accommodations 

2. Family and in-law gifts 

3. Car rentals

4. Bachelorette expenses 

And you can always customise the list and add other expenses to it. 

The Budget tool on WeddingWire, India also allots a certain amount of the decided budget to the Other category. This category might not seem so crucial in the beginning, but setting this aside saves you from a lot of budget spillovers arising from unexpected expenses.

Pros of Using the Budget Tool

  • The Budget tool is always accessible. If you share the password and login ID with your partner and your family members, they can update the expenses and budget whenever they feel the need to do so. 
  • It is eco-friendly without many crushed papers finding their way into your trashcan.
  • It is budget-friendly - sign-up for free!
  • It is a go-to organiser and checklist all in one.
  • The data remains as long as you do not delete the website and is therefore reliable.
  • Calculations are made easy.
  • It is easier to keep track and be on the same page with everyone else.

The millennial couples have tried their hand at jewellery on rent or lehenga on rent and so on and they have been super impressed with the idea. You can use alternative millennial options too to alter the course of the budget.

How about, you save on every possible frill and splurge it all on your honeymoon. Book a relaxing spa and rejuvenate your senses by just unwinding post-wedding. Going out on 18-hour flights won't help you do that so try booking a honeymoon destination which not so far away. Now that you have learned all the things about WeddingWire India's budget tool, make the most of it and nail your wedding planning process like a cakewalk. 

Every little thing adds up — that's why we advise you to keep a “miscellaneous” fund that is around 1/10th of your wedding budget. What people generally ignore to account are the costs for a bachelorette party, Baraat for the groom side, wedding giveaways, vendor meals and tips, marriage registration, overtime costs and Pandit Ji.

For a hassle-free experience, use WeddingWire's budgeting tool that takes care of tracking all the expenses for you.


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