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How does one plan a wedding? It's difficult, right? One of the most important things to plan out for is by starting to jot down the potential wedding venues. Yep! it's a daunting task. We get it! Start by narrowing down the list and set your budget. After doing so, start getting in touch with them. Don't rely on pictures, visit them in person before you put your mind and heart to a particular wedding venue. We have thoughtfully curated for you a listicle of possible questions that you must ask when booking our wedding venue. Bookmark this article, jot down a few pointers and get going! 

The Basics

In phase one, ask questions that'll help you shortlist venues you want to visit personally. These questions will help you navigate among the many wedding venues of the city and finalise your top 5 venues.   

1. Is the venue available on the dates you've finalised?

2. Will they be able to accommodate all your wedding guests?

3. In case of an intimate wedding, will they be okay with a smaller guest count?

4. What are their payment policies, timelines and tax rules?

5. Poolside, lawns or banquets - what kinds of spaces does the venue offer?

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The Specifics

Once you've shortlisted the venues, schedule appointments with the management and get answers to the following questions before moving towards your final decision.

6. In case of a bigger venue, how many weddings do the venue plan to host on your wedding date?

7. Are there any noise restrictions/ fixed timelines at the venue?

8. What are their policies on room management and guest count? 

9. What are the parking facilities at the venue and does the valet service come at an extra cost?

10. Do they provide additional generator-sets, coolers, heaters etc and at what extra costs? 


The Externals

Many times even the best venues don't have everything you require. But before booking any external vendors, understand your venue's policies on the same.

11.  Do they let you hire your own wedding decorator and caterer?

12. If yes, what restrictions will be imposed on them, in terms of space usage, storage and timings?

13. Is the venue DJ suitable to your tastes and if not, can you hire your own entertainers?

14. Is the dance floor big enough for all your performances? 

15. Do they have a sound system that supports live music performances?

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The Personalised 

Once you've sorted the logistics, you can ask some more personal questions to decide whether the venue is people-friendly or not. These include questions on decor, guest relations and more.

16. Will they appoint one venue coordinator/ Point of Contact (POC) for all your wedding queries and conversations?

17. Can you visit a wedding at the venue to understand their functioning and decor arrangements?

18. In case of a destination wedding, will they let you use the common areas for smaller functions?

19. What are their time restrictions for your use of the venue space?

20. What are their expectations from you and your wedding party?
Remember to get all this information on record, whether over email or on a printed document. Keep all these documents, bills and receipts in one folder, which should be handled by the most responsible person in the family. The venue is usually the biggest expenditure during a wedding, which is why finalising the same requires extra efforts. But once you're done, you can start with the more fun elements of your wedding planning without extra stress. Happy planning!
We hope you found these pointers helpful. Have a suggestion or two more? Tell us through comments.