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Holy Vibes: The Grah Shanti Pooja Explained And Why You Need To Plan For One

Grah Shanti pooja is a pre-wedding ritual performed to bring happiness and prosperity to the couple. Let’s take a look at it in detail and learn about its significance and benefits and consider why you should include it in your list of functions.


A marriage in India is considered as a union between the two families and not just the couple. It involves many rituals which span over several days. Although the pre-wedding ceremonies vary from community to community, there are a few staples like a Grah Shanti pooja. So, if you are tying the knot soon, you might be interested to learn a thing or two about this ceremony like the importance and significance of this pooja. We share the details with you.

What is Grah Shanti Pooja?

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It is a pre-wedding ritual which is performed to remove all the obstacles and bring happiness and prosperity into the lives of the couple. As it is believed that the stars and the planets have a great influence on our lives, this pooja is performed to ensure that the Navagrah or 9 planets are aligned for both the bride and the groom in order to live a happy life together. Like the name suggests, Grah means the house and Shanti means peace, thus it means the peace of the house.

When is it Performed?

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Grah Shanti pooja is the final step taken by the bride and the groom before they enter married life. That’s why it is performed a day or two before the wedding ceremony. It is also a way of beginning the festivities officially with the blessings of the Almighty. In Hinduism, it is considered very important that all the god and goddesses attend the marriage ceremony to bless the couple. That’s why they are invited in this pooja to give the celebration an auspicious start. Also, the ancestors and the forefathers of the bride and groom are invited.

How is Grah Shanti Pooja Performed?


The ceremony is performed with the bride and the groom separated into their respective houses with their families. It is done this way to get rid of individual doshas that either of them may possess. Learned priests perform the pooja at both the locations. As Lord Ganesha is considered to be the remover of all the obstacles, he is invoked during this ceremony. The venues are adorned with icons, flowers, and other elaborate decorations. Close friends and family are also invited to bless the couple.

Benefits of Performing Grah Shanti Pooja Before the Wedding

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  • It helps to get rid of all the negative energies of the person doing the pooja.
  • It helps to purify the surroundings with holy vibes and also bestows the house with peace and prosperity.
  • It helps to remove all the obstacles that may come in the life of the couple and gives them protection from the evil eyes.
  • Another benefit of this pooja is to ensure that there is no negative effect on your spouse’s planets on you.

What to Wear for the Pooja?

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Wondering what to wear to the Grah Shanti Pooja? Here are some options:

Wear Something Traditional

Since it’s a pooja ceremony, choose to wear traditional Indian attire. Consider skipping those Indo-western outfits as well. Opt for an Anarkali suit, a lehenga, a churidaar or a salwar kameez. You can also wear a sari if you are comfortable sitting on the floor with it. Make sure to carry a dupatta and stick with sober necklines.

Comfort is the Key

Grah Shanti pooja is one of the most important rituals of the couple’s life. The last thing you would want during this ceremony is to feel uncomfortable because of your clothes. So make sure to choose a dress in which you feel comfortable. Consider the style, the fit, and, its fabric.

Avoid Wearing Black or White

No matter how much we love them, but some colours are not made for pooja ceremonies. In Hinduism, it is considered inauspicious to wear black or white during these rituals. Even though you are a modern couple and may not believe inauspiciousness, consider avoiding them for the sake of your elders.

Avoid Leather Accessories

This is an important reminder for the grooms. Avoid wearing leather belts or carrying leather wallets as they are made of animal hides and are strictly prohibited during pooja ceremonies.

Wear Slip-On Shoes

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As you may have to take off and wear your shoes a couple of times during the ceremony, consider wearing slip-on footwear like bridal juttis or sandals without a buckle. This will save you time and ensure that you don’t have to touch your shoes while wearing or removing.

So this is all about Grah Shanti pooja. More than anything the most important part is to pray and pray with all your heart. We can’t agree enough that the prayers have the power to move the mountains.

What are your thoughts about the same? Have you ever performed a Grah Shanti Pooja? Let us know through comments.