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Catering: Check prices, menu, availability, request quote and get the best deals for top wedding caterers in India. Find catering services to organise and service your wedding reception, sangeet, reception and other parties.

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    Mamapaati Catering
    Catering North Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Mamapaati Catering belongs to Azure, a food and hospitality-focused business that was founded by the entrepreneurs Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna. At Mamapaati Catering, they provide a bespoke wedding menu for up to 300 people and they give utmost importance to the quality of the items served. They... (catering for wedding)

    Price from ₹1,100

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    A-One Tent House
    Catering Jalandhar (Jalandhar)

    If you are looking for a great caterer for your wedding in Jalandhar, why not choose A-One Tent House. Your big event will be remembered for many things, and one of them is good food. A-One Tent House is one of the leading names in providing mouth-watering delicacies for events of all sizes and... (catering for a wedding)

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    Decent Caterers
    Catering Jalandhar (Jalandhar)

    Decent Caterers is one of the leaders in catering in the state of Punjab. It will be ready to create the tastiest dishes for your wedding. It will fulfil all your demands and will match your expectations by creating delicious food with perfect standards and great quality. Decent Caterers has the... (caterers)

    Price from ₹1,000

    Number of guests 100 to 5000

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    Jai Caterers
    Catering East Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Jai Caterers is a company located in Delhi. They are known for their variety menus and excellent service. They always aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, with marvellous recipes and colourful presentations. Jai Caterers illuminate the whole wedding experience with delightful aromas,... (wedding caterers)

    Price from ₹300

    Number of guests 100 to 1000

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    Rayalaseema Ruchulu
    Catering Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Rayalaseema Ruchulu is one of the best known names in Andhra for fine food and dining. It was consecutively voted six times for the best in Andhra cuisine, since 2009. Rayalaseema Ruchulu started its tasty journey in 2004 and continued its conquests by opening four outlets in different parts of the... (catering services)

    Price from ₹400

    Number of guests 100 to 10000

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    Sree Pavan Caterers
    Catering Secunderabad (Hyderabad)

    You need a great caterer to make your wedding feast a great experience and for that you only need one name, Sree Pavan Caterers. Based in Secuderabad, this company provides different varieties of delicious vegetarian menus, from various parts of the country. With an emphasis on quality and taste,... (wedding catering)

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    Sri Pallavi Caterers
    Catering Secunderabad (Hyderabad)

    Sri Pallavi Caterers is one of the best names in wedding catering for a long time. From birthdays to engagements, its offerings have something for everyone. Its long experience coupled with the ability to cater to various budgets and occasions, makes it an ideal choice for your special event.... (wedding buffet)

    Price from ₹600

    Number of guests 50 to 10000

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    The Moving Kitchen
    Catering South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    The Moving Kitchen is a high end catering service, based in Delhi. They are a part of the highly acclaimed, award winning restaurant Olive Bar & Kitchen, which is one of the most outstanding restaurant brands in India. They offer an extensive range of cuisines expertly prepared by internationally... (catering wedding)

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    Atithi Caterers & Decorators
    Catering South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Established in 1997, Atithi Caterers & Decorators is a company based in Delhi. With 19 years of catering history, they made a successful journey, serving delectable cuisines and providing admirable services. They know the art of serving good food to enhance and compliment a pleasant experience. With... (wedding buffet)

    Price from ₹750

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    Ayush Caterers
    Catering Pune (Pune)

    Weddings are grand celebrations that a full with a lot of love, family bonding and good food. It is one of those unique events when your friends and family in their entirety come to attend your new beginning. Any event will be dull without good food. Weddings are events to savour good ethnic and... (wedding caterer)

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    SK Nanda´s F and B Food Centre
    Catering South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Weddings are about big ceremonies, lavish decorations, a pleasant ambience and delicious food. If you serve sumptuous cusine at any event, it is sure to be a roaring success. Based out of South Delhi, SK Nanda´s F and B Food Centre has been offering delectable food and fine dining for decades to... (catering for a wedding)

    Price from ₹1,800

    Number of guests 50 to 2000

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    The Kitchen Art Company
    Catering South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    The Kitchen Art Company is a leader in fine quality catering in the city of Delhi. It is known for its international standards and exclusive service. The Kitchen Art Company is committed to creating a fine dining experience for you and your guests by offering a complete catering service. It will... (wedding caterers)

    Price from ₹2,500